Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks – Betting Convenience

Betting convenience is huge in this day and age. Sports betting in the US has become more and more popular with average fans. Due to this, the online sports betting marketplace has become extremely crowded with available betting sites.


Betting Convenience & Why It’s Important

It was not all that long ago when the only available online outlet for betting on sports in the US was through an offshore sportsbook running an online betting platform. A few years back after a change in federal law, US-based sportsbook operators set up shop on a state-by-state basis.

With two distinctly different sectors offering the exact same products and services, there are bound to be some significant differences between those original offshore books and their US-based counterparts.

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One of the biggest differences that immediately comes to mind is overall convenience. Offshore books operate 24/7 across every state in the US market. Legal issues aside, these sites are available to US players on a wide-scale basis.

Unenforceable Gaming Laws

Prior laws on the books dealt with the federal government’s attempt to restrict sports betting sites from operating on US soil. While some laws were aimed at offshore books, it quickly became obvious that they were completely unenforceable.

In today’s marketplace with US-based sportsbooks also catering to US players in designated states, convenience becomes an extremely important factor.

Suppose you live in Texas or California and you are looking to place a bet on the Cowboys or Rams’ upcoming football game. The most convenient way to place that bet is through an offshore global sportsbook’s online betting site or app.

In those two states, this is also the only way to get some action on those games outside of a private bookie. Offshore sportsbooks do not have to deal with the concept of geo tracking. If they accept sports bets from inside the US market, it does not matter where you are located when you choose to actually place that wager.

Betting Convenience – Placing a Wager Anywhere

Under the US sportsbook system for placing sports bets, a geo tracking device will determine if you are eligible. That hardly sounds like a convenient way to bet on sports in general.

This current system is not going to change anytime soon. The best offshore books are licensed and regulated by the country of their origin. For example, Costa Rica is the home base for some of the highest-rated offshore sportsbooks in the entire online sports betting industry.

Favorable business conditions in that jurisdiction give local books more than enough leeway to meet all of your sports betting needs.

US-based Sportsbooks Are VERY Limited

US-based books can only operate in states offering online sports betting.

Each book is licensed and regulated by each individual state where they choose to operate.

That is why you can bet on in-state college teams in Pennsylvania but not in New Jersey. If you were in the Garden State and looking to bet on Rutgers next home basketball game. You could always drive across the border into the Keystone State to place that bet.

These are the type of situations that make it far less convenient betting on sports through US-based online books. In fact, in certain states you can place sports bets at casinos with a retail sportsbook. However, you still cannot place a bet in that state from a mobile sportsbooks app.

Instead of trying to figure out what is allowed in the state where you live, your best bet is to open an online account. There are many offshore sportsbooks offering everything you are looking for through one convenient online betting account.