Daily MLB, NBA & NHL Special Betting Options at Online Sportsbooks

There has been a few glitches with some postponed MLB games. However, for the most part everything is going as planned with the restart of three major betting sports. The NBA is playing a quick eight-game schedule to set up the seeding for the postseason. The NHL is in the middle of a qualifying round for this season’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Most top-rated online sportsbooks have stepped up their game with varied betting options for all three US professional leagues.

This is in addition to a full board of action covering soccer, motor sports and professional golf. Throw in everything else in the world of sports and August should be one of the best months of the year for avid sports betting fans!

The primary bets for NBA games are pointspreads and total lines, and there are a ton of quality FREE PICKS to be found out there.

Shifting to baseball and hockey, you can add in moneyline bets for the games. Online sports betting through offshore books offers the most competitive betting lines for all three sports. 

These books also offer special daily betting options that enhance your overall return. Some online books refer to these type of bets as “odds boosters.” Some will use the term “parlay specials.” Either way, they basically work the same.

The books will group together certain games on the board for that day. Similar to a two-team or three-team parlay, you need to will all the games to cash a winning play. However, the big difference is a higher return on your bet.

When betting parlays at online sportsbooks using pointspreads and/or total lines, the standard return on two teams is 2.64-to-1. Moving to a three-team parlay, the return jumps to 6-to-1. If you are betting a parlay using moneyline odds, you need to calculate the return based on the combined numbers.

When it comes to the daily specials at online books, they set the return on any particular bet. It is always going to be higher than the standard parlay return which is why they appeal to avid bettors.

For example, a NBA daily special might group together a pair of favorites. If they both go on to win and cover, the return could be 3-to-1 as opposed to the standard two-team parlay payout of 2.64.

Moving to MLB daily specials, there could be a two-team or three-team grouping of favorites with a higher return than the standard calculation. There could be a grouping of three underdogs at a very high return.

Some of the daily specials for MLB and NHL games turn to options using run lines and puck lines. For example, a grouping of three NHL underdogs plus the 1.5 goals would pay out $260 or higher if they all win or cover with the added spread.

The best way to bet these special daily offers is to do the math. By calculating the normal return on a two or three-team parlay play and comparing this to the offered odds, you can find the best value in the numbers. 

While you do not get to group the teams together in a special daily parlay option, most times you can find one posted that appeals to you. The best offshore books operating online know how to use their advantage against US sports betting options in particular states. Adding options that put more money in your pocket is a perfect example.