Betting October Baseball at Online Sportsbooks

Betting October baseball is the most exciting time of the year of the extended MLB season. It is what fans waited for after the long 162-game schedule has been played. Octobers usher in the postseason run to the annual best-of-seven game World Series.

Before moving on, read our tips to win more MLB bets.

Betting October Baseball Through the World Series

From the one-and-done Wild Card Round through the league division and championship series, MLB’s best teams are now on a collision course with one another with a world title on the line as the ultimate prize.

As with any season, there are some really good teams in the postseason World Series tournament and a few teams that have the ability to shock the field. The one thing everyone agrees on is that this is the best time of the year to wager on the games.

Huge Baseball Betting Menu in October

The top-rated online sportsbooks do an excellent job at building out their betting boards for baseball season. Yet, they still find a way to up the ante when the playoffs roll around. MLB futures odds take on a whole new meaning with betting value to be found all over the board.

Once the league division and championship series pairing are set, the online books will release the betting odds for the series prices. Betting the favorites comes at an added risk with a chance to improve your return betting on the underdogs.

Series futures odds change on a dime with each postseason win and loss. A team’s betting value in the playoffs really hinges on its starting rotation and bullpen support. A hot throwing arm tends to trump a hot bat in this type of win or go home betting environment.


Watch the Weather During the MLB Playoffs

Another aspect of the games that can have an impact in October is the weather at outdoor parks. While you do not have to worry about Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, colder weather can be a factor for teams farther north.

Umpires should be at the top of their game this time of the year. Yet, those officials manning umpire duties at home plate will be another betting factor that needs to be accounted for.

Fortunately, after 162 games, there is enough stats, facts and betting trends in the books to paint a pretty good picture of how each game and each series should play out. That being said, that is why the play the games since anything can happen in the next month or so of MLB betting action.

Use 2 or 3 Online Sportsbook to Line Shop

One additional betting tip for the MLB postseason is adding another online book or two to the betting mix. The ability to shop MLB money lines is an easy way to add more value to your bets. Line shopping is the easiest way to increase your winning percentage.

Cutting the juice by $5 or $10 betting the favorite is a good way to preserve your MLB betting bankroll. Grabbing an extra $5 or $10 on an underdog can boost that bankroll when your instincts pay off.

Betting October Baseball

With the AL and NL Wild Card games getting things started in the first full week of October, time is running out to fine-tune the overall MLB postseason betting strategy. Get to know each team’s starting rotation and bullpen strength. Find out which players are 100% healthy and which ones are nicked-up a bit after the extended six-month regular season.

Hot teams at the end of the regular season tend to carry that momentum into the postseason, so take that into account when breaking down the matchups.

Finally, build up your bankrolls at your favorite online sportsbooks and take a closer look at all the MLB betting options they have to offer.