Bookies Need a PPH Service

Today’s need to know is that bookies need a PPH service.

The sports gambling industry has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. Even the local bookie with 50 to 100 clients needs an online presence. If you aren’t online, you’re going to lose customers to the growing number of bookies that are.


This is why bookies must have a PPH (pay per head) service. With the number of services provided by a pay per head company, there are actually many reasons why bookies require a quality PPH.

Online Presence

Unless you are a web designer with loads of time, you aren’t going to build yourself a fully functional and operational website for your sportsbook. A pay per head service will. This is reason #1 bookies need a PPH service.

You will get a real .com website address complete with a customized site that your bettors will log into to make deposits, check odds, and place bets. You will be able to promote that website via a number of different methods including social media. Marketing your website can help you grow your player sheet and, ultimately, your profits.

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Betting Board

It’s highly likely that you are not a professional linemaker either. How can you set your own odds and lines for all of the sporting events from around the world in a single day? The answer is that you can’t.

The best pay per head services provide you with a huge betting board full of choices for your bettors. Players can bet on games in every major sport plus other lesser-known sports from around the world. The board is full of traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets as well as all sorts of proposition bets and specials.

As an independent bookie, it is simply impossible to offer all of that to your players. If you don’t have all the options, bettors will look elsewhere for a bookie that does.

Essentially, your pay per head service will run your numbers for you. They will do all the math and spit out the end of week numbers without mistakes.

Customer Service

One of the biggest reasons bookies must work with a pay per head company is the customer service. When it’s 3:00 a.m. and one of your customers wants to place a bet, what do they do? 

If you’re still the local bookie without a website, your phone rings in the wee hours of the morning and you have to take the call or miss out on the action. With a team of experienced customer service agents, you no longer have to take that call.

The best PPH services will offer you a fully staffed customer service team that can handle any issues. When players have questions about payments, wagers, or anything; your “call center” will take care of it.

Bookies Need a PPH Service – Any More Questions?

The amount of time you will save just from having the customer service feature will allow you to do the one thing that can help lead you to success. Grow your customer base. Imagine taking your 50 local players to 500 bettors from around the country or around the world. 

In the end, the goal of the bookie is to make more profits. To make more profits, bookies either need their current customers to bet more often or add new players. Signing up with a PPH service will give a bookie time to focus on both and, if done properly, will lead to success in the online sportsbook industry.