2020 NBA Playoff Betting Tips

The NBA is one of the hardest sports to beat when betting. However, beating the NBA during the playoffs is even more challenging. NBA Playoff betting is fun and exhilarating.

While that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be betting on the NBA playoffs. It’s essential to understand that the NBA can be beat, and the playoffs can be beaten as well.

So how does one beat what might well be one of the most challenging sports in what is a historically volatile period of time?


Keep these tips in mind, and there is no doubt that you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of the NBA and crush your wagers.

Favorites are Crushing

So far, in the bubble, favorites are owning their respective series, and Smarter Bettors have been all over them. The Heat (favored) swept the Pacers, covering in three of four games. The Trail Blazers, who were dogs in only one game, have been eviscerated in every game following Game 1.

The Bucks have covered three games in a row after dropping Game 1. The Celtics covered three out of four games in their series win over the 76ers. Also, the defending champion Raptors annihilated the Nets in four games.


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The Jazz-Nuggets, Clippers vs. Mavericks, and Rockets vs. Thunder series have been much more competitive. The notion of simply zig-zagging game to game (betting the opposite side each consecutive game) is not in play for anyone trying to make a profit. This makes it challenging for most folks that are used to riding “sharp” teams otherwise getting crushed.

The rate at which favorites are covering in the bubble is 53%. This is almost a winning percentage, especially if you are more selective, avoiding the closely set series mentioned above.

Rather than “overthinking” the platforms, you need to be a little “square” with your wagers. This may be a chalky playoffs compared to last season when the underdog Raptors went on a historic run. It’s important to keep your head on a swivel when you’re talking about NBA Playoff betting.

Especially that we’re wagering on games in the bubble, don’t count out that fatigue and injuries are far less significant as teams don’t have to worry about fatigue or the wear and tear of cross-country travel schedules.

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Overs are Plentiful

Similar to favorites, overs are being crushed at a steady pace. Games in the bubble are going over at a 55% percent pace, which means that if you blindly bet every single over at a 10 cent line, you would be making a profit. There are some things you must remember before you start betting the NBA.

While some speculated that the bubble may be awkward or unfamiliar for new players, the truth is, those individuals (including this author) were dead wrong. Players have stated that they are seeing the rim better because it’s a darkened arena, there are no fans, and they feel more rested than if they had been required to travel across the country.

While it obviously remains to be seen if these trends hold out throughout the rest of the playoffs, in the short term, when trends are moving in a certain direction, the momentum tends to carry itself.

Keep betting favorites and overs, and there is no doubt that you’ll be able to walk away from the 2020 NBA playoffs and NBA Playoff betting with a little more money in your pocket.