Does Your Pay Per Head NFL Hold Percentage Make the Grade?

Heading into the stretch run of the NFL season, there is only one of three ways to sum up your current year-to-date results when it comes to your overall hold percentage. Anything over 7.5 percent would be a very favorable result. A NFL hold percentage between 5 and 7.5 should be considered acceptable since it falls inline with the national average of the big commercial online sportsbooks. If your total NFL hold percentage falls below 5%, it is time to change up your strategy for taking bets and maintaining your NFL betting board.

How Does Pay Per Head Work?

The best way to manage your overall bookie business hold percentage is by working with a bookie quality pay per head site that offers the right business tools to improve the current situation. The hold percentage of any bookie operation is the life blood of the business. It drives weekly cash flow and, inevitably, the amount of money you walk away with at the end of the day.

Given a standard 10 percent commission (or juice) charged for every losing bet, you should be able to reach that industry standard of 5 to 7.5 percent. By tweaking your business operations with the help of the right pay per head sportsbook service, there are proven ways to increase your overall hold percentage to boost your overall bottom line.

Too many private bookies relate much of their costs with the weekly fees they pay for each active bettor. This is a basic cost of doing business online. A cheaper fee is not the answer if it results in cheaper service from your bookie software solutions provider. Paying for something that does not get the job done right is a waste of money no matter how much you think you are saving.

Getting the right price per head site to help run and manage your bookmaking operation will be the most important business decision you will ever have to make. A big part of that service is fast and easy access to the right real time business analytics. Along with access to sharp betting lines right out of the gate, you need the ability to instantly move those betting lines across your entire betting board.

How many times have you seen big online sportsbook NFL betting lines shift only hours after being released? The betting public (and the sharps) are poised to immediately pounce on lines perceived as being soft. Even the best professional line setting services deliver a soft line here and there.

Maintain a Balanced Betting Board With Pay Per Head

Your role as a private bookmaker is to move your lines according to the early action you take in. That is why you need a PPH service with the right real time reports. You also need mass edit capabilities and the ability to raise and lower credit and betting limits on an account by account basis.

Your time should be spent looking for ways to capitalize on opportunities ahead of the curve. Spending your days putting out fires and fending off negative exposure that will affect cash flow and your overall hold percentage is not the way you should be spending your time.

Comparing Pay Per Head Bookie Software Services

The proper management of your overall betting board does fall on your shoulders as a bookie agent. However, having the right pay per head site by your side as that silent business partner is essential to managing that board. You should be able to anticipate betting patterns and habits across your entire sports betting customer base. Having the proper business information when you need it greatly aids in the process. Evening out the money on either side of a single bet is still the best way to increase the overall profit taken in.