Shop for Best Betting Lines at America’s Bookie

It is important that you always shop for best betting lines. Too many recreational sports bettors have a bad habit of betting the games at just one online sportsbook. In fact, they get too settled in at that one online sportsbook when it comes to the actual betting lines for the games.

Line Shopping – Best Betting Strategy

Millions of dollars can change hands on one single game when it comes to a half point difference in the point spread or total line. Saving $5 or $10 on a money line loss or gaining an extra $5 or $10 on a money line win can add up to be quite a bit of money over the course of an entire season.

In order to earn the best possible return on investment when betting on sports, you need to look for ways to gain an edge. Shopping your betting lines is one of the best ways to add that edge to your entire sports betting strategy.

That is why more and more savvy US players have turned to America’s Bookie online sportsbook. Based in Costa Rica, this global online sportsbook has been catering to US sports bettors for more than a decade. They have a depth of betting markets to satisfy every bettor.

Staying true to its mission, America’s Bookie is committed to making your entire online sports betting experience both safe and enjoyable. That is why this top-rated betting site has become known as “America’s Most Trusted Sports Bookie.”

Shop for Best Betting Lines – Money Line Odds

While America’s Bookie is global in both its scale and reach, competitive betting lines for every major US betting sport and sporting event is what separates this board apart from the competition. This does not even include all the daily specials, parlay boosters and reduced juice betting options offered on a regular basis.

From straight bets on a game’s point spread to dynamic betting lines that continually update themselves during live games, America’s Bookie offers the most competitive betting options in today’s online sports betting marketplace.

Shop for Best Betting Lines

With today’s advances in online sports betting technology along with highly sophisticated software solutions, it has never been easier to shop for the best betting lines. There are any number of popular betting sites that post a comparison across several online betting sites.

If Book A is offering -135 odds on the favorite in a money line bet, nine times out of 10, America’s Bookie with have odds of -130 or even -125. The same comparison holds true for betting money line underdogs. If you can get +115 odds at Book A or Book B, you can probably place that same bet at +120 or +125 odds at America’s Bookie.

Shopping for Lower Juice at America’s Bookie

As far as betting a game’s point spread or total line, you can often find lower juice at America’s Bookie for betting one way against the other. When you shop for best betting lines, choosing a smaller sportsbook is a good strategy. Their lines can differ because many small shops have a base of players from one demographic.

For example, most online books are charging 10% juice for betting either side of matchup using a spread or the OVER or UNDER on a total line.

Using America’s Bookie betting board for point spreads and totals, you might be able to bet one side at -105 or +100 even money. Once again, saving $5 or $10 in commission charged on a losing wager can add up to be quite a bit of money over the entire course of the season.