Online Sportsbook Prop Betting Strategy

Not that long ago, proposition bets at online sportsbooks were considered to be novelty wagers. Now you need to have a structured prop betting strategy.

There was a time that props were reserved for the biggest sports and sporting events. They were used as a way to boost the betting handle.


Growing Trend – Use a Prop Betting Strategy

These days, prop bets are serious business.

An almost endless list of prop options are available for every game in every major betting sport.

Supply is always driven by demand. More and more sports fans turn to props to add betting excitement for games daily. Popular online sportsbooks keep fueling that demand with more and more prop betting options.

One of the newest innovations in the online sports betting industry is a prop builder tool. This lets the bettor set the parameters around a prop they are looking to bet. The online book then sets the betting odds.

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One good way to work props into your overall betting strategy is by doubling down on any straight bets placed on the spread, total or money line.

Stacking Simple Wagers With Props

For example, if you bet the OVER on Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. You did this because you think Tom Brady is going to light things up. Then you should probably bet the OVER on his prop odds for total touchdown passes.

Even if you did not bet the actual Tampa Bay game, you can form your entire prop betting strategy around some game props.

One of the biggest driving forces behind individual game props is fantasy sports. Let’s say Brady happens to be the starting quarterback for your fantasy football team. Why not bet a few specific player props tied to his performance in this Sunday’s game?

Prop Betting Strategy – Use Your Fantasy Research

If you do spend quite a bit of time and effort on any fantasy league, this can actually act as a handicapping tool for any upcoming bets. Once you set your NFL fantasy lineup, you can then go to your favorite online sportsbook to bet on individual player props for that week’s games.

The closer you get to the start of a game, the more options for player props are posted on the board. As mentioned, you can turn to an offshore gambling site with the prop builder option and handpick the player props you are looking to bet.

The best sports betting strategy is one that is also diverse. It is hard to make money betting games against the spread, on the total line or through a straight-up money line wager. If your team gets off to a poor start, you could be dead in the water before halftime.

Betting Team and Player Props

By betting team and player props, the added diversity can act as a boost to your winning probability.

Even lousy NFL teams can score quite a few garbage points when a game’s score is already out of hand. Scoring props, game props and player props can still pay off even if there is no way your team is going to win SU or even cover the spread.

The best starting point for developing a winning prop betting strategy is to first educate yourself as to which options are available. You can pick out a few aspects of the games that interest you the most.

Quite a bit of action centers on scoring props. Which team scores first and which team scores last are popular scoring prop options.

Player props are probably the biggest market for all the most popular betting sports. This relates directly to the overall popularity of playing fantasy leagues.