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You can still build your bankroll by betting in the summer. At some point, the NBA Finals end and the Stanley Cup is won. Too many sports bettors just shrug their shoulders and say, “Now what?” No longer since the summer offers great betting opportunities. Here’s a look. Key Points – Smart bettors continue to

Handicapping NHL playoff teams is difficult enough. Doing so after an overtime loss can be an even bigger challenge. Playoff overtime rules are different than in the postseason. That has an effect on how bettors should look at the next game in a playoff series. Key Points – When handicapping NHL playoff teams after an

Bettors can find seemingly endless sportsbook bonuses online. They are designed to keep existing customers and entice new ones to join a certain sportsbook. Bettors can examine these various incentives and learn how to take advantage of them. Here’s how to make sense of them all. Key Points – Bettors can take advantage of sportsbook

Do you know how sports betting odds are set? Whether you are a fantasy football fan, a professional bookie, or a sports bettor, understanding how odds are created is a key for success.  Here, we dive into how and why bookmakers create their own lines and what factors influence these numbers.  Key Points – Understanding

Wong teasers are one of those things that come up every now and then in the betting world. One minute they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. The next, well, not so much. Be prepared next time they come up as we look at basic teaser strategy. Key Points – Wong teasers and NFL

Every year, millions of people find themselves wagering on sports. It’s fun. It’s exciting and there is the possibility of winning money. That is always a plus. Unfortunately, the majority of bettors are casual gamblers who are unaware of some shocking realities about sports betting.  Key Points – The reality of wagering on sports is

If there is one thing that every sports bettor and handicapper knows, it’s that the game can be challenging. The way to be successful in this field is to keep up with the changing trends and use a strategy or two (or more) to ensure your bets consistently hit their marks. At its core, winning

If you are looking to bet on baseball in 2023, you have come to the right place. Smarter bettors have developed a number of strategies that pay off big dividends. In this article, we focus on just a few tips that make 2023 a baseball betting success. Key Points – To bet on baseball this

This is how to use the Maria Staking strategy. Key Points – The Maria Staking Strategy is a bankroll management plan for success. – The strategy may or may not work in betting on various sports. The Maria Staking Strategy – How It Works When you start betting on sports, you start looking for different

NCAA tournament betting factors that are overhyped. Key Points – Casual bettors overhype a number of NCAA tournament betting factors.  – Smart bettors do not fall for the hype. NCAA Tournament Betting Factors That Are Overhyped Every year when the NCAA Tournament comes around, several factors are mentioned that have a significant impact on the