2023 Stanley Cup Futures Update

Here is a 2023 Stanley Cup futures update.

Key Points

– A number of factors, including goaltending, affect 2023 Stanley Cup futures.

– Don’t forget special teams when considering 2023 Stanley Cup futures.

2023 Stanley Cup Futures Update

If you enjoy placing championship futures bets on significant sports, you should certainly consider the NHL. When seeking profitable methods to invest your money, 2023 Stanley Cup futures are just as enticing as any other option on the board.

The simple explanation for this is that hockey is usually more predictable than other sports. It is extremely uncommon for a surprise underdog to rise up and win a Stanley Cup. Typically, a great team that has been on the rise or has been among the league’s elite ends up winning the Cup each year. 

Even though it might not be a heavy favorite that hoists the Cup, it is usually a strong favorite or contender that does so. When handicapping NHL futures, there are a few things that can help you have more success.


Strong Favorites

How good are the front-runners? Every time you wager on championship futures in any sport, this is where you should start. The majority of public funds will be spent on the favorites because that is where the public will turn its attention. 

It would be worth looking into finding sharp money action on any strong favorites. This way, your money is on the team that the pros are betting on.

This implies that the probability for those teams will typically be lower than they should be. It’s your responsibility as an NHL handicapper to decide whether or not they merit that attention. You would need a very solid reason to bet against them if they are big favorites with no evident weaknesses and a decent probability of being the last team standing. You might be interested in betting on them despite the inflated odds. 

However, if you don’t think the favorites will win, you might be prepared to pay a little less for other teams whose odds of success are higher than they could be. 

2023 Stanley Cup Futures – Goalie Play

Without outstanding goaltending, it is practically impossible for an NHL club to claim the Stanley Cup. This does not imply that teams have never won without top-tier goalies. It merely indicates that they have had goalies who heated up at precisely the right time. 

Therefore, you must be confident in the goaltending position before considering placing a wager on a team. Has their goalie situation been made clear? Is their go-to guy trustworthy and able to occasionally excel? If the answer to either question is “no,” that doesn’t imply they can’t win. 

Teams have frequently made adjustments late in the season that have helped them advance far in the postseason. All this means is that a team is too much of a risk early in the season. 

Goaltenders will often get hot and teams that do could see adjustments in their futures odds. Being able to anticipate big line moves can help bettors capitalize on a bet.

Depth Is Crucial

Teams that have quality depth are better built to win championships. In the NHL, injuries are unavoidable. The season is long and grueling, and there are a lot of different ways to get hurt. 

Teams will lose players for extended stretches of time, and there is a considerable probability that these individuals will be important ones. A team must be confident that they can manage the loss of a star player without suffering a severe setback in order to maintain their postseason aspirations. 

An NHL team without depth is dependent on staying healthy, which makes them more prone to risk in a full-season wager. 

Taking Stock of Divisions & Conferences

A large part of how well a team performs in a given NHL season depends upon its division. NHL teams are reliant on their divisions and conferences because those are the groups of opponents they will face most frequently throughout the season. 

Teams need to beat the other teams in their division and conference in order to make the postseason. A team playing in a weak division will likely have the record to get into the playoffs. Playing a weak schedule might, however, not help them win late in the playoffs.

There may be teams that play in a tougher division that you may consider betting on. Their competition during the season may be exactly what they need to get hot during the postseason. Regardless,  sports bettors must be certain of the price and value before placing a wager on 2023 Stanley Cup futures.

2023 Stanley Cup Futures – Special Teams

Special teams are important in hockey.  Successful teams must be proficient both on the power play and when down a man. The majority of NHL championship teams will be the best in at least one of those categories. 

As an NHL bettor, it would be wise for you to consider how teams perform in those two crucial areas – power play and penalty killing.

How has the team performed in the past? What changes have they made ahead of the season? Do they have the necessary personnel? How well-prepared are the special teams by the coaching staff? What is the second unit’s depth? These are all great questions when you begin to assess a team’s special teams.

Teams frequently have one excellent power play or penalty killing unit, but that squad cannot play every minute. That makes the second unit even more important.  

How Do They Rate

NHL handicappers should keep in mind their criteria while placing wagers on 2023 Stanley Cup futures. Remember, you’re not attempting to predict which team will win the title. You want to find teams that have a higher chance of winning the championship than the odds would indicate. 

If you place wagers that pay out more than the risk they carry over the long run, you will win. One efficient technique to approach these bets is to assess the teams and rank them according to their chances of winning and overall strength. 

Once the teams are arranged, you may mentally assign some simple odds to indicate each team’s chances. NHL handicappers may discover appealing value when they contrast their odds with the published odds.