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How to Pick the Best Pay Per Head

There are so many Pay per Head bookie services online, it’s going to drive you mad trying to figure out which ones are best. We take pride in holding people accountable and we know who outshines the competition.

For the best in client services and the latest in wagering technology; look no further. We know who the sharp PPH services are and we know who cares about their clients. There are many rip-off-artists out there in cyber land and the hope is that you are careful with your money. Do not under any circumstances, sign up with a Per Head bookie without knowing their reputation and their value to you, the bookie.

Top 3 Pay Per Head Sites

RealBookies – Give your clients what they are looking for
No Deposit Required

From $7 per head

RealBookies Screenshot

We care about your business

You are a busy bookie and the last thing you need is to keep giving your business to PPH Providers that don’t care about you. Real bookies will help you make MORE money. You will see your bankroll fatten quickly and you will be glad that you made the change. offers everything to fit your clients’ needs with a top notch sportsbook and a fantastic Las Vegas style casino. They guarantee 99.9% run time


  • FREE Demo – 4 weeks
  • NO Deposit Required


  • Crypto Friendly
  • Easy Deposit Methods


  • 24/7 Support
  • Dynamic Sports
RDG Corp – Is your best option in the pph industry

$10 Per Head or LESS

RDG Corp Screenshot

Most reliable pay per head services

Since 1996, RDG Corp has continued to provide the safest, most reliable pay per head services at the best prices for the offshore sports betting industry. As a bookie you want the best value for your dollar and to improve your bottom line and you want the best wagering platform and best online casino that the industry offers. RDG Corp guys offer all of that and more.


  • 4 Week FREE Trial
  • NO Deposit Required


  • Anonymous Payment Options
  • BTC Welcome


  • Poker Software
  • LIVE Sports & Casino
PayPerHead247 – Stop being a slave to your pph service
4 Weeks FREE

From $10 or less

Pay Per Head 247 Screenshot

Stop throwing money away!

They are honest, fair and upfront. They will not hammer you with hidden charges and you can count on them with 99.9% run time. You must give these folks a try. They have the best sportsbook wagering platform along, cut edge live dynamic sports betting interface, with the very best Las Vegas style casino for your clients to enjoy. Give them a call and start using a service for professional bookies.


  • No Obligation Trial
  • 2 weeks FREE


  • Safe and Simple Deposits
  • Mobile Cashier


  • Poker Inetrface
  • Easy to use Interface

What Makes a Bookie Software a Top-Rated Platform?

You have seen the best because we brought them to you. We hope that you will make the right decision while weighing the pros and cons of where you are now and where you want to be in a year from now. Plan ahead, this is your business and your money. Don’t do anything that will damage your reputation or damage your client base. A good PPH will offer it all, from casino games, to live lines on any given football, basketball, baseball or hockey night. We know the best and we have reviewed them for a top quality choice.

Who Uses a PPH Service? And why a picking the right bookie software matters

Local bookies, neighborhood bookies, that guy everyone recognizes in the local sports pub, the guy at work, the university, or wherever it may be that you find yourself selling sports bets, you are “that guy” and your clients have come to depend on you. They know you; they trust you, and some of them even love you like a brother. Now, it’s up to you to give them what they are looking for in a sportsbook.

They want convenience, they want quick, they want right now, and they expect there to be no hassle whatsoever. On top of all that, they want it online so they don’t have to call you to place a wager. Your clients are looking for every sport known to man and they want to bet every possible way imaginable on those sports.

What are you giving to your clients? Are you giving them all of the above? They expect you to be all things to all people, all of the time, are you fulfilling their expectations? If you are not online, how are you giving your clients any kind of casino or racebook?

The fact of the matter is this… you are one person and you can’t possibly be all things to all people, all of the time. You can’t take phone calls at all hours of the night, and you can’t run all over town collecting money and being the errand boy for everyone who wants to bet on sports or play a slot machine. The problem here – you need to be all of the above. You must be all of the above or you will not earn a drop in the bucket in comparison to what you could be earning if you had an online presence to offer your clients.

  1. The pay per head is your ticket to freedom and financial independence.
    • The pay per head industry started well over 20+ years ago as a service for local bookmakers just like you. The business was launched in the Caribbean, and right where many of the top PPH providers are located today – Costa Rica.
    • The pay per head is an online provider of bookmaking services. They offer the latest and best software that allows you to operate your business just like any of the largest online sportsbooks that you can find with a quick Google search.
    • Think about the biggest or maybe some of the most famous online sportsbooks – now, take a moment and Google a couple of them. Look at their website, take a glance at the wagering menu and the overall layout of the web page. What you see is what you can have with a pay per head.
  2. What can the pay per head do for you?
    • Think of the pay per head as a management company for bookies. You are the bookie and you need to be organized. You must present what you are offering daily and you must also present the lines and odds on those events.
    • We know you know this and we hate to state the obvious, but we must… there are a lot of sporting events every single day, you will want to offer many of them or in some cases, most of them, to your betting clients.
    • The pay per head will organize your events daily, and before the crack of dawn (the night before when possible), they will also set your lines and odds for every event.
    • The pay per head will always respect you as the owner. When you sign up with a PPH, you are the boss, the owner, what goes is because you want it to go and you authorize it to be done.
    • All lines and odds are set for you daily, however, you will always have the ability to change them, for any reason, at any time. You will also have the ability to decide what sporting events that you want to offer and which ones that you would rather not offer.
    • The pay per head is the online bookie, they are in effect the bookie, they do your job for you. They set all of the day’s action, they set all of the lines and odds, and they accept all wagers, either on the website through your client’s account or over the phone. Your clients will have access to an 800 number and they can call at any time, for any reason.
    • The pay per head keeps track of all your finances, money in, money out, bets lost, and bets won. They will automatically update your client’s account after a win or loss and they will also grade all bet slips.
  3. Finding the right pay per head is easy.
    • Honest pay per head reviews can be found across the internet. If you want the truth, you will easily find it. Word of mouth travels fast and bookies are quick to tell others the good and bad.
    • Look for a pay per head that offers you a custom-built website as a bonus, for free. There is no reason to spend big money building a website. The PPH will build it for you and they will work with you to customize it to your gaming specifications.
    • Make sure that any pay per head that you are thinking of doing business with is offering you a sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook. Along with the racebook and casino, you must ask them if they are offering all of these amenities, royalty-free.
    • Every pay per head provider charges a fee for its service but the best ones on the market are charging between $7-15 per head, per week. Make sure to ask a potential PPH what their billing structure is and never pay any upfront cost.

Your clients will love your new online sportsbook. Finally, you are giving them what they have been asking for. They want choices when it comes to sports betting, and they want a great racebook and casino. Most of all, they want to bet on their time, not on yours. Now, they can bet at 3:00 AM and not call you. You will love this more than the client and you will be on your way to earning a six-figure income from the profits of what a pay per head can offer