Making Money on Live In-Game Player Props

Live in-game player props are trending! They’re not only fun, they’re profitable when used right.

Live In-Game Player Props

Today’s dynamic online sports betting industry is using the latest technical innovations to add new and exciting ways to bet on all the games. Leading the way is the ability to wager on your favorite games after they have gotten underway.

A big aspect of betting live in-game player props has to do with the ever-changing point spreads, total lines and money line odds. These betting lines reflect what has taken place so far.

For example, if the Green Bay Packers were favored by three points ahead of Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. A touchdown drive on their opening possession could boost that spread to 10 points based on that early score.

Adjusted Stat Lines Throughout the Game

The other aspect of live betting has to do with the player performances themselves. If Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass on that opening drive. The prop bet odds for his total passing touchdowns in that game would also be adjusted.

The best way to approach any in-game player prop you decide to wager on is as an opportunity. You can increase betting value at offshore sportsbooks.

When the action on the field, court or ice is going your way, you have an opportunity to double down on that action. When the game is not going as expected, live in-game props give you the opportunity to hedge any previous bets you may have placed.

Hedge or Double-Down Your Bet

Going back to Rodgers and the Packers, that early score could signal a blowout on the day. Even is the spread widens or the OVER/UNDER on his touchdown throws goes up, doubling down on the betting action still offers value.

If you happened to bet on Minnesota in that game or the UNDER on Rodgers’ scoring throws. You can try and level out any potential losses with an additional hedge bet.

The whole idea of making money (or even saving money) betting live in-game player props at online books is about looking for betting opportunities. From the time a game gets underway right until the final seconds tick off the clock or the final out is made.

Live In-Game Player Props at Online Sportsbooks

Today’s top-rated online sports betting sites remain committed to enhancing your entire online sports betting experience. The days of just betting on the posted spread a few days before the games. Then recapping the results when the games go final are fading fast.

Betting action on spreads, totals and money lines for all the major sports are still driving weekly volume.

However, today’s savvy sports bettors are taking full advantage of everything online books have to offer. Especially when it comes to expanded leagues and a full lineup of available betting markets.

Win More Bets = Make More Money

The easiest way to make more money betting sports through live in-game player props options is to fully educate yourself on everything that is available on a regular basis.

If you are betting the moneyline in tonight’s big matchup in the NHL to add some excitement to the TV broadcast. Imagine how much excitement you can add with some prop bets on marquee players scoring a goal in that same game.

You could also go the other way if you bet the UNDER on the total line with a few corresponding player props for a hot goalie.

A key concept in sports betting these days is creating an immersive environment. It puts you right in the middle of all the action on the field, court or ice.