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How to bet Tennis?How to bet Tennis?

How to bet Tennis?

Tennis is not as popular to bet on in the United States as it is in Europe; however, the popularity of this sport in the States is growing, and not just because of all the hot Russian players like Maria Sharapova. There’s money to be made at tennis but if you want to make some […]

How to bet NASCAR?How to bet NASCAR?

How to bet NASCAR?

NASCAR has become one of the most popular sports to watch on TV or attend in person in the U.S. It has grown all over the country as new tracks are being built all the time. Nowadays NASCAR runs from February until November and the popularity of the sport has transcended into sports gambling, where […]

How to bet GolfHow to bet Golf

How to bet Golf

Golf has evolved into a popular sport to bet on because it is easy to understand and any fan is able to find a way to use their love of the game to make a smart betting decision. Golf tournaments take place almost every week, giving golf bettors exciting opportunities to wager. The market to […]

How to bet on Football?How to bet on Football?

How to bet on Football?

Football is the most popular sport to bet on, most sportsbooks offer a huge variety of betting options on the NFL, NCAA football and the CFL (Canadian Football League). Let’s take a look at the bet types available. Point Spread Betting The point spread is the most common way to bet on football. A typical […]

How to bet on Basketball?How to bet on Basketball?

How to bet on Basketball?

Betting on basketball is simple and it is one of the easier sports to research trends on, you have to study the teams and trends like home wins, road wins, what teams are more rested and which players are injured. There are several bet types that are used when betting on NBA and NCAA basketball […]

How to bet Hockey?How to bet Hockey?

How to bet Hockey?

Even though hockey is not the most popular sport to bet on, it can be lucrative. Many sportsbooks offer wide varieties of hockey bets but hockey still doesn’t get the kind of attention that other sports get. Oddsmakers spend less time creating hockey odds than creating football, basketball or baseball odds. Those who want to […]

Summertime Online Sports Betting TipsSummertime Online Sports Betting Tips

Summertime Online Sports Betting Tips

The month of July presses on in what could be considered one of the slowest times of the year for sports betting at online sportsbooks. The start of another season of football both in the college ranks and the NFL is more than a month away and the only real daily action on the board […]

How to Bet On Sports - NBA’s Left Coast vs. The FieldHow to Bet On Sports - NBA’s Left Coast vs. The Field

How to Bet On Sports - NBA’s Left Coast vs. The Field

Toronto just held its parade for the new NBA champs and Las Vegas and the rest of betting world has already focused its attention on the 2019/20 NBA Championship race. Futures odds are already up on board at most of the top online books and specialty bets are already being released. Las Vegas is still […]

How to Bet On Football - Betting the CFLHow to Bet On Football - Betting the CFL

How to Bet On Football - Betting the CFL

The month of June may mark the end of the season for basketball in the NBA and ice hockey in the NHL. However, it is also the start of a new season of football ‘north of the border’ in the CFL. The regular season schedule consists of 18 games spread over a 21-week time span. […]

2019 NBA Finals Online Sportsbooks Updated Series Price2019 NBA Finals Online Sportsbooks Updated Series Price

2019 NBA Finals Online Sportsbooks Updated Series Price

The Toronto Raptors opened this year’s NBA Finals as +235 underdogs on the initial series price odds. The reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors were listed as -290 favorites to win their fourth title in the past five seasons. Betting series odds is a lot like day trading in the stock market. The betting odds […]