Pro handicapper win percentages will help you choose the right one. Pro Handicapper Win Percentages The official definition for a box score at Wikipedia is “a chart used in baseball to present data about player achievement in a particular game.” Diehard MLB fans use the box score to keep tabs on their favorite players throughout the season. The same concept could easily be applied to professional sports handicappers. It\'s important to track pro handicapper win percentages. They sell sports pick packages based on their overall performance picking the games. Perhaps you are looking for a way to improve your overall return on investment betting on sports. The first step in the process is to find a pro handicapping service that meets your needs. Must Have Current Info Sports betting sites that feature a pro handicapping service will usually offer a profile page for each one of the handicappers they represent. The first thing you will want to check on that page is the last time it was updated. If the information is not current, move onto the next choice.  Most pros release picks for active betting sports on a regular basis. The results of those picks should be updated every day and clearly visible within their profile. The best capper profiles break down their ongoing results by individual sport. This is a great way to research handicappers if you are interested in only betting on certain sports and sporting events. Pro Handicapper Win Percentages For Each Sport For example, if there is a big golf tournament this week you are looking to buy a selection package for. You should be able to find up-to-date information on that handicapper’s golf results for the season. Another important aspect is a pro handicapper’s highlight reel. This should include a recent track record by individual sports. They will most likely be presented in the following way: MLB 5-2 on 7-unit playsMLB Friday 8-unit winnerMLB 5 unit or higher plays 10-4 for plus $3,050MLB 4 out of 5 winning seasons The first thing to note in this box score is the 4 out of 5 winning seasons. This demonstrates both consistency and longevity in this handicapper’s selection service. Carefully check handicapper records A winning record on high-unit plays is another good sign. The best way to cover your investment in a pro selection package while also making plus money on your picks is through a solid winning percentage on high-unit plays. Longevity is Key to Success The only thing missing from this box score is this handicapper’s season record for MLB selections. Any handicapper can get hot in the short term. The plus money on the last 14 plays of 5 units or higher is a great run. However, you still need to know what the overall return on their MLB picks is for the season as a whole. You can start betting like the pros with the right capper. You’ll be the guy your friends call for a winner! A good strategy for finding the right pro for a particular sport is to compare and contrast results over any number of choices. This will give you a good feel for each pros performance as well as how they present those results. You still need to think of a handicapper’s profile page as a sales pitch. The information presented is a highlight reel. You must easily see your new pro handicapper win percentages. The good cappers will even find you the best offshore sportsbooks to get the best line. However, it is interesting to see how they decide to present that information. In this case, more is better. This demonstrates the depth of experience they may have in this field. Transparency is vital to finding the right pro handicappers and the best pick packages for your investment.

Betting like the pros is as easy as buying premium handicapper picks. Sports Betting Strategies There are basically three different betting strategies when it comes to wagering on sports. The first is going it completely on your own. Here, you get no outside help other than your existing sports handicapping skills. The results of this strategy are rather predictable. You never place a sports bet with the idea of losing that money. However, most recreational sports bettors tend to lose more money than they win. There is a reason why the sports betting industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue on a regular basis. The next strategy is turning to a professional sports capper for all of your weekly bets. Most pros are really good at what they do but everything comes at a cost. You need to justify the cost of buying selections against the average amount of the bets you place. A site like Game Advisers offers a variety of picks daily for just $129/month. Going Pro - Betting Like the Pros If you are a $100 per unit bettor, going with the pros could be a viable betting strategy. If you are wagering $10 a unit, the cost of any selection plan is going to cut rather deep into your profits. The third strategy is designed to improve the overall winning percentage of the bets you place. Premium handicapping services is not a selection package that tells you which team to bet on at a set number of units. However this service takes most of the guesswork and bias out of picking games on your own. Get on the right side of the action For a fraction of the cost involved with buying actual picks. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly sports advisors service that provides an in-depth betting report for every single game. Including games played in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. During the season, reports are made available for college football and basketball covering every nationally ranked team. Inherently Improve Your Skills Look at improving your own handicapping skills through the use of detailed, timely and accurate sports betting data. You will automatically improve the overall winning percentage on the bets you place. Hey baseball bettors! Check out value bets for MLB 5 inning lines. As part of these betting reports, you will also receive detailed information on how the public and the sharps are betting each game. This can be extremely helpful to gaining that all important edge against the books. Tracking both line movements and where the money is going lets you take advantage of opportunities ahead of time as opposed to pulling the trigger on a bet that is more of a guess than anything else. Built-in bias has a huge influence on anyone who bets on sports even if they consider themselves a pro. Reducing that bias with factual betting data wins more wagers. This data will help you eliminate bad bets. Betting Like the Pros By Staying on Top of Reports Timely and accurate injury reports will have a direct impact on the outcome of a game if a star player has to sit things out. Recent head-to-head betting trends paint a picture of familiarity between two teams. Past results do not guarantee future results. Yet, a higher level of familiarity does build a higher level of predictability into the overall handicapping process. A great example of expert handicapping services as opposed to pro selection packages is Referred to as SAS Premium, this program is membership based at a monthly cost of just $9.99. Designed to transform the way you bet on sports, you can bet like the pros using the same insider information they rely on to make their picks. You can bet against the public or bet with the sharps on a regular basis.  With SAS Premium, you can dramatically increase your overall return on investment at a fraction of the cost you would pay for one week of pro picks covering one major sport.

MLB 5 inning lines provide value when used right. Avid sports bettors have a good feel for how to use them. MLB 5 Inning Lines Explained The equivalent of the 5 inning line for MLB games would be the first half bet in a NFL football game. You are basically wagering on the outcome of half the game. The true value in betting MLB 5 inning lines for baseball lies in the quality of each team’s starting pitcher. Pitching in general dictates betting lines in baseball. If two quality starters are set to face one another on the mound, the money line odds between the favorite and underdog will be tighter and the total line for an OVER/UNDER wager will be lower. Today’s top-rated online sportsbooks do an excellent job of building out their MLB betting boards for each day’s lineup of games. This gives you the chance to shop those lines across a selection of quality online sports betting sites. Examples of MLB 1st Half Odds For example, the MLB money line at Book A for might be set at +115 for the Tampa Bay Rays as road underdogs. On the other side, you’ll see -125 for the New York Yankees as home favorite. There is already some solid value in this listing as a dime line. The total for this game might be set at 8.5 runs. Baseball bettors are always looking for value. Turning to the MLB 5 inning line, there may not be all that much variance in the money line unless one of the team’s ace is on the mound. Starters tend to last around six or seven innings if they are having a quality start. This stint more than covers the first five innings. MLB Power Rankings for June 20th, 2022 Biggest MLB 5 Inning Lines Differences The big difference in the betting lines covering the first five innings is with a game’s total. The actual betting total for the example above might be 4.5 runs. If both the Rays and Yankees have quality starters on the mound. The automatic value in betting the five inning line is with the UNDER. Online sportsbooks tend to release their MLB betting lines about a day in advance of an actual matchup. You will be able to find the money line, run line and total line odds for the entire game. They will then release the five inning lines on the day of the game once the starting matchup on the mound has been confirmed. Keep an Eye on Odds Before Opening Pitch Part of the value in betting on MLB games comes from tracking the betting lines right up to the first pitch of any game you are looking to wager on. Unlike NFL and even NBA games, MLB betting markets expand the closer you get to the actual starting time. This includes options for game props along with five inning lines. Even though each team’s starter is set a few days in advance, late scratches and changes to each team’s overall starting lineup does add some uncertainty to betting on the games. The best online sportsbooks for wagering on MLB games are offshore books with a wider range of betting options. The best strategy for making the most out of MLB five innings line is to work with three or four offshore books. Then you\'ll get the widest range of betting lines. Tracking those lines right up until the start of the game. You can place your bets when the value is the greatest. You could also wait until the game gets underway and bet it live.

Avid sports bettors need every advantage they can get. Global Offshore Sportsbooks Are a Gambler’s Dream Over the past few years, the expanding US sportsbook industry has added quite a few new operators to the mix. However, the global offshore sportsbook industry is as strong as ever.  There are any number of reasons why avid sports bettors still prefer to work with offshore books but topping the list is their overall experience and expertise in catering to US players. Offshore sportsbooks located in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica date back to the mid-1990’s. They have been working with avid US sports bettors for close to 30 years. US-based sportsbook operators only have around three to four years’ experience in the same industry. MUST READ > SHOPPING MLB TOTAL LINES AT ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS Avid Sports Bettors Need Variety Obviously, they’re using this massive edge in experience to their full advantage. Top-rated offshore books know and understand what today’s most active sports bettors are looking for. This includes promotional bonus offers with realistic turnover requirements, a wide array of sports leagues and betting markets, and most importantly, competitive betting lines. These same global online sportsbooks combine that high level of experience with the same level of excellence when it comes to their expertise in the field. Offshore bookmakers were the first to add prop bet options as a means to spice up major betting events. They are also one of the first sports betting options to post live in-game odds for betting on games after they have gotten underway. Safe Gaming Practices Are Always Followed One popular misconception in the industry is that global offshore sportsbooks are not licensed and regulated. In reality, these online books need to adhere to safe and fair gaming practices in the jurisdictions where they operate. While they are regulated, they are not confined to the same strict sports betting regulations that exist in many of the US states these days. For example, in New York and New Jersey, you cannot bet on in-state college teams at your US-based online sportsbook of choice. Regulated offshore books do not face the stringent rules. Or the US geotracking boundaries that exist on a state-by-state basis. Betting Markets For Avid Sports Bettors These market conditions give the offshore books another huge edge over the US-based counterparts – ease of use. Massive betting market at global sportsbooks It does not matter where you are physically located in the country when it comes time to place that crucial bet on tonight’s big game. Avid sports bettors are only concerned about placing that wager when the betting lines are best in their favor. They are not concerned about where they happen to be when the bet is booked. Times are definitely changing throughout the entire sports betting industry. More and more sports fans now have an interest in betting on the teams and players they follow the most. Football remains king as far as total betting volume. But more and more bettors are looking to expand and diversify their entire online sports betting experience. Diversity is one of the reasons why offshore sportsbooks will always remain relevant. Especially with avid sports bettors in the US market. They are serious about creating the best possible return on investment from their sports betting bankroll. User-friendly promotional offers, daily betting specials, flexible banking options and competitive lines all factor into the equation.  Best of all, today’s highest-rated offshore books remain committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe, enjoyable and fun.

Shopping MLB total lines is a great strategy to win more bets. Line Comparison Will Improve Your Winning Percentage Regular MLB bettors already know that there is some tremendous value in shopping MLB money line odds. Saving an extra $5 or even $10 on money line favorites can add up to be quite a bit of money. Especially over the course of the 162-game regular season. Betting underdogs on the MLB money line can boost the overall bankroll with an extra $5 or $10 return on winning wagers. Another way to find the best value betting baseball at online sportsbooks is by shopping the total line. While the actual total line tends to remain consistent across the board, there are differences in the juice charged to book that bet. How To: Shopping MLB Total Lines For example, the total for a matchup between the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets might be set at 8.5 runs depending on the matchup on the mound. That 8.5 total is probably going to remain the same across five or six different online sportsbooks. Where you will find a value play in that game is in the accompanying juice. Book A might go with the standard -110 on the OVER and the UNDER. Yet, Book B might have the OVER at +100 even money while charging -115 juice to bet the UNDER. Online sportsbooks would rather play around with the juice to balance things out as opposed to moving the actual line by a half run either way. Your job as an avid MLB bettor is to shop those total lines. You can do so across a handful of top-rated online sportsbooks to find best value in the actual bets you place. MUST READ > HANDICAPPING 2022 NFL WIN TOTALS Reduced Juice Counts Over the Year Once again, saving an extra $5 or $10 in sportsbook commissions on any wager is going to add up to quite a bit of savings over the course of the year. You should get in the habit of finding the lowest juice possible. This is for every sports bet you make! Popular sports betting sites such as Smarter Bettor is a great starting point for betting MLB total lines. All the heavy lifting is already done with posted betting boards that compare one online book to next for each day’s games. These boards are constantly being updated with the latest numbers possible. Unless you find a game you love, betting MLB games as close to the opening pitch as possible is another great way to find the best value in the betting lines. Comparing betting lines close to opening pitch is a smart way to wager. Shopping MLB Total Lines There are a number of great options to make the most of your sports betting efforts. This is especially true this time of year when daily MLB games are the only action on the board. Betting baseball might not be as big as football and basketball when it comes to the overall sports betting handle. Yet, MLB betting actually offers more value in the odds as opposed to NFL and NBA games. Given the sheer volume of baseball games played, it becomes rather easy to spot the value in the posted odds.  Going back to betting the MLB total line. Current betting trends on a team-by-team basis can also be helpful in uncovering value. Shopping MLB total lines is a must. For example, the Houston Astros are one of the best pitching teams in the Majors. Yet, they are much further down the list when it comes to scoring runs. This sets up a natural lean towards betting the UNDER in any game they play.

Let’s get into some 2022 NFL Win Totals. A look at Odds for 2022 NFL Win Totals One of the most popular NFL futures bets for the upcoming season is on a team’s projected win total for the 17-game schedule. Now that we know the actual home and away lineup for each team’s games on a week-by-week basis. You can actually apply some handicapping skills to the whole win total equation. Each NFL team’s total projected wins have been posted for quite some time. Free agency, the recent college player draft and the official schedule release have impacted the early money on these types of NFL futures bets. The juice at most online sportsbooks was originally set at -115 for the OVER and the UNDER on that projected total. As money started coming in on specific bets, that juice moved accordingly. For example, the OVER on the Baltimore Ravens’ projected 9.5 wins have been a hot bet at -145 odds. The AFC’s Buffalo Bills have been another hot betting team this offseason. The money line odds for the OVER on 11.5 wins is now -130. NFL Overall Handicapping Value Handicapping NFL win totals is all about finding the value in the odds. Just because the betting public is hot on one side versus the other, does not make it a good bet. You need a solid reason to bet the OVER or UNDER on any team’s projected wins. Popularity with early football bettors is not a good reason. Washington is a franchise in turmoil with the team owner in the news for all the wrong reasons. With a projected total of eight wins in 2022, there may be some actual value in betting the -130 odds on the UNDER. A great starting point for finding the best value is to start with all the plus money betting options. You can get +115 odds on the UNDER 9.5 wins for the San Francisco 49ers. There is some great talent on this team. But winning 10 or more games would still be quite an accomplishment. More than a few things went their way in last year’s 10-7 campaign that could easily work against the 49ers this season. You can also get +130 for betting the UNDER 8.5 wins for the Minnesota Vikings. They have only crossed the eight-win mark twice in their last six seasons. MUST READ > OFFSHORE VS. US SPORTSBOOKS: FLEXIBLE BANKING Tips When Handicapping 2022 NFL Win Totals The real trick to handicapping NFL win total futures is to look past current public perception. You need to make an honest assessment of any NFL team. Then take a closer look at its actual regular season schedule. Take most of the weight off of last year’s results. Then look for where that same team might get derailed in 2022. Look at road games coming off a Monday night game. Or games with extended travel issues for teams on the East or West Coast. Maybe back-to-back road games against division opponents. These are all important factors when it comes to one extra win or one extra loss during the season. The Kansas City Chiefs have won at least 10 games in each of the past seven seasons. Betting the UNDER on 10.5 wins at -115 does not make all that much sense. However, there are more than enough NFL teams with very little consistency from one season to the next that definitely add value to the UNDER bet on their projected total wins.

Flexible banking doesn’t just make things easier. It helps to keep sportsbooks honest. Offshore Sportsbook vs. US Sportsbook Given the sheer number of online sports betting outlets in today’s marketplace, it has never been easier to wager on your favorite sports and sporting events. Maybe you are looking to bet an in-game parlay for the NBA playoffs. Or a Top 10 finish in professional golf’s next Major. There are ample ways to place a timely bet on a wide array of sports betting options. The current online sports betting industry is broken down into two distinct segments. Offshore sportsbooks operating a global online betting platform would be considered the established means for placing a sports bet. The network of US-based sportsbook operators is still rather new to the sports betting scene. Going back less than four years, they have set up shop in individual states such as New York and New Jersey in the East As well as Colorado and Arizona in the western part of the country. Hey hockey fans! Check out early NHL Postseason betting trends. More Than Flexible Banking The primary issue with US-based online sportsbooks is effective coverage. Offshore sportsbooks remain the only game in town in major sports betting markets. This includes states such as Florida, Texas and California. Consistency is another major issue. With each individual state in the US market determining its own set of sports betting rules and regulations. One of the biggest reasons why the offshore sportsbook industry captured such a large share of the US market was the built-in flexibility. Most offshore sportsbooks are fully licensed and regulated in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica. In turn, these operators have far more leeway to give sports betting customers exactly what they are looking for. Increased Flexible Banking Online A prime example of this high level of flexibility is online banking options. There are any number of ways to both fund an online sportsbook account as well as request withdrawals. A prime example is cryptocurrency options as a means for moving funds in and out of an account. In just a few years, Bitcoin and other forms of crypto have become one of the most popular ways to bank online at offshore books. Crypto has become a popular banking option All the top-rated offshore betting sites operating their own online platform have gone out of their way to feature crypto as the preferred banking option. The use of bitcoin and other cryptos at US-based online sportsbooks remains a work in progress. Currently there is no set timeline for implementation. Meanwhile, the added fees to move money in and out of a US-based online account continue to pile up. Save on Fees & Earn More Many traditional methods to make payments and request withdrawals come with added fees tied to transactions. This can add up over time to take a significant bite out of your sports betting balance. Given today’s modern business practices and high level of online security. Moving money in and out of an online account using crypto has proven to be the safest, easiest and fastest banking option available. Many of the highest rated offshore books have gone out of their way to heighten all three of those aspects. Through the use of a comprehensive online tutorial on banking with bitcoin and other cryptos. These same books will walk you through the entire process step by step. Once you see for yourself just how safe, easy and fast it is to bank with crypto. You will be a customer for life.

Some early NHL postseason betting trends are showing up. And it’s time to profit from them. Early NHL Postseason Betting Trends The NHL playoffs got underway with the calendar turning the page to the month of May. Through one week of action, smarter bettors are already paying close attention to the early NHL postseason betting trends. Some are cashing in on some big winning plays at their favorite online sportsbooks. There are eight different best-of-seven matchups in the opening round of this season’s NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Through the first 28 games of play, the home team has won 58.3% of the time. The winning rate for the favorite in those games is also 58.3%. Early scoring has been through the roof with 62.5% of the games going OVER the closing total line. Only one NHL playoff contest has been decided in overtime with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their series opener against the New York Rangers in the third overtime period. Before we move on, did you get a wager in on the Kentucky Derby? Get ready for the next leg of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing. Check out betting head-to-head horse racing matchups. Mostly Tight Playoff Matchups Play remains tight heading into Monday night’s four Game 4 matchups. Four of the series are knotted at two games apiece with a crucial Game 5 tilt set for Tuesday night. With the exception of the Colorado Avalanche’s 3-0 series lead against Nashville. The other seven series are too close to call. The two trends that stand out the most from the early postseason action in the NHL is the higher scoring and blowout games. Betting the OVER definitely offers some added value along with getting a more favorable price on the favorite betting a NHL three-way line. With only one game tied at the end of regulation, overtime has not been a factor through the first seven days of action. Jump on Early NHL Postseason Betting Trends Everything could turn on a dime given the unpredictable nature of playoff hockey. But riding the early trends still makes sense until they do. Hockey oddsmakers have already adjusted the betting lines accordingly. Heading into Monday night’s games, the road team is favored across the board on the opening money line. The total for those four games is set at six or higher for three of the four contests. Scoring is up in the NHL Playoffs A total of 28 goals were scored in Sunday’s four games with seven or more goals scored in three of the four matchups. Going back to Saturday’s action, that total added up to 34 goals with six or more goals scored in all four contests. That is a trend that is just too hard to ignore. OVER Providing Solid Value Even if the scoring dies down a bit early in the week. Betting the OVER could continue to add value as each of these eight series wear on. Of all NHL postseason betting trends, this one has offered huge value. Checking the adjusted series price odds, everything has tightened up given just how close these opening round matchups have been. With the exception of Colorado as a prohibitive favorite to close out Nashville, you can also find some solid betting value in those adjusted series odds. Moving on to the adjusted NHL futures, the Avalanche remain the clear favorites to win this season’s Stanley Cup title at +250 odds. The two best value bets on the board could be the Tampa Bay Lightning at +1200 out of the Eastern Conference and the Minnesota Wild out of the West at +1400.  The main takeaway from these early results is the overall excitement of NHL playoff hockey. The unpredictable nature of these games offers the ultimate test when it comes to your NHL playoffs handicapping skills.

Head-to-Head horse racing matchups are a great way to supplement your pony picks. Triple Crown of Horse Racing One of the biggest sports betting events of the year is the annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Open to the best three-year old Thoroughbred race horses, the first Saturday in May becomes a special time of the year in Louisville. The entire live card of horse racing at Churchill Downs on Derby Day is filled with major graded events with major prize purses in place. The money paid out for the Kentucky Derby alone is set at $3 million. All told, there are seven graded events on the card with more than $8 million up for grabs. The Kentucky Derby may be the biggest single-day horse betting event of the year. However, this race is just one of the many annual events that attract quite a bit of action. Action from both avid sports betting fans and new ones. HEY BOOKIES! IS YOUR PAY PER HEAD BETTING BOARD MAXIMIZING OPPORTUNITY? Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups at Your Racebook Today’s best online sportsbooks also offer the means to bet on horse racing through a separate, dedicated racebook. You will have full access to every race on a track’s live card using actual pari-mutuel track odds. Given the comprehensive nature of a sportsbook’s online racebook. You will have access to any track running a daily card. This includes all of North America as well as racing hot spots in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and Dubai. If you are looking to diversify your handicapping strategy for horse racing’s biggest events of the year. These same sportsbooks will expand their available betting markets with added fixed odds options. Fixed Odds at the Kentucky Derby The most common fixed odds horse betting option are posted futures for major graded events. For example, you can bet on any of the 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby field at a fixed-odds price to win. Your odds are locked in when the bet is actually placed. A horse’s actual odds at post time of that race do not factor into your bet. One of the most exciting ways to bet on horse racing through the sports betting board at your favorite online book is using the fixed odds covering individual head-to-head matchups. America\'s Bookie has a huge selection of bets If you decide to go chalk on the favorite against the next horse in the field at the best odds. Your choice does not have to win that race or even finish in the top 3 to pay off a winning play. That horse only has to finish that race in a better position than the other entry they were pitted against. Why Head-to-Head Horse Racing Matchups Head-to-Head horse racing matchups odds are a great way to find the best betting value in the numbers. These types of bets use money line odds to distinguish the favorite from the underdog. There is a higher risk for betting the favorite and a higher return for betting on the underdog. The true value in betting head-to-head matchups is the unpredictable nature of horse racing in general. Even-money favorites lose everyday while horses with heavy odds come out of nowhere to upset the field. Add in the fact that up to 20 entries compete in the Kentucky Derby each year. This sets up a world of opportunity to bet this race using head-to-head matchup odds. The bigger the race, the bigger selection of fixed odds options. With major graded events on the board almost every weekend of the year, you can always find some added action for head-to-head horse racing matchups. Are you lost and asking yourself how the heck do I bet on horses? Check out HOW TO BET ON HORSES.

As a bookie agent, your pay per head betting board is the life blood of your sports business. On one hand, you are always looking to maintain a high level of control over your betting markets. It’s all about what\'s offered, covering all sports leagues on your board. On the other hand, you always need to keep the playing field level against the big commercial sportsbooks. Yes, you still do have to compete against them. No need to fear though. With advanced pay per head tools offered by your PPH service, the hard work is done for you. Your Pay Per Head Betting Board If one of your active betting customers cannot find the action they are looking for through your bookie board, they will turn elsewhere to place that bet. Fortunately, today’s best pay per head bookie services sites know how to keep that playing field competitive. They do this across every aspect of your bookie business. However, if you are working with a PPH service that cannot keep you ahead of the curve at all times. It is most likely time for a change. Professional Betting Board Management Tools Just like any industry, there are levels of proficiency across every level. Unfortunately, there are a few PPH services that cannot meet the growing demands of today’s advanced private bookie operations. There is also a large base of adequate pay per head sites. But they are even lagging behind the times when it comes to product innovation and professional business support. Top-Rated PPH Services The best choice for your independent bookie operation is a top-rated pay per head site with a proven record of success in the sports betting industry. The ‘best of the best’ are concentrated in Costa Rica. It is the center of the universe for pay per head bookie software providers. The PPH sites at the top of this list have a wealth of experience in the sports betting industry. This is coupled with a high level of expertise in the realm of sportsbook software solutions. The combination of both produces a weekly pay per head bookie solutions package that is comprehensive in design. The best part? This is a turnkey application. You can sign on for one of these PPH services at a very affordable weekly rate per active bettor. These sites are the biggest and best the industry has to offer. Given their favorable economies of scale, they are also the most competitively priced bookie services in the industry. Pay Per Head Betting Board Once you align your private bookie business with the proper pay per head site. You can successfully undertake the task of building out a professional sports betting board. Your betting board needs to meet and exceed each of your sports betting customer’s overall needs. You need to look for the best price per head sportsbook software! By working with the right PPH site, you will have ongoing access to in-house sports betting experts formulating the sharpest betting lines in the industry. In turn, these PPH services have developed working relationships with the best external sports betting line setters in the industry. This guarantees sharp betting odds covering a wide range of sports leagues.  By working with the pros, you can also expand the range and scope of betting markets covered. Scaling down your betting board to control risk and gain higher control puts you at risk of losing business. By ramping up your betting board to a higher level, you can increase your overall betting handle while also increasing your overall hold on that added weekly volume. A higher handle with a higher hold while actually maintaining your active betting base is the best formula for success as a private bookie agent.

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