Betting Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups

Head-to-Head horse racing matchups are a great way to supplement your pony picks.

Triple Crown of Horse Racing

One of the biggest sports betting events of the year is the annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Open to the best three-year old Thoroughbred race horses, the first Saturday in May becomes a special time of the year in Louisville.

The entire live card of horse racing at Churchill Downs on Derby Day is filled with major graded events with major prize purses in place. The money paid out for the Kentucky Derby alone is set at $3 million.

All told, there are seven graded events on the card with more than $8 million up for grabs.

The Kentucky Derby may be the biggest single-day horse betting event of the year. However, this race is just one of the many annual events that attract quite a bit of action. Action from both avid sports betting fans and new ones.


Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups at Your Racebook

Today’s best online sportsbooks also offer the means to bet on horse racing through a separate, dedicated racebook.

You will have full access to every race on a track’s live card using actual pari-mutuel track odds.

Given the comprehensive nature of a sportsbook’s online racebook. You will have access to any track running a daily card. This includes all of North America as well as racing hot spots in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Dubai.

If you are looking to diversify your handicapping strategy for horse racing’s biggest events of the year. These same sportsbooks will expand their available betting markets with added fixed odds options.

Fixed Odds at the Kentucky Derby

The most common fixed odds horse betting option are posted futures for major graded events.

For example, you can bet on any of the 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby field at a fixed-odds price to win. Your odds are locked in when the bet is actually placed. A horse’s actual odds at post time of that race do not factor into your bet.

One of the most exciting ways to bet on horse racing through the sports betting board at your favorite online book is using the fixed odds covering individual head-to-head matchups.

America’s Bookie has a huge selection of bets

If you decide to go chalk on the favorite against the next horse in the field at the best odds. Your choice does not have to win that race or even finish in the top 3 to pay off a winning play. That horse only has to finish that race in a better position than the other entry they were pitted against.

Why Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups

Head-to-Head horse racing matchups odds are a great way to find the best betting value in the numbers. These types of bets use money line odds to distinguish the favorite from the underdog. There is a higher risk for betting the favorite and a higher return for betting on the underdog.

The true value in betting head-to-head matchups is the unpredictable nature of horse racing in general.

Even-money favorites lose everyday while horses with heavy odds come out of nowhere to upset the field. Add in the fact that up to 20 entries compete in the Kentucky Derby each year. This sets up a world of opportunity to bet this race using head-to-head matchup odds.

The bigger the race, the bigger selection of fixed odds options. With major graded events on the board almost every weekend of the year, you can always find some added action for head-to-head horse racing matchups.

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