College Football Underdogs the Way to Go

College football is unlike any other sport. There are countless games to wager on each week. With the 2019 college football season starting this month, we wanted to discuss betting underdogs.

The majority of the betting public focuses their attention to the big match-ups every week. A lot of casual bettors will only wager on teams that are ranked because that’s all they follow.

By doing this, many college football bettors miss out on a lot of underdogs with value. In this article, I’m going to discuss some ways to help you identify college football underdogs to bet on.

How to bet on Football?

Every week we publish NCAAF previews and predictions with plenty of underdogs. We recommend betting on small underdogs by betting the money line instead of the ATS to increase the payout odds.

● Home Underdogs

College football teams have huge home advantages and I love to target small home underdogs. It’s tough for college students to deal with the travel and the opposing team’s fans when on the road.

Home underdogs have performed even better when targeting conference match-ups. Most teams in the same conference have built up rivalries and always play each other as tough as possible.

● Target Overhyped Teams

Every year teams get overhyped, especially those with big fan bases. When’s the last time Michigan was a contender? Yet every year Wolverines fans expect to win the National Championship.

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Bookies primarily adjust to the action they’re getting on games. There will be games every season where the public heavily bet hyped teams against teams from smaller conferences. Take a look at these games, as there’s often value betting on the underdog SU or ATS.

● Statistical/Matchup Edges

With so many NCAAF games each week and many of them not garnering a ton of action, there will be plenty of times when the wrong team is favored and you can bet the underdog at plus money.

The more time you spend researching matchups and statistics, the more often you’ll uncover games where the underdog has been the better performing team and should be favored.

● Injuries

There’s always late injury news hitting the newswire on Saturdays during the season.

If you see that an important player has been ruled out for the favored team, jump on the underdog before the line moves. Being on top of injury news across the nation can be profitable.

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Bookies are much more concerned with the games that will have big handles. They aren’t following the injury news for every game and neither is the betting public. In college football, missing a key piece on offense (QB/WR/RB) can change the entire dynamic of the team.

Are you ready for the college football season? Make sure you keep coming back for our NCAAF previews and predictions every week during the college football season.

Remember, you need to win a small percentage of your wagers when you’re betting on underdogs to win on the money line. With so many underdogs cashing each week in CFB, it’s a good idea to look at the opening lines every week and bet underdogs that should be favored based on your analysis.