3 Benefits of Buying College Bowl Picks

Are you thinking about buying college bowl game picks? It’s not too late, and we’ll talk about what you need to look for.

This year’s college bowl season gets underway with 1 games on Friday, Dec. 17. After those two games, it runs all the way to this year’s national championship showdown on Monday, Jan. 10.

All told, sports bettors will have more than 40 different opportunities to cash a few winners at their favorite online sportsbook.

Buying College Bowl Game Picks

Heading into postseason play, now is the perfect time to summarize and quantify your sports betting results for college football. Take a look back over the previous three and a half months.

Look at top College football handicappers like Matt Fargo and Tony Karpinksi at Action Sports Picks. They hit 58% and 62%, respectively on their NCAAF premium picks. That’s a profit of well over $6000 for both.

If you have generated a positive return on investment with your graded wagers, they staying the course over the next few weeks with your own picks remains a viable college bowl betting strategy.

If you are in the red with your own handicapping efforts for college football, the limited bowl schedule presents an excellent opportunity to reverse your fortunes with a college bowl selection package from a pro.

Testing the Waters Buying Pro Selections

Buying a college football bowl selection package can be the perfect way to test the waters if you are brand new to working with the pros. Too many avid sports bettors are creatures of habit even if those same habits are providing poor results.

Even if you are not a high volume player, there are economical ways to boost your winning percentage on your sports betting efforts. You can always try and improve your own handicapping efforts but that is usually a hit or miss proposition.

Pro selections can also be hit or miss but they give you a far better chance to earn a positive return on investment even with the added cost of buying the picks.


Limited Financial Exposure – Buying College Bowl Game Picks

As long as the upfront cost of buying a college football bowl game selection package is reasonable, your financial exposure with a limited package of picks by a pro is very manageable.

You still need to be committed to betting every game selection at the recommended unit play. However, by lowering the amount of your betting unit, you can make the numbers work.

The first step is to factor out the actual cost of the college bowl game selection package. Using the rest of your discretionary betting funds, you can come up with a working unit play. Certain pro handicappers will let you know upfront how many picks are included to help fine-tune the numbers.

Bigger Upside for Financial Gains

The average pro is looking to win two out of every three picks they release. This equates to a 66% winning percentage and an excellent return on investment. In reality, a pro with a winning percentage between 55% and 60% will still produce some solid financial gains.

The break-even point for sports bets using the standard 10% commission or juice is 52.4%. This sounds easy enough to achieve. Yet, in reality it can be very difficult to accomplish over an extended period of time.

Given a specific sporting event like the college football bowl season, it can be next to impossible to break even given all the different variables that are involved in these matchups. Sometimes, you need to get out of your own way and let someone who actually knows how to break down these games take over the reins.