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Flexible banking doesn’t just make things easier. It helps to keep sportsbooks honest. Offshore Sportsbook vs. US Sportsbook Given the sheer number of online sports betting outlets in today’s marketplace, it has never been easier to wager on your favorite sports and sporting events. Maybe you are looking to bet an in-game parlay for the NBA playoffs. Or a Top 10 finish in professional golf’s next Major. There are ample ways to place a timely bet on a wide array of sports betting options. The current online sports betting industry is broken down into two distinct segments. Offshore sportsbooks operating a global online betting platform would be considered the established means for placing a sports bet. The network of US-based sportsbook operators is still rather new to the sports betting scene. Going back less than four years, they have set up shop in individual states such as New York and New Jersey in the East As well as Colorado and Arizona in the western part of the country. Hey hockey fans! Check out early NHL Postseason betting trends. More Than Flexible Banking The primary issue with US-based online sportsbooks is effective coverage. Offshore sportsbooks remain the only game in town in major sports betting markets. This includes states such as Florida, Texas and California. Consistency is another major issue. With each individual state in the US market determining its own set of sports betting rules and regulations. One of the biggest reasons why the offshore sportsbook industry captured such a large share of the US market was the built-in flexibility. Most offshore sportsbooks are fully licensed and regulated in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica. In turn, these operators have far more leeway to give sports betting customers exactly what they are looking for. Increased Flexible Banking Online A prime example of this high level of flexibility is online banking options. There are any number of ways to both fund an online sportsbook account as well as request withdrawals. A prime example is cryptocurrency options as a means for moving funds in and out of an account. In just a few years, Bitcoin and other forms of crypto have become one of the most popular ways to bank online at offshore books. Crypto has become a popular banking option All the top-rated offshore betting sites operating their own online platform have gone out of their way to feature crypto as the preferred banking option. The use of bitcoin and other cryptos at US-based online sportsbooks remains a work in progress. Currently there is no set timeline for implementation. Meanwhile, the added fees to move money in and out of a US-based online account continue to pile up. Save on Fees & Earn More Many traditional methods to make payments and request withdrawals come with added fees tied to transactions. This can add up over time to take a significant bite out of your sports betting balance. Given today’s modern business practices and high level of online security. Moving money in and out of an online account using crypto has proven to be the safest, easiest and fastest banking option available. Many of the highest rated offshore books have gone out of their way to heighten all three of those aspects. Through the use of a comprehensive online tutorial on banking with bitcoin and other cryptos. These same books will walk you through the entire process step by step. Once you see for yourself just how safe, easy and fast it is to bank with crypto. You will be a customer for life.

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Some early NHL postseason betting trends are showing up. And it’s time to profit from them. Early NHL Postseason Betting Trends The NHL playoffs got underway with the calendar turning the page to the month of May. Through one week of action, smarter bettors are already paying close attention to the early NHL postseason betting trends. Some are cashing in on some big winning plays at their favorite online sportsbooks. There are eight different best-of-seven matchups in the opening round of this season’s NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Through the first 28 games of play, the home team has won 58.3% of the time. The winning rate for the favorite in those games is also 58.3%. Early scoring has been through the roof with 62.5% of the games going OVER the closing total line. Only one NHL playoff contest has been decided in overtime with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their series opener against the New York Rangers in the third overtime period. Before we move on, did you get a wager in on the Kentucky Derby? Get ready for the next leg of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing. Check out betting head-to-head horse racing matchups. Mostly Tight Playoff Matchups Play remains tight heading into Monday night’s four Game 4 matchups. Four of the series are knotted at two games apiece with a crucial Game 5 tilt set for Tuesday night. With the exception of the Colorado Avalanche’s 3-0 series lead against Nashville. The other seven series are too close to call. The two trends that stand out the most from the early postseason action in the NHL is the higher scoring and blowout games. Betting the OVER definitely offers some added value along with getting a more favorable price on the favorite betting a NHL three-way line. With only one game tied at the end of regulation, overtime has not been a factor through the first seven days of action. Jump on Early NHL Postseason Betting Trends Everything could turn on a dime given the unpredictable nature of playoff hockey. But riding the early trends still makes sense until they do. Hockey oddsmakers have already adjusted the betting lines accordingly. Heading into Monday night’s games, the road team is favored across the board on the opening money line. The total for those four games is set at six or higher for three of the four contests. Scoring is up in the NHL Playoffs A total of 28 goals were scored in Sunday’s four games with seven or more goals scored in three of the four matchups. Going back to Saturday’s action, that total added up to 34 goals with six or more goals scored in all four contests. That is a trend that is just too hard to ignore. OVER Providing Solid Value Even if the scoring dies down a bit early in the week. Betting the OVER could continue to add value as each of these eight series wear on. Of all NHL postseason betting trends, this one has offered huge value. Checking the adjusted series price odds, everything has tightened up given just how close these opening round matchups have been. With the exception of Colorado as a prohibitive favorite to close out Nashville, you can also find some solid betting value in those adjusted series odds. Moving on to the adjusted NHL futures, the Avalanche remain the clear favorites to win this season’s Stanley Cup title at +250 odds. The two best value bets on the board could be the Tampa Bay Lightning at +1200 out of the Eastern Conference and the Minnesota Wild out of the West at +1400.  The main takeaway from these early results is the overall excitement of NHL playoff hockey. The unpredictable nature of these games offers the ultimate test when it comes to your NHL playoffs handicapping skills.

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Head-to-Head horse racing matchups are a great way to supplement your pony picks. Triple Crown of Horse Racing One of the biggest sports betting events of the year is the annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Open to the best three-year old Thoroughbred race horses, the first Saturday in May becomes a special time of the year in Louisville. The entire live card of horse racing at Churchill Downs on Derby Day is filled with major graded events with major prize purses in place. The money paid out for the Kentucky Derby alone is set at $3 million. All told, there are seven graded events on the card with more than $8 million up for grabs. The Kentucky Derby may be the biggest single-day horse betting event of the year. However, this race is just one of the many annual events that attract quite a bit of action. Action from both avid sports betting fans and new ones. HEY BOOKIES! IS YOUR PAY PER HEAD BETTING BOARD MAXIMIZING OPPORTUNITY? Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups at Your Racebook Today’s best online sportsbooks also offer the means to bet on horse racing through a separate, dedicated racebook. You will have full access to every race on a track’s live card using actual pari-mutuel track odds. Given the comprehensive nature of a sportsbook’s online racebook. You will have access to any track running a daily card. This includes all of North America as well as racing hot spots in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Dubai. If you are looking to diversify your handicapping strategy for horse racing’s biggest events of the year. These same sportsbooks will expand their available betting markets with added fixed odds options. Fixed Odds at the Kentucky Derby The most common fixed odds horse betting option are posted futures for major graded events. For example, you can bet on any of the 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby field at a fixed-odds price to win. Your odds are locked in when the bet is actually placed. A horse’s actual odds at post time of that race do not factor into your bet. One of the most exciting ways to bet on horse racing through the sports betting board at your favorite online book is using the fixed odds covering individual head-to-head matchups. America\’s Bookie has a huge selection of bets If you decide to go chalk on the favorite against the next horse in the field at the best odds. Your choice does not have to win that race or even finish in the top 3 to pay off a winning play. That horse only has to finish that race in a better position than the other entry they were pitted against. Why Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups Head-to-Head horse racing matchups odds are a great way to find the best betting value in the numbers. These types of bets use money line odds to distinguish the favorite from the underdog. There is a higher risk for betting the favorite and a higher return for betting on the underdog. The true value in betting head-to-head matchups is the unpredictable nature of horse racing in general. Even-money favorites lose everyday while horses with heavy odds come out of nowhere to upset the field. Add in the fact that up to 20 entries compete in the Kentucky Derby each year. This sets up a world of opportunity to bet this race using head-to-head matchup odds. The bigger the race, the bigger selection of fixed odds options. With major graded events on the board almost every weekend of the year, you can always find some added action for head-to-head horse racing matchups. Are you lost and asking yourself how the heck do I bet on horses? Check out HOW TO BET ON HORSES.


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Different Sides of the Sports Betting World

Bob Dylan said it back in the 60’s…“The times they are a changin’”. Well, the same can be said for sports betting in the year 2018. If you haven’t heard, back in May, the Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting. With that in mind, let’s get more familiar with this huge industry and look at three different sides of the sports betting world.

According to, the global gambling market, which also includes lotteries, casinos, poker and other gaming, grosses more than 400 billion US dollars per year. Of that $400B, sports betting makes up anywhere from 30-40% of it. The same site conducted a survey, and came up with the fact that almost 50% of people in the Unites States 18 years and older have placed a bet on a sporting event at least once in their life. So it is evident that sports betting is a HUGE business.

While you may know the basics of this global industry, what do you know about Pay Per Head services? How about pick services? What about if you are new to betting, but want to place a wager, do you know what to look for when choosing the right online sportsbook? Read on, and I will help educate you on these three topics.

You might ask, what the heck is a Pay Per Head service? Let me explain it for you. PPH is an online service for someone who takes bets, better known as a bookie, or an “agent” as they are called in the biz. This service will help an agent run their business in a coordinated manner, at the same time giving their clients a vast array of betting options.

Gone are the days when a bookie writes everything on paper and has to do his own accounting. A PPH service takes care of all that. The bookie will get the security, technology and software, including lines and odds without having to open up their own sportsbook, which obviously is a huge in devour.

The Pay Per Head comes into play because the agent is charged a set fee for every bettor that places a bet that week; they are charged a “per head” fee for the service.

There is a lot to know about these services, as there are a lot of them available, but I won’t go into the in’s and out’s and/or the pro’s and con’s in this article. However, a while back I wrote a piece titled, Taking Your Bookie Business Offshore | PPH Pros and Cons. Go take a look.

For one reason or another you may consider using a sports betting pick service. Bettors use these services to gain an edge, in turn putting more W’s in the win/loss column. You may choose to use these because you’re a beginner or because you’re sick of losing. Whatever the case, you have to be very careful when choosing one.

A pick service is a handicapper or a group of handicappers that sell their picks, and let me tell you, there are A LOT of them. I put them in the same category as a stockbroker, except they aid you in betting on a sporting event rather than providing information where you should put your money in the stock market.

Like stockbrokers, some of these guys are scammers. I went deeper into this when I wrote about how to find a trustworthy pick service, but to summarize, some handicappers don’t know their head from their a$$, while others will try to move a line to benefit themselves.

Some things to watch out for is a site that verifies their winning percentage, large marketing budgets and cost, but you can read more about those in the aforementioned article.

If you do want to start wagering on sports or simply want a different avenue to place bets, the first step is to find the right sportsbook for you. Like PPH and pick services, the options are a plenty. While most are legit, there are also a lot that are not, and you have to be very careful before sending money their way.

There is a lot of information to be found on this subject around the web, including multiple sportsbook review sites, but be aware that some of these sites are run by actual sportsbooks, and can have a biased opinion. For me, the best way to choose a sportsbook is to talk to people that have actually used them, and get first-hand information.

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a book is do they pay. We all want to get paid when we win, and when you struggle to get paid, it’s not something you want to be a part of.

A couple other considerations include the betting options available. For example, do they offer teasers, first and second half lines and live betting? Do they have an online casino and racebook? How about a great mobile interface? All these things must be considered. Like the other two topics, I also went in-depth on Things to Look For When Choosing an Online Sportsbook that you might want to take a look at.

So that does it for today. I hope this was a good introduction into a few different facets of the sports betting industry. There is a lot more to know and learn, and be sure to watch out for more interesting articles on these topics and more in the near future. Good luck with your bets!