America’s Bookie Getting You Ready for the 2020 Football Season

Football fans should be ecstatic. The 2020 football is here and it is happening. It’s great news for football bettors too. For those smarter bettors in the mix, America’s Bookie is getting you prepared for an exciting and prosperous season.

America’s Bookie is one of the best online sportsbooks in the business with over 12 years of providing outstanding bookie services. Making it this long in the business is proof enough that the company knows what it is doing.


There is no other sportsbook you will need this football season. America’s Bookie has you covered with an expanded betting board, weekly football contests, and much more.

America’s Bookie 33 Club

When you open an account with America’s Bookie with a deposit of $300 or more, you can play the weekly 33 Club. You will pick an NFL team for the season. At any point during the season, if your team scores exactly 33 points in a game you will win $333.

Regardless of if you actually bet on the actual game, when your team hits 33 points you win. It’s that simple.

Weekly Squares

Members also have the opportunity to get into the Weekly Squares competition. You’ve probably played the squares game during a Super Bowl. It’s the same idea only with a selected game of the week.

To enter, you must make a deposit between Monday and Friday before the selected game. Just like Super Bowl squares, there are 100 squares and you will get one. You have two chances to win. 

One winner is picked based on the halftime score and the other on the final score. The halftime winner receives half of the deposit made that week. The final score winner receives the full amount of their deposit.

Expanded Betting Board

One of the reasons why America’s Bookie is the top-rated online sportsbook for U.S. bettors is its expanded options for the large number of sports and sporting events available. Bettors can find lines and odds on virtually every NFL and college football game played during the 2020 season.

There are also a variety of wager types. In addition to traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets; America’s Bookie offers quarters and halves bets as well as everything from parlays to teasers and pleasers. 

The smarter bettor likes options and America’s Bookie has them.

Gambler’s Insurance

Even when you lose at America’s Bookie, you win. Players can receive 10 percent gambler’s insurance, which is helpful since we all know that there will come a time when a bettor suffers through a losing streak.

Not many offshore sportsbooks offer gambler’s insurance. These are the little things that set America’s Bookie apart from the competition.

Make navigating that streak a little easier with gambler’s insurance. Players can get 10 percent cash back on their monthly net losses. If your net losses were $1000 for the month, you would get $100 cash back in the form of free plays. 


If gambler’s insurance isn’t enough, America’s Bookie gets you ready for the 2020 football season with all sorts of bonuses and incentives. Get a nice bonus on your first deposit and then benefit from an up to 100 percent bonus on re-deposits. 

There are also bonuses for referring friends. Receive a 10 percent bonus for one referral and 30 percent for a third.

With weekly contests like the 33 Club and Weekly Squares as well as gambler’s insurance, a number of bonuses, and an expanding betting board; the smarter bettor will choose America’s Bookie this football season.