Bookie Strategies for Non-ATS Sports Betting Profit

By not relying on ATS wagering, bookies increase their bottom line.

NFL Preseason doesn’t start until August. The NBA has yet to decide when they’ll restart.

It means bookies must wait before profiting from against the spread, or Against The Spread betting.

That’s not a horrible thing. Three of the most popular sports leagues, La Liga, Italian Serie A, and the English Premier League, have pegged June restarts.

Those three soccer organizations can provide bookies two positives. First, they give bookmakers a way to accrue non-traditional, against the spread, sports betting profit.

Second, they help bookies expand their customers’ perspectives. By doing so, bookies may not have to rely so much on football and basketball ATS betting.

Why soccer is perfect for introducing players to non-ATS wagering

Soccer makes it perfect to illustrate how bookies can profit from non-ATS bets. There are three types of non-ATS wagers.

Soccer handicap betting

U.S. sports bettors place handicap wagers on NHL and MLB games.

For hockey, we call handicap wagers the puck line. For baseball, we call it the run line.

Both NHL and MLB handicap betting resembles European handicap betting without a draw.

In soccer, there are two types of handicap wagering. The first is a traditional European handicap wager, which consists of three possible outcomes, win, loss, and a draw.

The other, Asian handicap betting, eliminates the draw.

By eliminating the draw, Asian handicap lines provide underdog teams an advantage. All draws in Asian handicap betting go to the dog.

Moneyline betting

Most players understand moneyline wagers. The player chooses which team wins the game.

If the team the player backed wins outright, the bet is a winner. If the team the player supported loses, the bet is a loser.

For soccer matches, players can also wager on the draw. That’s another sports bettor advantage.

Check out an actual Czech Republic 1st Liga soccer match from June 3, 2020.

  • Karvina     +470
  • Slovacko     -146
  • Draw     +270

By adding a third betting option, the draw, bettors can access more favorable odds on both the underdog and favorite.

If a sports bettor prefers the favorite, she gets Slovacko at -146 instead of close to -200. Underdog players get Karvina at much higher odds than they’d offer in a 2-betting option scenario.

Total and team total betting

Most sports games offer both total wagering and team total wagering.

Bookie agents are aware of both wagers. We mustn’t get into the weeds with either.

As a reminder, we use the words “over” and “under” to describe total betting. Total betting is over/under game wagers.

Team total betting is over/under team wagers.

Future props betting

The NBA and NHL both have plans to restart. Sports bettors can wager on who will win the NBA Championship and the Stanley Cup.

Bookie agents can offer various NFL future prop bets. Players won’t have a problem finding a future NFL betting option to bet.

Future wagering is a bookie’s dream. Odds seldom reflect the actual chances of success.

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Tom Brady to play quarterback, their 2021 Super Bowl odds dropped to +1100. Although Brady will help the Bucs win, are 11-to-1 fair odds on Tampa Bay to win the Super Bowl?

Do players get value betting on the Bucs to take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy?

Sign-up with PayPerHead and offer non-ATS betting options

Bookies can help players expand their horizons. Doing so increases sports betting profit.

Introducing players to soccer handicap and moneyline betting is a way to do that. Encouraging future bets is another way.

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