Is Your PPH Provider offering the Best Baseball Line Types?

Make Sure Your Players Have the Best Options

The 2019 MLB season has been in full swing for more than a month and so far, so good, but many surprises. The Mariners are good, the Red Sox are awful, the Yankees are not very good, and neither are the Phillies with their $300 million-dollar man! But tis baseball! This is how the cookie crumbles in baseball and this is what makes the season fun for the gambler. What you must do as a bookie is think like a gambler. The gamblers bread and butter is baseball, they believe baseball season is the best opportunity to make real money, and often they are right, however, often they are wrong. Now is the perfect time to be making money and stashing it away for a rainy day.

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What kinds of lines are you offering?

● Baseball is the kind of sport that leaves players hanging.

● Baseball is the kind of sport that leaves bookies hanging.

What can bookies do with a sport such as baseball that has big swings?

● You must find a balance when setting baseball lines, and although it may not seem too easy, it’s really not that hard.

● You must keep your players happy. You want them betting with you and nobody else. Now, we are not ignorant, we know that players have several online sportsbooks, especially baseball gamblers. What you must do is keep them interested, keep them coming back for more.

First thing is first…

● Are you working with a PPH sportsbook that will work with you, not against you?

● If not, ditch them quick and find one that will work with you. There are many options available, if you are not as happy as you think you could be, then by all means do some shopping. Find that perfect PPH that will meet your needs.

Baseball bettors are for the most-part, not superstitious. Football players are the most superstitious gamblers out there, they will wear a pair of socks for three months, as long as they are winning! There is one thing that makes baseball bettors happy. Not only great, but consistent lines.

Baseball bettors will not leave you if you set consistent lines and stick to them. Baseball is a grind and the bettors know this. There are 162 games in a season and the bettors plan to make money. Whether or not they do, well that’s another story entirely.

Decide what kinds of lines you want to set, stick to it.

Remember: You can’t possibly please all of the people all of the time.

● Do your research, find out what the other guys are doing.

●Nobody is asking that you be a mirror image of the competition, you should find a niche that sets you apart from the competition.

● Baseball bettors love dime lines, if you are not offering them, you should be.

● If you are not offering them now, but want to keep what you have, then incorporate a dime line and keep the old system. Gamblers love options. If you have a .20 cent line, keep it but offer a dime line as well.

Now find the perfect PPH that will work with you. You pay them a price per head to make your clients happy, they owe you this peace of mind. A PPH is your brand, they speak for you and they build your reputation.

PPH Checklist—

●Does your PPH offer you the ability to set your own lines, and/or at a minimum, adjust them?

●Can you call your PPH provider from the United States and speak with a live agent, in English?

●Can your clients call your PPH Provider from the United States and speak to them in English?

●Does your PPH allow you enough space on the baseball menu to allow for several different baseball lines.

●Are the baseball lines jumbled and convoluted, are they hard to read?

There are certainly more than simply two baseball line types. The money line and the run line are by far the most popular, but you should be offering all of them.

● Totals

● Grand Salami’s

● First Halves

● Second Halves

●  Team Totals

● Team Prop Bets

● Player Prop Bets

The 2019 MLB season is young enough that you still have time to find a fantastic PPH that will serve the needs of your betting clients. Your clients will not look out for you, but you must look out for them. You must find the perfect PPH.