Betting Like the Pros With Premium Handicapping Services

Betting like the pros is as easy as buying premium handicapper picks.

Sports Betting Strategies

There are basically three different betting strategies when it comes to wagering on sports. The first is going it completely on your own. Here, you get no outside help other than your existing sports handicapping skills.

The results of this strategy are rather predictable. You never place a sports bet with the idea of losing that money. However, most recreational sports bettors tend to lose more money than they win. There is a reason why the sports betting industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue on a regular basis.

The next strategy is turning to a professional sports capper for all of your weekly bets. Most pros are really good at what they do but everything comes at a cost. You need to justify the cost of buying selections against the average amount of the bets you place.

A site like Game Advisers offers a variety of picks daily for just $129/month.

Going Pro – Betting Like the Pros

If you are a $100 per unit bettor, going with the pros could be a viable betting strategy. If you are wagering $10 a unit, the cost of any selection plan is going to cut rather deep into your profits.

The third strategy is designed to improve the overall winning percentage of the bets you place. Premium handicapping services is not a selection package that tells you which team to bet on at a set number of units. However this service takes most of the guesswork and bias out of picking games on your own.

Get on the right side of the action
Get on the right side of the action

For a fraction of the cost involved with buying actual picks. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly sports advisors service that provides an in-depth betting report for every single game. Including games played in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

During the season, reports are made available for college football and basketball covering every nationally ranked team.

Inherently Improve Your Skills

Look at improving your own handicapping skills through the use of detailed, timely and accurate sports betting data. You will automatically improve the overall winning percentage on the bets you place.

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As part of these betting reports, you will also receive detailed information on how the public and the sharps are betting each game. This can be extremely helpful to gaining that all important edge against the books.

Tracking both line movements and where the money is going lets you take advantage of opportunities ahead of time as opposed to pulling the trigger on a bet that is more of a guess than anything else.

Built-in bias has a huge influence on anyone who bets on sports even if they consider themselves a pro. Reducing that bias with factual betting data wins more wagers. This data will help you eliminate bad bets.

Betting Like the Pros By Staying on Top of Reports

Timely and accurate injury reports will have a direct impact on the outcome of a game if a star player has to sit things out.

Recent head-to-head betting trends paint a picture of familiarity between two teams. Past results do not guarantee future results. Yet, a higher level of familiarity does build a higher level of predictability into the overall handicapping process.

A great example of expert handicapping services as opposed to pro selection packages is Referred to as SAS Premium, this program is membership based at a monthly cost of just $9.99.

Designed to transform the way you bet on sports, you can bet like the pros using the same insider information they rely on to make their picks. You can bet against the public or bet with the sharps on a regular basis. 

With SAS Premium, you can dramatically increase your overall return on investment at a fraction of the cost you would pay for one week of pro picks covering one major sport.