Advantages of Live Betting

Advantages of live betting are plenty, and it is the newest trend to hit the sportsbetting game. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so thanks primarily to the growth of technology. It seems as though new breakthroughs occur at a breakneck pace.

As previously stated, one of the newer trends gaining traction to sports gambling is live betting. Now, bettors can place wagers on virtually any sporting event after the event has started. In-play betting is an awesome addition to an already large betting board at most sportsbooks.


Smarter bettors take advantage of live betting situations because of the benefits they can receive. Not only is live betting fun; it can be profitable too.

Additional Betting Market

There are always a multitude of bets on the board for say, the NFL in a given week. The live betting board adds even more possible wagers for bettors to choose from. 

Smarter bettors can be watching an NFL game and bet on the next play. Will it be a run or a pass? Will the next play result in a first down? These and more are offered all game long. One thing bettors love is choices and live betting adds more betting choices.

Advantages of Live Betting – Feel of the Game

Instead of having to make a pre-game decision on a point spread or total, bettors can get a feel for the game while watching. Pre-game research is important but sometimes can be flawed which leads to bad decisions.

Watching the live action of a game gives a bettor clues as to momentum and can lead to more informed betting decisions.

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Avoid a Bad Beat

Say you’ve decided to back an NFL favorite. Just prior to gametime, the favorite’s starting quarterback is declared out and the backup starts the game. 

The favorite falls behind by two touchdowns early in the first quarter. In a live betting scenario, you could have held off on that pre-game bet and then wagered accordingly after the start of the game. 

The Injury Factor

Just as a player can miss an entire game, there are situations when players are injured during the course of a game. Those injuries can have a significant impact on a game’s outcome.

When a player like LeBron James or James Harden is injured early on in a game and has to leave the court, their teams don’t often perform up to their capabilities. In-play betting allows you to adjust to those types of injury situations and bet accordingly.


Hedging Your Bets

One of the more underrated benefits of live betting is hedging your bets. Let’s say you make a pre-game bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win at -120. Things are looking good and the Dodgers lead 2-0 after the first two innings.

At that point, one of your live betting options is offering the Tampa Bay Rays to win at +200. You can take that bet and, regardless of which team ends up winning, you are guaranteed a profit. Live betting offers you the ability to hedge bets and win profits.

There are many advantages of live betting is extremely fun and it can be very lucrative for smarter bettors that understand how to use in-play betting effectively.