Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

These are the top Super Bowl betting mistakes.

Key Points

– Most Super Bowl betting mistakes are the result of information released by the media.

– Bettors shouldn’t believe everything they hear leading up to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

As soon as the conference championship games are over, the Super Bowl frenzy begins. It turns into an almost uncontrollable craziness. Media day is one of those absolutely crazy days where reputable journalists sit down with players from both teams. 

Media day reveals a number of things to Super Bowl fans, football fans, and bettors alike. It used to be that the information revealed after Super Bowl media day was very helpful to bettors as they prepared to place their bets. That’s not really the case anymore.

In reality, there are now many more opportunities for a bettor to lose money and be deceived by the media. Gaining valuable information from the sports media prior to the Super Bowl just doesn’t happen that often anymore.  Here are five critical Super Bowl betting mistakes that you should be aware of before wagering on this year’s game.  


Same Info Over Again

As soon as the press and all of the networks begin their Super Bowl coverage, there are a number of items that you will hear over and over. One media source jumps on a story, and then the entire media is on it. 

It’s easy for anyone to assume that something must be really important if you hear it so frequently. However, this is often not the case. The reason you hear about the same issue over and over again – remember Joe Burrow’s small hands? – is because everyone in the media keeps asking about it.  Too many media representatives don’t have a lot of uniqueness or innovation. They end up asking what amounts to the same question in a different way. The result is the same information over and over.

The most widespread news or perspectives on the game are likely to be the most significant. Sports bettors must be impartial and thoroughly assess if anything they hear is relevant and important before making betting decisions.

Jedi Mind Tricks & Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

Injuries are probably the one thing that has the biggest impact on betting the Super Bowl. Teams are required by the league to submit injury reports and cannot withhold information about the health of their players.

What coaches can do though is provide disinformation to throw off their opponents. A player may be listed on the injury report as questionable. The team may have the player sit out a number of practices. During the week’s media sessions, the head coach gives off a vibe like the player is worse off than was thought. 

NFL teams won’t give up information that will provide their rivals with anything to take away from or use as motivation. What that means is that you should be skeptical of anything you hear from the media in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. 

One of the easiest Super Bowl betting mistakes to make is simply believing everything you hear from the sports media. It doesn’t mean you should ignore anything that players or coaches say, but you need to avoid these habits of the losing sports bettor.

Super Bowl Betting Mistakes – Hype

Another of the easy Super Bowl betting mistakes is buying into the hype. There will undoubtedly be something that most every media source is hyping up before the big game. It could be that the media will become extremely enthused about certain players. It might be a certain narrative or some sort of human interest. 

Whatever it is, the media gets overly excited about it. The betting public then follows suit. The public loves the hype and they will believe it. With all the hype and the public believing the hype, it’s really easy for the average bettor to believe everything that is being said by the media. 

Too often, hype is not genuine. Other times when it may be true, it’s just not as significant as we are being made to believe. Everything that you see and hear in the two weeks before the Super Bowl should be approached as if you are a professional sports bettor. Do the research to find out if all the hype is justified. 

Lack of Meaningful Information

In today’s information age, there really isn’t much that we don’t know. Big line moves are still a big deal, but bettors can get that information relatively easily. We often have too much information and don’t know what to do with it all. It’s probably safe to assume that the sports media, after the first few days of coverage, will not learn anything new. 

There might be some interesting background information about players or coaches. There will probably be some cool soundbites and there might be something new about a past playoff game and how it might affect the Super Bowl.

Truly meaningful information, like that about a game plan, player health, opponent concerns, and other topics usually doesn’t come up. Players and coaches do not reveal this information so pundits can only speculate. One of the Super Bowl betting mistakes often made is speculating on information that cannot be verified. 

Plenty of Misleading Information

Most of the information that comes out as a result of Super Bowl media day and all the coverage leading up to the game doesn’t offer much in the way of insightful information. It does, however, offer several opportunities to mislead or confuse bettors. 

To avoid making Super Bowl betting mistakes, it is advised that you have your betting decision ready to go as early as possible. It’s probably best to have your position in place prior to the Super Bowl’s media day. Bettors can sort through what they learn on media and determine if any of the information would affect the final decision.

Bettors that do their handicapping in advance can avoid these easy Super Bowl betting mistakes. They can avoid being misled by all the hoopla in the days leading up to the big game.