Betting MLB Props

Most every online sportsbook will offer its players the opportunity for betting MLB props. These bets are focused on just about every aspect of the game from on-field play to off-the-field situations that have nothing to do with an actual game.

The big thing with MLB prop bets is that it is another way for bettors to make money betting on baseball. Plus, wagering on whether or not Mike Trout will hit a home run or the total number of hits, runs, and RBIs by one player compared to another is exciting and fun.

In order to have some success betting MLB props, it helps to understand the types of bets available and to have a strategy that can help you take advantage of value and increase your winning percentage.


MLB Season Props Betting

These types of MLB props are long-term bets. Bettors will make their wagers before the season begins and, sometimes, can make these bets during the season. A great example would be related to home runs.

Which player will lead the majors in home runs?

Mike Trout +850

Pete Alonso +900

Aaron Judge +1200

There are other players on the board at online sportsbooks, but these are the top three. A $100 bet now on Trout would pay out $850 if he leads MLB in homers this season.

Moneyline MLB Props

Moneyline prop bets are typically simple propositions, but you have to pay attention to the odds. An example of an MLB moneyline prop would be this bet on which player will record a stolen base first. 

Which player will record a stolen base first in 2021?

Ronald Acuna Jr. -105

Adalberto Mondesi +115

Dee Gordon +155

In 2019 over a 162-game season, Acuna recorded 37 stolen bases. In this example, he is the favorite and a bettor would need to put up $105 to win $100.

Comparative MLB Props

Comparative props are very exciting and can keep bettors engaged all season long. These props can be single game prop bets as well. Here’s an example.

Which pitcher will have more strikeouts?

Max Scherzer -135

Trevor Bauer +120

Tie +115

Now, this could be a season-long bet and the winner, of course, would be the pitcher with the most strikeouts. Scherzer is the favorite and notice how a tie is actually given better odds than Bauer having more Ks than Scherzer.

This could also be a game prop if a Washington-L.A. Dodgers matchup where Scherzer and Bauer were the starting pitchers. If you’re not comfortable betting MLB props, check out top handicapper websites and consider buying sports picks. Spending a few bucks can be worth it’s weight in gold.

Betting MLB Game Props

As the name suggests, game props are those bets that have nothing to do with the outcome of a single game. The bets could be on a team or an individual player or players. 

Examples of common MLB team prop bets include:

Team to score first 

Will a run be scored in the first inning?

First team to reach 3 runs

Total number of home runs hit (Over/Under)

Total number of hits, runs, and errors (Over/Under)

And the list continues.

It’s the same for common MLB player props. Bettors can wager on a player hitting a home run or not in a single game. They can also wager on the total number of strikeouts a pitcher will have. In that case, bettors wager on the Over or Under. 

Like team prop bets, there is a list a mile long filled with individual player prop bets for MLB games.

MLB Props Strategy

The lines when betting MLB props are a little more volatile than those on individual games. Sportsbooks have a better handle on moneyline, run line, and totals lines and odds. 

With props bets, MLB bettors must search for the line that just doesn’t make sense. Trout at +2500 to lead the majors in home runs would raise a few eyebrows compared to the actual listing at +850. There is serious value in placing that bet at +2500.

Those are the types of bets you are looking for when betting MLB props. It can be tedious work trying to find those opportunities, but the rewards can be great. The best MLB props strategy is one that involves plenty of patience. It takes time to identify value prop bets.

Do your homework and wager on those MLB prop bets where you find the strongest value.