You need to increase betting value in every way possible. Using an offshore sportsbook is the easiest way. US-Based vs. Offshore Sportsbooks There are any number of ways to bet on sports these days. Retail sportsbooks are starting to show up in casinos in certain parts of the country. US-based online sportsbooks are offering access to mobile betting apps in a limited number of states. As more and more sports fans turn to betting on their favorite teams each week, the entire sports betting industry is expanding at an accelerated pace. Even with all the recent industry changes, some things continue to stay the same. How to Increase Betting Value A perfect example is the high value of betting sports at an offshore sportsbook offering an advanced online betting platform. Whether you are placing your wagers through a desktop, laptop or hand-held mobile device, there is still no better way to bet on sports. There’s also no easier way to increase betting value. Offshore sportsbooks date all the way back to the 1990’s and the expansion of the internet in general. The top-rated offshore books in today’s marketplace have worked hard to meet and exceed the expectations of the average sports bettor. It does not matter if you are a high volume player or recreational bettor, A-list offshore books remain committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe and enjoyable. It has never been easier to sign-on and start betting on the games. MUST READ > TIPS TO WIN MORE BETS Increase Betting Value Starts With Betting Odds There is one glaring difference between a highly-rated offshore book and its US counterparts. It is the true and inherent value in the actual betting odds. Offshore books have a much lower operating cost. Because they are governed and regulated in their country of origin such as Costa Rica. These same offshore books do not have to spend the bulk of their profits on acquiring new customers to meet the expectations of their stockholders. The majority of today’s US sportsbooks are owned and operated by publicly traded companies. Much of their rated performance hinges on gaining market share. High Juice Will Kill Your Profits It’s already hard enough to profit from sports betting. You need to win 52.4% of your bets to break even. And that’s on an average of -110 juice. This high cost of doing business leads to non-competitive odds that heavily favor the house. While an offshore book might be offering -115 odds to bet a favorite, the US book needs to boost the juice on that same bet to -125. The same value relationship exists in odds for betting underdogs. The return at a US book might bet +115. However, you can easily find a number of different offshore books offering +125 odds on that same bet. Become a Smarter Bettor to Increase Betting Value The easiest way to take full advantage of these differences is by becoming a smarter bettor. Study the posted betting odds for the sports and sporting events you love to wager on the most. There are any number of sports betting resource sites in today’s marketplace that will post side-by-side comparisons. Saving an extra $5 or $10 in juice betting favorites may not sound like a lot of money for a single bet. However, there is a big-picture savings that adds up to be quite a bit of money over a longer amount of time. Use multiple sportsbooks to compare betting lines. If you love betting underdogs, why not add an extra $5 or $10 to your bankroll when your instincts pay off? Actual betting odds are just one example of how offshore books continue to offer the best value in the sports betting industry. It’s your ticket to increase betting value today. The added value carries across the board in more realistic rollovers on bonus offers, ongoing customer rewards programs and a much wider variety of overall gaming options through one centralized online betting account.

We all want to win more bets. I mean, c’mon. No one places a bet to lose it. But why does it seem so hard to consistently win? Let’s look at some ways to improve your winning sports betting percentage. Win More Bets Whether you have just started betting on the sports and sporting events you love the most or you are a veteran player. You can always benefit from learning the best ways to win more of your bets. Unfortunately, the majority of sports bettors do not earn a positive return on their investment. Why do you think there are so many sportsbooks in today’s marketplace? Using the standard 10% industry commission (or juice), you have to win 52.4% of your sports bets to break even. Anyone who places sports bets on a regular basis understands just how hard it can be to win just one game. Winning Percentage Profit Following Strategy Prolongs Winning Streaks Sports betting is streaky for recreational bettors and pros alike. Too many times, the losing streaks linger longer that expected while a winning run comes to a sudden stop. By creating a winning strategy for your sports bets and sticking to it, you will be able in improve your overall winning percentage on the bets you place. Becoming a smarter bettor does not happen by accident and it does not take place overnight. You need to put some time and effort into creating a sports betting strategy that eliminates all the common mistakes while incorporating the insider tips that have been proven to move the dial. Eliminating All Biases = Win More Bets The first aspect of sports betting that needs to be eliminated is all the outside bias. This includes sports media, betting public consensus percentages and any other outside influence that might skew your view on the potential outcome of the game. WANNA OPEN YOUR VERY OWN ONLINE SPORTSBOOK? CHECK OUT MAKING PAY PER HEAD BOOKIE SERVICES WORK FOR YOU You need to learn to trust your own handicapping instincts to become a smarter bettor. Each and every game needs to be broken down on face value. Each team’s current playing form, relevant injuries, anticipated playing conditions are all concrete factors. The true value of home field is always important. Will that have an impact on a game’s actual outcome? Reliable, Current Info Stick to the facts, stats and recent betting trends that apply the most. Use this information to predict how you see a game playing out. Once you have come up with a prediction, you need to properly gauge your confidence level in that pick. Always remember that there is no such thing as a “lock” when it comes to betting on sports. Millions and millions of dollars have been lost betting on so-called cannot miss opportunities. That being said, you should simply walk away from betting a game if you do not have a high level of confidence in the pick you have made. Set a Budget & Stick To It You should also develop a money management system for your sports betting activity. The pros will assign unit plays to the selections they release. This is another way to measure the confidence in a potential wager. Whether your individual unit play is $1 or $100, you should always stick to a set number of units that corresponds with your confidence level. If your average play is three or four units, then save your best plays for any seven or eight unit bets. Never chase a losing bet with another one in hopes of getting even. You always need to remain disciplined in your overall betting strategy. Chasing while on tilt is never a way to win more bets. You should also look for ways to diversify that strategy through different betting options. For example, betting a few game props can be an excellent complement to a straight bet on the point spread or total line.

Bookie services are the cornerstone to any successful online sportsbooks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big player in the industry or a local bookie. There is money to be made as a private bookmaker in today’s rapidly expanding sports betting industry. As more and more sports fans enter the marketplace, the demand for quality customer service and personal attention to detail will continue to grow. MUST READ > SIMPLE WAYS TO BECOME A SMARTER SPORTS BETTOR Bookie Services & A Pay Per Head Enhanced customer service is a private bookie’s biggest edge over the large commercial sportsbooks. However, they still need to keep the playing field level against the commercial books. Especially when it comes to advanced sports betting technology and sophisticated online gaming software. This is where a quality pay per head bookie services site really earns its weekly fee for active bettors. By signing on with a top-rated PPH service, you will have instant access to everything you need to run and manage a successful independent bookmaking operation. Not only is the day-to-day operational end of your business covered. You will have the proper software tools to manage both your betting board and your betting base to a high level of expertise. Get Familiar With Everything Offered Too many private bookies make the mistake of not using everything their PPH service has to offer. From additional gaming software applications to professional in-house business support, there are any number of different ways to make the most out of the weekly PPH fees you pay. The best way to think of your PPH provider is as a silent business partner that will always keep your business interests top of mind. A great example of this is your overall betting board. Bookie Services and Betting Markets As the bookie agent, you will always have complete control over the betting leagues, markets and options offered. However, to maximize your weekly betting handle, you need to make sure that your board is filled with everything your customers are looking for. All the best PPH services have an in-house staff of sports betting experts on hand to help fill out your board with all the betting lines you need. When you need them. Many of these sites also turn to the top external oddsmaking services for sharp lines and odds covering a wide spectrum of sports and sporting events. RDG Corp offers a huge betting menu As part of your weekly plan, you will have access to an extensive list of game props on a daily basis. You will also be able to offer live in-game betting for all the major betting sports. Adding this level of diversity to your betting board is an excellent way to grow your weekly betting handle across your existing betting base. Get That Personal Touch Another productive way to make the most out of your PPH service is to tap into their in-house IT staff to build a professional online presence for your bookie business. You will be able to customize your online betting platform to give it your own personal touch. You can also expand that platform with other online gaming options such as a racebook for betting on horses. Or maybe a casino filled with Las Vegas-style slots and table games. This includes access to live-dealer table games. There are popular gambling options such as Blackjack and Roulette. The ‘best of the best’ in today’s PPH bookie services industry are always raising the bar when it comes to innovative features that translate to high-value benefits. They want you to utilize everything they have to offer to maximize the value in the weekly per head fees you pay. It is up to you to make the most of your PPH plan. It’s time to get a pay per head’s bookie services working for you.

We’re here to give you a true Offshore & US Sportsbook comparison. The biggest goal of any sports bettor is to win the majority of the bets they place. However, even the best pro handicappers are shooting for a consistent winning percentage of 60% or more. SIMPLE WAYS TO BECOME A SMARTER SPORTS BETTOR The average recreational sports bettor would need to win 52.4% of the time (with 10% juice) to break even on their wagers. A True Offshore & US Sportsbooks Comparison There are any number of ways to improve your overall performance starting with where you actually place any real money wagers. If you have been betting on sports for more than four years, you are going to be familiar with offshore betting sites. US-based online sportsbooks have only been around for a few years. Given the vast difference in online sports betting industry experience. Experience becomes a great starting point for the many differences between the two options. Expanded Betting Menus and Sharp Lines Offshore sportsbooks are often referred to as global online betting sites. Since these books are based in international locales such as Costa Rica, their overall betting platform tends to offer more global appeal. This is reflected in the expanded menu of betting options covering sports and sporting events all around the world. One important thing to keep in mind is that the best offshore books have been catering to US players for more than two decades. They fully understand the US market and what bettors are looking for. This is very important when looking at your Offshore & US Sportsbook comparison. Offshore & US Sportsbooks Rules Comparison US-based books have done a good job at copying offshore books’ basic practices. But they are still bound by the rules and requirements of each state they operate in. The main misconception with offshore books centers on their legality in the US market. The main reason why individual states were given the right to regulate sports betting within their borders was the federal government’s inability to enforce the online gaming laws it tried to create. It has never been illegal to place sports bets with offshore sportsbooks operating an online betting platform outside of the country. Legality issues simply prevented these books from operating a betting platform on US soil. Reduced Juice is a Major Factor Savvy US players fully understand the edge the offshore books still have over books based in the US. Offshore books can offer much more competitive betting lines and odds because of certain economies of scale. US books are spending millions of dollars in their marketing, advertising and promotional initiatives aimed at new customer acquisitions. This cuts deep into their overall revenue on the betting handle taken in. The top-rated offshore books have already built a large US betting base over the past two decades. This gives them a huge competitive advantage across a wide range of betting options. A few examples would be higher payouts on parlay boosters, reduced juice on certain point spreads. As well as total line plays and much more favorable odds on money line bets. It’s about time, get the inside scoop on sportsbook bonuses! Many Advantages to Betting Offshore Higher payouts, reduced juice options and daily betting specials are all good examples of easy ways to make the most of your sports betting activity at offshore books. These are also good examples of how you can boost your betting bankroll. US books are working hard to close the competitive gap that exists in the marketplace. But there are just too many existing factors to overcome. The gap in differences in our Offshore & US Sportsbook comparison is too large. There is no substitute for experience and a high level of expertise when it comes to the main comparison between offshore sportsbooks and their US counterparts.

We’re here to help you become a smarter sports bettor. With more and more sports fans putting money on the games these days, online sportsbooks continue to take this money to the bank. Unfortunately, it can be much harder than it looks to actually win money betting on the games. NFL BETTORS > BUYING NFL PLAYOFF PICKS Become a Smarter Sports Bettor TODAY The easiest way to improve your overall sports betting results is by taking a more simple approach to the actual bets you place. The first step in the process is to find an online sportsbook that best meets your sports betting needs. When you sit back and think, what has your online sportsbook done for you lately. What comes to mind? Many of today’s biggest sites cater to high volume players through big-money bonuses. They also have other promotional offers that are out of reach for the average recreational sports betting fan. You should focus less on the big upfront bonus offers and look for the best value in the betting lines. Find a Sportsbook That Meets Your Needs There are a number of online sportsbooks that cater to both the high rollers and the weekend warriors. The easiest way to find an online book that meets your needs is to search the actual site. This especially pertains to the online betting board. This will give you a good feel for the sports and leagues covered. You can also find daily betting specials, odds boosters for certain parlay plays. You’ll also find reduced juice options for specific betting options. By getting to thoroughly know and understand a site’s betting board, you can get a really good feel for the site itself. You should also familiarize yourself with available banking options, the turnaround time on withdrawal requests and any associated fees, as well as the general rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the site. Betting offshore is King Become a Smarter Sports Bettor - Go Offshore Fortunately, today’s online sportsbook industry has become rather generalized. However, there is still a big difference between online global sportsbooks based offshore and the online books based in the US. Offshore books still hold a significant edge across a wide range of features and benefits. Now, you’ve have found the right online sportsbook for all of your sports betting needs. There are a few tips to follow to make you a smarter bettor when it comes to earning a positive return on your investment. Tips to Make You a Smarter Bettor At the top of the list is betting on the sports you know and follow the most. Football followed by basketball are at the top of the list for most sports fans. However, baseball and hockey offer quite a bit of value as two more major betting sports. It would be hard to find a sport or sporting event that you cannot bet on. So you need to be rather specific when it comes to formulating an overall sports betting strategy. The right betting strategy will instantly make you become a smarter sports bettor. Drilling things down even deeper, you should finetune your plan with specific sports leagues and even teams. For example, if you like to bet on college football or basketball, you might want to concentrate your efforts on a specific conference. Even pro handicappers tend to narrow the scope and range of their selections on a conference by conference basis. Once again, the general idea is to focus your sports betting efforts on the leagues and teams you follow the closest. You should avoid the temptation to wager on a game that you know nothing about just to have some action on the outcome.

Are you looking to buy NFL Playoff picks? There’s a lot to sort through, but we’re here to help. With the start of the NFL playoffs and the march towards this season’s Super Bowl, it is time to get serious about betting on the games. Starting with the Wild Card Round right through the Super Bowl in February. There are just 13 NFL games left on the betting board. Buy NFL Playoff Picks - ROI As a very cost-efficient way to create an excellent return on investment, turning to the pros for your 2021 NFL postseason picks is a very viable option. The trick is finding the right pro selection package that can maximize that return. The best way to start your search for the right pro pick package is at a reputable sports betting site such as These sites are owned and operated by sports betting experts that have built their reputations behind unbiased and comprehensive online content that covers every possible aspect of the entire sports betting industry. Narrowing Down Your Choices Sports betting information sites will present any number of different options for pro selection packages. In this case, you will want to focus on the most recent results for the NFL regular season.  You should also consult a pro handicapper’s record over the course of their career. Long-term success should take precedence over recent results when it comes to betting the NFL postseason. Handicapping playoff games utilizes a much different approach than trying to break down your typical weekly regular season games. The level of intensity is dialed up higher and higher with each round of the annual Super Bowl Derby. Past success (or failure) at this level does have a major impact on the outcome of future games. MUST READ > HOW TO MAKE MONEY BETTING ON SPORTS That is not to say that upsets are not possible. This is especially true in the six-game Wild Card Round. A pro handicapper knows exactly which stats, facts and recent betting trends are important and which ones should be discounted when it comes to picking playoff winners. Actually Betting the Games Straight-up money line options become much more attractive once the gap in talent between two teams has been reduced.  During your search process for the right pro NFL playoff selection package, you should first narrow your choices down to a select few. If you have had success with a particular pro in the past, that would be an excellent starting point. If you are new to buying pro capper picks, it becomes even more important to perform your own due diligence. Once you have found the right professional handicapper pick package for the upcoming NFL postseason run. There are a few important aspects of actually betting the games to keep in mind. The first is setting your individual unit bet. With a limited number of games to choose from, you might be able to increase that figure from your regular season betting strategy. Keep in mind that the overall betting bankroll should consist of discretionary funds that can be lost. Why Buy NFL Playoff Picks? The next aspect of turning to a pro for your picks that needs to be strictly followed is betting the recommended units on every selection released. You are not going to win every game. However, trying to pick and choose the winners among the selections released is next to impossible. Your pro pick plan for the NFL playoffs should be a “set it and forget it” proposition. This is the best way to maximize your overall return. Buy NFL Playoff picks with confidence.

Do you ever make money betting on sports? More and more sports fans are starting to add betting action on the games they love to watch. With this, more and more of these fans are quickly finding out that making money betting sports is not all that easy to do. Given the sportsbook industry’s standard 10% commission (juice) on losing bets, you need to be right 52.4% of the time as a breakeven point. THIS IS A MUST READ > GRADING YOUR SPORTS HANDICAPPING SKILLS THIS YEAR Make Money Betting on Sports This means that for every 10 sports wagers you place, you need to be right in at least 5.24 of those wagers. That can be a very tall task for the average player that has the tendency to bet with their heart as opposed with their head. Smarter bettors are understanding what it takes to make money betting on sports. Putting money on your favorite team because you want them to win is one of the easiest and quickest way to drain your betting account. You do not have to be an expert professional sports handicapper to improve your overall winning percentage. However, you need to identify the common pitfalls that lead to losing results for an average recreational sports bettor. Use a Professional Handicapper’s Picks A great way to do this is mirroring the approach that pro handicappers take when releasing their “best bet” sports picks. At the top of the list is removing any bias from the decision-making process. This could actually entail avoiding the urge to bet on your favorite teams. The smarter approach is focusing on a particular league as a whole. As far as betting pro leagues in the US, the most common list includes the NFL, NBA, MLB and NFL. There are also pro leagues in the US covering a variety of other betting sports such as golf, tennis, soccer, motor sports, boxing and MMA fighting. Wagering menus at online sportsbooks offer a near infinite amount of options. By taking an active interest in an entire league, you will be able to make the most of your handicapping skills when betting individual games. Make Money Betting on Sports Using Familiarity Within that league, you should also focus your attention on the most played matchups. This includes specific division games and contests within the same conference. Familiarity within any head-to-head meeting offers a higher level of predictability. For example, the NFL scheduling system has inter-conference games where the two teams only face one another once every four seasons under normal circumstances. Yet, every NFL team faces its division opponents twice a season. The NBA, MLB and NHL offer far more crossover opportunities for inter-conference opponents. However, it still makes betting sense to focus your handicapping and sports betting activity on games offering a high level of familiarity between the two teams. Another important aspect of any betting strategy is proper money management. Your sports betting bankroll should be made up of discretionary funds that can be lost with no financial detriment to your household budget. Do Not Chase - Set a Daily Budget Never chase a losing bet with another wager to try and get even. You should always determine a level of confidence for every bet you place. This starts with a high level of confidence and then works its way even higher from there. Too many recreational sports bettors make the fatal mistake of placing wagers just to have action on the big game. Unless you already have a high level of confidence on the projected outcome. Get into the habit of watching those showdown matchups for fun. Save your real money bets for your highest confidence plays.

Spend time grading your sports handicapping skills if you want to be a successful bettor. The holiday season provides both the end of one sports betting campaign and the start of another. You cannot change your overall results for the past year. However, you can learn from them. There are always new and different angles you can take to improve your overall return on investment betting on sports. Grading Your Sports Handicapping Skills The best way to start the evaluation process is to give yourself an honest and accurate overall grade. There is no grading curve for this class, so if you lost money for the year, you failed.  No sports fan bets on the games to lose money. You could always chalk these losses up to an entertainment fee. However, that does not take the sting out of a sports betting bankroll that is in the red. Evaluating your performance needs to be both quantitative and qualitative in nature. Winning or losing money over the long-haul is the basic quantitative measure. Knowing where and how you won or lost money starts to move into the realm of a qualitative measurement. Your Results Do Not Lie Whether you work with a single online sportsbook or multiple sites. Your online betting history for the past year can provide a very clear picture when summarizing your results. Maybe you made money betting the NFL but lost your shirt betting other sports. Perhaps your point spread bets were well over the 52.4% breakeven point while your total line bets drained your bankroll. It is almost next to impossible to improve your sports handicapping skills if you do not understand all of your particular strengths and weaknesses. These become almost crystal clear when compared with detailed performance records. Grading Your Sports Handicapping Skills - Sports Betting Strategy Another important qualitative measure is your overall sports betting strategy. Too many recreational sports bettors become painfully predictable with their wagers on sports. Must Read: Betting NCAAB Conference Games at America’s Bookie For example, if you bet the same exact amount of money on every bet you place, that does not help maximize your return. Professional sports handicappers will release a unit play along with each betting selection. The amount of that betting unit has no bearing on this particular strategy. It simply has to be realistically in line with your overall sports betting bankroll of discretionary funds. The unit itself is tied to the level of confidence in that bet. The higher the confidence the higher the unit total. For example, a seven or eight unit play reflects a very high level of confidence in that bet. Betting three or four units would be in line with an average level of confidence. Sometimes the Bet You Don’t Make is Your Best Bet Going hand-in-hand with the unit betting system is the idea of walking away from a game. Betting any game just because you want some action on it is not productive to your overall strategy. Pros will walk away from a game if they do not get the betting line or odds they are looking for. The primary goal is to place sports bets where you already have a good deal of confidence in predicting the actual result. Doing this will make grading your sports handicapping skills much easier. Adding extra units to that play needs to be a discretionary tactic due to the added financial risk. Use a Common-Sense Approach The best way to improve a poor grade this year is to adopt a common-sense approach to betting on sports next year.  Do not take unnecessary risks such as 10-team parlay plays. Look at developing a prop betting strategy. Never let outside noise add bias to your picks. Follow the advice and tips from handicapping pros when formulating your sports betting strategy. Do your homework with the use of up-to-date injury reports, relevant sports stats and useful betting trends.

Betting convenience is huge in this day and age. Sports betting in the US has become more and more popular with average fans. Due to this, the online sports betting marketplace has become extremely crowded with available betting sites. MUST READ > ADD A PROFESSIONAL EDGE TO YOUR SPORTS BETTING STRATEGY Betting Convenience & Why It’s Important It was not all that long ago when the only available online outlet for betting on sports in the US was through an offshore sportsbook running an online betting platform. A few years back after a change in federal law, US-based sportsbook operators set up shop on a state-by-state basis. With two distinctly different sectors offering the exact same products and services, there are bound to be some significant differences between those original offshore books and their US-based counterparts. ICYMI: 3 Benefits to Buying College Bowl Picks One of the biggest differences that immediately comes to mind is overall convenience. Offshore books operate 24/7 across every state in the US market. Legal issues aside, these sites are available to US players on a wide-scale basis. Unenforceable Gaming Laws Prior laws on the books dealt with the federal government’s attempt to restrict sports betting sites from operating on US soil. While some laws were aimed at offshore books, it quickly became obvious that they were completely unenforceable. In today’s marketplace with US-based sportsbooks also catering to US players in designated states, convenience becomes an extremely important factor. Suppose you live in Texas or California and you are looking to place a bet on the Cowboys or Rams’ upcoming football game. The most convenient way to place that bet is through an offshore global sportsbook’s online betting site or app. In those two states, this is also the only way to get some action on those games outside of a private bookie. Offshore sportsbooks do not have to deal with the concept of geo tracking. If they accept sports bets from inside the US market, it does not matter where you are located when you choose to actually place that wager. Betting Convenience - Placing a Wager Anywhere Under the US sportsbook system for placing sports bets, a geo tracking device will determine if you are eligible. That hardly sounds like a convenient way to bet on sports in general. This current system is not going to change anytime soon. The best offshore books are licensed and regulated by the country of their origin. For example, Costa Rica is the home base for some of the highest-rated offshore sportsbooks in the entire online sports betting industry. Favorable business conditions in that jurisdiction give local books more than enough leeway to meet all of your sports betting needs. US-based Sportsbooks Are VERY Limited US-based books can only operate in states offering online sports betting. Each book is licensed and regulated by each individual state where they choose to operate. That is why you can bet on in-state college teams in Pennsylvania but not in New Jersey. If you were in the Garden State and looking to bet on Rutgers next home basketball game. You could always drive across the border into the Keystone State to place that bet. These are the type of situations that make it far less convenient betting on sports through US-based online books. In fact, in certain states you can place sports bets at casinos with a retail sportsbook. However, you still cannot place a bet in that state from a mobile sportsbooks app. Instead of trying to figure out what is allowed in the state where you live, your best bet is to open an online account. There are many offshore sportsbooks offering everything you are looking for through one convenient online betting account.

Are you thinking about buying college bowl game picks? It’s not too late, and we’ll talk about what you need to look for. This year’s college bowl season gets underway with 1 games on Friday, Dec. 17. After those two games, it runs all the way to this year’s national championship showdown on Monday, Jan. 10. All told, sports bettors will have more than 40 different opportunities to cash a few winners at their favorite online sportsbook. Buying College Bowl Game Picks Heading into postseason play, now is the perfect time to summarize and quantify your sports betting results for college football. Take a look back over the previous three and a half months. Look at top College football handicappers like Matt Fargo and Tony Karpinksi at Action Sports Picks. They hit 58% and 62%, respectively on their NCAAF premium picks. That’s a profit of well over $6000 for both. If you have generated a positive return on investment with your graded wagers, they staying the course over the next few weeks with your own picks remains a viable college bowl betting strategy. If you are in the red with your own handicapping efforts for college football, the limited bowl schedule presents an excellent opportunity to reverse your fortunes with a college bowl selection package from a pro. Testing the Waters Buying Pro Selections Buying a college football bowl selection package can be the perfect way to test the waters if you are brand new to working with the pros. Too many avid sports bettors are creatures of habit even if those same habits are providing poor results. Even if you are not a high volume player, there are economical ways to boost your winning percentage on your sports betting efforts. You can always try and improve your own handicapping efforts but that is usually a hit or miss proposition. Pro selections can also be hit or miss but they give you a far better chance to earn a positive return on investment even with the added cost of buying the picks. MUST READ > TIPS FOR HANDICAPPING DURING THE HOLIDAYS Limited Financial Exposure - Buying College Bowl Game Picks As long as the upfront cost of buying a college football bowl game selection package is reasonable, your financial exposure with a limited package of picks by a pro is very manageable. You still need to be committed to betting every game selection at the recommended unit play. However, by lowering the amount of your betting unit, you can make the numbers work. The first step is to factor out the actual cost of the college bowl game selection package. Using the rest of your discretionary betting funds, you can come up with a working unit play. Certain pro handicappers will let you know upfront how many picks are included to help fine-tune the numbers. Bigger Upside for Financial Gains The average pro is looking to win two out of every three picks they release. This equates to a 66% winning percentage and an excellent return on investment. In reality, a pro with a winning percentage between 55% and 60% will still produce some solid financial gains. The break-even point for sports bets using the standard 10% commission or juice is 52.4%. This sounds easy enough to achieve. Yet, in reality it can be very difficult to accomplish over an extended period of time. Given a specific sporting event like the college football bowl season, it can be next to impossible to break even given all the different variables that are involved in these matchups. Sometimes, you need to get out of your own way and let someone who actually knows how to break down these games take over the reins.