Handicapping MLB Moneylines For Daily Value

Handicapping MLB moneylines will provide daily value.

Handicapping MLB Moneylines

Baseball is back on the board at your favorite online sportsbooks. With the new MLB regular season set to get underway. It is time to sharpen up your baseball handicapping skills for betting each day’s games. 

If you are a high volume player with a hefty bankroll, the easiest course of action would be to purchase a season-long MLB picks package from a pro. This takes all of the guesswork out of the decision making process.

However, that may not be in the budget for your average recreational bettor looking for some action on the week’s biggest MLB games. Whether you turn to the pros or rely on your own handicapping skills, betting the MLB moneyline is a great place to start.

Risk vs. Reward

The easiest way to think of moneyline wagers is as risk/reward opportunities. In a bet that is graded on a straight-up result. You need to risk more money to wager on the favorite while earning a higher reward on that bet for wagering on the underdog.

Betting heavy MLB favorites is a big risk.

Immediate red flags when handicapping MLB moneyline odds are heavy favorites against heavy underdogs. If the Los Angeles Dodgers are -225 favorites, the risk does equate to the reward. You would have to risk more than double the money for the smaller return. The Dodgers will probably win that game. But there is still too high of a chance they might lose.

Even the worst MLB teams still manage to win close to 40% of their games over the course of an extended 162-game regular season schedule. Betting line value is something you always need to keep in mind.

In the same vein, betting an underdog at +185 odds on the moneyline does not always make sense. The attractive $185 return on a $100 bet looks great on paper but there is a reason why that team’s odds are so high in the first place.

Handicapping MLB Moneylines – Find the Sweet Spot

Betting MLB moneylines is all about finding that sweet spot in the posted odds. Favorites in the range of -135 to -150 become the most attractive bets. The risk still exists given the added money required to place that bet but the law of averages remains in your favor to win. 

After handicapping the matchup at hand. If your confidence level remains high that the favorite will go on to win, then pulling the trigger with an acceptable risk makes good betting sense.

The biggest opportunities for handicapping MLB moneylines still lies with moderate underdogs with odds from +110 to +150. Once again, this comes down to handicapping the matchup at hand to access an underdog’s chances to win. When the confidence level is high, making that wager makes good betting sense.

One of the most unique aspects of betting MLB games is three and four game MLB weekly series. This is the only major betting sport where the same teams play one another three or four times in a row. This added familiarity works to add a higher level of predictability in the outcome.

Betting baseball also offers more stats, facts and betting trends to aid the handicapping process than any other betting sport. The trick is to wade through all of the numbers to find the ones that will have the biggest impact on the outcome of any particular game.