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How to pick the best offshore sportsbook

Sports betting is big these days driven by an explosion of betting options at online sportsbooks. Whether you reside in the United States or somewhere across the globe, fast and easy access to an online betting venue is just a click away.

Finding the best online sportsbook can be a challenge. It is our goal to ease the burden of the process and bring you the very best. There are many options available on the internet today and choosing the right one is not only challenging, it’s daunting. Smart Bettors Use Two or Three Sportsbooks.

Top 5 Sports Betting Sites

America’s Bookie – Trusted by Sports Bettors Since 2004

100% up to $3000

Americas Bookie feature image

America’s Favorite Sports Bookie

Establishing themselves as a top-player in the online gambling world, America’s Bookie has been offering the best perks in the business since they started in 2005. Focusing on their commitment to providing a safe and profitable place for their customers to gamble, their casinos, sportsbook, live betting and racebook offer more options than most. In addition to being known for having the quickest payouts


  • 100% Sign Up bonus
  • Monthly Gamblers Insurance
  • FREE Sports Contests
  • Great Rewards Program


  • Easy Deposit Methods
  • Crypto Friendly
  • FAST and FREE Payouts Options
  • CON – No Credit Cards Allowed


  • US Customers Welcome
  • 17 Years Online
  • Live and Dynamic Betting
  • Friendly Customer Support
Intertops – One of the most renowned sportsbooks

100% up to $200

intertops screenshot

Long-time established Sportsbook

Established in1996, Intertops is one of the top sportsbook offering betting lines for all the major sports. Large betting menu in sports horses and casino. Great customer service. Whether it’s over the phone or live chat, you can usually connect instantly. The company is one of the few sportsbooks to offer live support via Skype, where their expert staff can easily walk you through whatever issues arise.


  • $200 Sign Up Bonus
  • Casino Bonus 125%
  • 35% Friend Referrals


  • Credit Card Friendly
  • Multiple Currencies
  • CON – LOW payout LIMIT
  • CON – Payouts can be SLOW


  • Live Sports Betting
  • 25 Years In Business
  • Superb mobile platform
  • Service Hours: 24/7
BetAnySports more betting options than most sportsbooks

50% up to $1000

Bet Any Sports Screenshot

Reduced Juice / Vig Options

They keep it simple, clear-cut and to the point. Organized, well put together and an outstanding presentation are just some of the attributes of this great bookmaker. They love their clients and it shows with state of the art player security and very good wagering options. They offer all of the major sports and along with them, great player contests’ and bonuses.


  • 35% Free-Play Bonus
  • Casino Rebate Program
  • 15% rebate 3 times a year
  • loyalty Rewards


  • FREE monthly withdrawal
  • Credit Cards Welcome
  • Cryto Welcome
  • Max Payout $10000


  • Reduced Juice Options
  • Prop Builder
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Live Sports Betting
1VICE – Quick and easy payout and deposit options

100% up to $2500

1vice feature image

Amazing Betting Options at 1Vice

Established in 2012 and they have quickly become a top of the line bookie as a mid-major. The managing partners have been in the business since the 1990s and they helped pioneer the software that is the driving force behind this fantastic online sportsbook. The user interface is smooth and hiccup-free with a fantastic wagering platform that offers a wide variety of daily sporting events and futures.


  • 100% Sign Up Bonus
  • FREE Weekly Contests
  • $50 Verification Bonus
  • 10% Gamblers Insurance


  • BTC Welcome
  • Fast and easy Deposits
  • FREE Payouts
  • CON – No Credit Cards


  • Rewards Program
  • Sports Pools
  • Dynamic Live Betting
  • 5% Horse rebate
BET a GAME Offering exemplary customer service

100% up to $1000

betagame ag screenshot

Quickest payouts in the business

The bottom-line is this online sportsbook has an outstanding reputation. Deposit bonuses, contests, and referral bonuses, are just a few of the extras you will get with them. With a commitment to providing a safe and fair place to bet, the homepage provides easy to follow rules, payout structure, and advice to help you get the most out of what they have to offer.


  • Up to $500 Welcome Bonus
  • Sports Contest
  • 100% Reload Bonus
  • Reduced Vig Available


  • Crypto Welcome
  • Same Day Payouts
  • Easy Deposit Methods
  • CON – No Credit Cards


  • LIVE Casino
  • Great Customer Support
  • US Customers Welcome
  • 5 years Online

Where to start your search for the right sportsbook for you.

A quick Google search will reveal that online sportsbooks are a dime a dozen, they are literally on every corner, nook, and cranny of the internet. Many of these sportsbooks come with longstanding reputations for honesty, quick payouts, fair business practice, great bonuses, and fantastic wagering options.

For as many fantastic online sportsbooks as there are on the internet, there are equally as many bad ones. When conducting an organic Google search, one must have a basic understanding of the subject matter at hand.

What Makes an Online Sportsbook a Top-Rated Site?

If you do not have a basic understanding of what makes a sportsbook worthy of your time, and what makes a sportsbook “great”, then you must do your research first. You must know what you are looking for before looking, or the entire process will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We are here to help you understand what makes a sportsbook good or bad, useful or not worthy of your time.

  1. Reviews are worth your time.
    • You will find that many review sites exist on the internet. These reviews are usually from real gamblers that understand what fellow gamblers want in a sportsbook
    • Gamblers are gamblers and that means they often venture from one gaming genre to another. Not only are they looking for a great sportsbook, but a great online casino and racebook as well.
    • Review sites will tell you what benefits that one sportsbook features over another, and what sportsbooks offer all the bells and whistles. They will also tell you some sportsbooks are “no-frill” but they are honest and offer fast payouts. Maybe you are a gambler that wants “basic”, the review sites will steer you in the right direction.
  2. Sports gamblers should be looking for a few necessities when it comes to choosing an online bookie
    • Fast Payouts: Close to every gambler is gambling for a reason, and that reason is to make money. One can make money all day long and be the luckiest gambler on the planet but if his sportsbook is slow to pay, they find excuses or there are hidden elements that the gambler failed to realize – this is the number one turnoff, and the number one complaint from consumers.  Make sure that you read your reviews and listen to other gamblers that know about the sportsbook you are thinking of depositing with.
    • Sharp lines and odds: A half a point here or a half a point there can mean the difference between tearing up or cashing a bet slip. The last thing you want to do is get hooked and then realize that another bookmaker was offering the same line for a point or half of a point, less. No, matter how you prefer to bet, the spread, money lines, totals, parlays, teasers, or props, you must have a sportsbook that offers competitive lines and odds.
    • Fair and honest bonuses: If you are serious about earning a great deal of money over time, then you should take a bonus. Often, you may hear that sportsbook bonuses are a trap or not worth your time because they bury you in rollover or playthrough that’s unattainable. Some online sportsbooks operate in this manner and you want to stay clear of them.
    • Ask your potential online bookie about their bonus plans, ask them how they are calculated, and ask for bonuses that are sport-specific. The best sportsbooks offer a bonus for the NBA, MLB, the NFL, and the NHL. Also, make sure you ask them how and when you can become “payout eligible”. If they are unwilling to explain this process or how their bonus structure works, then move on to the next offshore sportsbook. There are too many great ones to put up with nonsense.
    • A wide variety of sports: If you are looking for a great online sportsbook, this means you are a sports gambler at heart and sports gamblers love to bet on everything. Do your due diligence and make sure the sportsbook that you are thinking of depositing with offers a wide variety of sports.  Are they offering sports beyond the “big 4”? If they are not, then think twice, you will probably not be happy in the long run.
    • A large wagering menu: Do they offer every kind of bet known to man and then some? If you are like most bettors, then you certainly like to find every possible bet that can potentially earn you money. You want more than the spread, totals, and money line; you want parlays, teasers, super teasers, reverse action, game props, player props, live lines, in-game play, dynamic lines, squares, lottery, pull tabs, and much more.
    • A clear and concise web page that makes wagering quick and easy: You want in, you want out. You are not there for the frills or the gadgetry, but you are there for the expansive wagering menu, and the ease of use to bet from that menu.
    • Easy Deposits: Nobody wants to run across town for half the day trying to get the money in. You are busy, you have a life and you want to get your bets in as quickly as possible. Look for an online bookie that has a wide variety of deposit options and ones that are quick and hassle-free.
  3. Having more than one sportsbook is a necessity for any serious sports gambler. 
    • When gamblers gamble, they take a calculated risk with every bet they place. Sports gamblers should always have a great backup plan and the only plan that fits that billing is having more than a few, online bookmakers.
    • Every gambler faces loss, however, if you have several great bookies in your back pocket, you are giving yourself a chance to earn your money back in troubled times. That one bad game is going to come along and if you have other bookmakers in place with money in the account, you have a chance to hedge, as well as a chance to find better odds on the event or game.

Finding a great sportsbook is vital to your sports gambling success. What you must do is get two or three, then eventually a handful of fantastic, top-notch, bookmakers that come with a stellar reputation for ‘no argument’ payouts, sharp lines and odds, a huge wagering menu, and an easy way to make deposits. You will have fun gambling on sports if you have the right sportsbook, and you will earn more income.