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If you have been around the sports betting industry long enough, you can understand why it is safe to say that someone will bet on anything. One prominent online sportsbook has posted betting odds for which organization will be the first to land a human being on Mars. Space X is the clear favorite at -300 betting odds, but the real bet should be whether or not you will still be alive to collect your winnings.

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Politics is a hot betting topic right now in light of the current president in the United States. Donald Trump is a heavy -600 favorite to win the Republican nomination for the 2020 presidential election. He is also a -150 favorite to win reelection. The Democrats’ best chance appears to be Joe Biden as a +450 second-favorite after serving as vice-president in the Obama Administration.

The most interesting thing about the prop bets odds to win the 2020 election is the fact that the betting odds favor the Democrats as the winning party at -170 odds. The odds that the Republicans maintain control of the White House are set at +150. It is hard to say where the true betting value is for any of these political props lies given just how unhinged Trump is in his current role. For me, these are all wait and see betting options to gauge how things are going to unfold in the months leading up to November, 2020.

This list of special betting props at any online sportsbook is only limited by the creativity of its Oddsmakers. If you ever had the desire to bet on pinball, you can get +575 betting odds on Daniele Celestino Acciari to win this year’s Pinball Pro Circuit Championship. There are actually over 40 other names on that list along with the +300 betting odds for the rest of the field.

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The world of entertainment is another hotbed for special betting props. If you are the type of bettor that likes to put a morbid spin on things, you can get +200 odds that Carol Burnett will outlive Betty White (-260). In a head-to-head matchup of Rosie’s, Rosanne Barr’s odds to outlive Rosie O’Donnell are set at +110 with O’Donnell’s odds set at -150 to die first. If you are looking to add a political spin, Donald Trump has -110 odds to outlive Vladimir Putin (-130).

Staying in the field of entertainment, Disney’s The Lion King is a -600 favorite to open with a bigger grossing weekend in revenue than Disney’s Aladdin at +350 betting odds.

A long-running entertainment prop has been for which actor will be the next James Bond. Among an extended grocery list of possible names, both Cillian Murphy and Tom Hiddleston have emerged as +125 co-favorites.

These types of special props are geared more towards the curiosity of the subject matter as opposed to the true betting value. They make for good discussion at the next diner party or family picnic. For the online books that do specialize in expanded offerings in their props section or futures odds, there is some betting value to be found.

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One prop that fits the bill in this category would be the betting odds for which defensive rookie in the NFL will record the first sack in the 2019 regular season. Nick Bosa was the second overall pick in this year’s draft by San Francisco and he is at the top of the list as a +150 favorite. Second is Josh Allen and Quinnen Williams at +200. I would look to stretch the odds a bit and go with Ed Oliver at +300 odds to get the first sack as the first round pick of the Houston Texans.