Diversify Your NFL Betting Strategy

It’s time to look at your NFL betting strategy. The NFL still commands the most attention from sports bettors in terms of weekly volume. This is the biggest betting sports league by far in the US market. NFL games also offer global appeal for sports bettors all around the world.

Straight bets on a NFL game’s point spread and/or total line remain the two biggest markets for wagering on this league. However, that does not even scratch the surface when it comes to all the ways you can bet on every Sunday’s action along with prime time matchups on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights.

Too many recreational bettors stay inside the box when it comes to forming an overall  NFL betting strategy for the season. Fortunately, the top-rated online sportsbooks taking action on the games make it extremely easy to diversify your NFL betting strategy.

NFL Moneylines – NFL Betting Strategy

One easy way to change things up is by adding a few weekly wagers on the NFL moneyline. This is a straight-up bet with more financial risk for betting the favorite and a bigger financial return for betting the underdog.

Upsets happen all the time to add value to betting underdogs on the money line. Favorites needing to win usually do. This adds value to this play despite the added cost of placing the bet.

At the very least, you should compare a game’s spread to its posted money line. Why pay 10% juice to get one or two points on the spread when you can get that dog SU for a slight plus-money return?

NFL Exotics

Parlays are the most heavily played exotic for NFL games. Teasers let you move the spread in your favor on each team in that parlay. It’s an age old question whether or not these are wagers made by smarter bettors.

If-bets create a string of wagers with one bet contingent on the result of the previous bet. The first loss ends the action on any remaining plays. An if-bet is the perfect money management tool for betting multiple NFL games.

The best course of action is to consult the exotic market at your favorite online sportsbook to see all the options offered.

NFL Betting Strategy for Futures & Props

Betting football futures can be viewed as year round bets with longer-term results. However, they can still be bet in-season as each week unfolds. 

Online books will release special props tied to the NFL season as a whole. One of the most popular special props is ‘first NFL head coach fired’. You can also find special NFL props tied to players and teams throughout the season.

NFL individual game props cover scoring, team and player betting options for every matchup on the board. This is an excellent way to supplement any straight bets you may have placed on a particular game.

For example, if you bet the OVER on the total line, you can also bet the OVER on total touchdowns scored as a stand-alone prop.

NFL Live In-Game Wagers

There is nothing more exciting than betting on a NFL game after the opening kickoff. The betting lines are continually updated based on what has already taken place in a game. This lets you double down or hedge any pre-game bets depending on how things are playing out on the field. This can be a major winning NFL betting strategy.

Another popular in-game wager is ongoing “what happens next” options. This lets you place a bet on the outcome of each team’s next offensive possession. More and more online sportsbooks are expanding these types of live prop bets for NFL games.