US vs Offshore Sportsbooks Originality

Looking at US vs Offshore Sportsbooks originality is a must if you want the most out of your gaming experience. The dynamics of the sports betting industry in the US market have changed dramatically over the past few years. Once individual states got into the game through US-based sportsbooks, the market has been splintered due to so many new players.

Massive conglomerates like Fan Duel and Draft Kings might not want to admit it, but online sportsbooks are superior.

Originality of US vs Offshore Sportsbooks

The most popular US books got their start as daily fantasy sports sites. A few of the other big players can trace their roots to the casino and sportsbook industry in Las Vegas.

The one consistent aspect of the offshore sports betting industry is their original commitment to expanding their market presence through an online sports betting platform. These were the original online books that were always committed to enhancing the online sports betting experience.

This high level of originality remains present today in an offshore book’s approach to the US market. Some of these books have more than two decades of experience in the sports betting industry. Just about every top-rated book from locals such as Costa Rica have been catering to US players for more than a decade.

The main sports betting entities in the US are still trying to establish their particular niche in the marketplace. Unfortunately, one online betting site or mobile betting app looks just like the other. If you blocked out the brand name on these sites, it would be hard to tell them apart.

Compare What Offshore Books Offer – Promos

If you are looking for a definitive example of originality in the online sports betting industry, visit the betting sites for the top-rated offshore books and then compare what they have to offer with their US counterparts.

One glaring difference is the lineup of promotional offers. The level of diversity among offshore books is at an all-time high. You can pick and choose the promotions and bonus offers that best meet your individual sports betting tendencies, habits and traits.

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The promotional offers at US-based books tend to mirror one another. If a promotional offer at one US book does not fit your betting strategy, there is a good chance that the next five sites you visit will follow suit.

US vs Offshore Sportsbooks Originality – Personality

That is not the fault of the emerging US sports betting industry. As fairly new betting sites, they have yet to develop an original personality that has come to define the offshore sports betting industry. 

Savvy US players understand the personality of each highly-rated offshore book. Some cater to high rollers with elevated betting limits while others gear their products and services to recreational bettors.

It is easy to find an offshore sportsbook that best meets your betting needs because it is easy to see what makes them stand out in the marketplace. Each book has developed its own original approach to marketing itself to US sports bettors.

The biggest US books are only interested in building and expanding their overall customer base. They are too new to the industry to differentiate themselves from other US competition. These books rely on a heavy advertising budget and brand ambassadors to drive membership. That all costs money which comes right off the bottom line.

Today’s offshore sports betting industry knows exactly where it stands in the industry. As opposed to deep pockets for marketing and advertising their brand, they reward US bettors with competitive betting odds, timely payouts and an expanded betting board filled with multiple leagues and multiple betting markets.

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