Offshore vs. US Sportsbook: Flexible Banking

Flexible banking doesn’t just make things easier. It helps to keep sportsbooks honest.

Offshore Sportsbook vs. US Sportsbook

Given the sheer number of online sports betting outlets in today’s marketplace, it has never been easier to wager on your favorite sports and sporting events. Maybe you are looking to bet an in-game parlay for the NBA playoffs. Or a Top 10 finish in professional golf’s next Major. There are ample ways to place a timely bet on a wide array of sports betting options.

The current online sports betting industry is broken down into two distinct segments. Offshore sportsbooks operating a global online betting platform would be considered the established means for placing a sports bet.

The network of US-based sportsbook operators is still rather new to the sports betting scene. Going back less than four years, they have set up shop in individual states such as New York and New Jersey in the East As well as Colorado and Arizona in the western part of the country.

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More Than Flexible Banking

The primary issue with US-based online sportsbooks is effective coverage. Offshore sportsbooks remain the only game in town in major sports betting markets. This includes states such as Florida, Texas and California.

Consistency is another major issue. With each individual state in the US market determining its own set of sports betting rules and regulations.

One of the biggest reasons why the offshore sportsbook industry captured such a large share of the US market was the built-in flexibility. Most offshore sportsbooks are fully licensed and regulated in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica. In turn, these operators have far more leeway to give sports betting customers exactly what they are looking for.

Increased Flexible Banking Online

A prime example of this high level of flexibility is online banking options. There are any number of ways to both fund an online sportsbook account as well as request withdrawals. A prime example is cryptocurrency options as a means for moving funds in and out of an account.

In just a few years, Bitcoin and other forms of crypto have become one of the most popular ways to bank online at offshore books.

Crypto has become a popular banking option

All the top-rated offshore betting sites operating their own online platform have gone out of their way to feature crypto as the preferred banking option.

The use of bitcoin and other cryptos at US-based online sportsbooks remains a work in progress. Currently there is no set timeline for implementation. Meanwhile, the added fees to move money in and out of a US-based online account continue to pile up.

Save on Fees & Earn More

Many traditional methods to make payments and request withdrawals come with added fees tied to transactions. This can add up over time to take a significant bite out of your sports betting balance.

Given today’s modern business practices and high level of online security. Moving money in and out of an online account using crypto has proven to be the safest, easiest and fastest banking option available.

Many of the highest rated offshore books have gone out of their way to heighten all three of those aspects. Through the use of a comprehensive online tutorial on banking with bitcoin and other cryptos. These same books will walk you through the entire process step by step.

Once you see for yourself just how safe, easy and fast it is to bank with crypto. You will be a customer for life.