The month of October kicks off betting action for a new season of games in the NHL. Hockey may not be nearly as big as football betting this time of the year, but savvy bettors understand that it is all about winning money when it comes to betting on the games, no matter what sport you are wagering on. Betting early season NHL games at online bookies can offer quite a bit of value if you know where and how to look. The following are three basic tips for betting NHL games early in the season that can improve your overall winning percentage. --The Wait and See Approach Too many sports bettors put the NHL on the backburner to focus all of their handicapping efforts on college football and the NFL. By the time these bettors decide to get on board, the Oddsmakers have already had enough time to sharpen their lines. At the other end of the spectrum are the diehard NHL bettors that are looking to bang the books on opening day. The smartest strategy lies somewhere in between. Sports Betting Blog – Great articles to help make you a smarter bettor Coaching changes, player personnel movement and the long layoff all play a factor in the opening round of regular season NHL games. Most betting advice is geared towards last season’s results and projected results for this season. The biggest betting story from last season was the way the expansion Vegas Golden Knights played right out of the gate. Nobody saw that run all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals coming. When you play an 82-game regular season, the wins and losses are going to add up quick. Taking the first one or two weeks of the new season to watch and track the results without the risking any money on an actual bet, will provide a solid foundation of stats, facts and betting trends to quickly get you up to speed. --Carefully Track the Early Results Even the top NHL handicappers in the country cannot agree on the idea of early games favoring defense and goalies or offense and the sharpshooters. The reason they cannot agree is the simple fact that there is no right or wrong answer. These are the types of things that need to play themselves out in the early part of the season. Tracking a team’s primary goaltender from his first start of the season will immediately point to which goalies are already in mid-season form and which ones could have used a few more exhibition games to work out the kinks. Trending Sports Betting News – Find blog posts from 100’s online sports sites A hot goalie early in the season can not only win games for their teams, they can add value to the UNDER bet on the total line. The same can be said for the sharpshooters in the league. Teams scoring goals early and often points to a coaching scheme that has the right players on the right lines. Even the highest scoring teams in the league go through dry spells, but you are looking for the teams that have gotten hot lighting the lamp right out of the gate. A hot line that is producing multiple points in a singe game can often times lead to early wins as well as a winning bet on the OVER on the total line. --Become a Subject Matter Expert There are 31 teams in the NHL playing in four separate divisions. The ultimate NHL betting junkie is going to take the time to get a thorough understanding of every team in the league as part of their handicapping process. If you do not fall into that category, then why not take your favorite NHL Division and become a subject matter expert for those eight teams. Familiarity breeds a higher level of predictability, so you would only have the concentrate your efforts on the head-to-head division matchups that fit the bill.

Humans are always looking to gain an edge, no matter who it is against. With the margin between winning and losing so small in the sports betting industry, sometimes it is the smallest edge that will make a difference. Did you know bettors need to win 52.4% of their bets just to break even, and a winning percentage of 55% would provide big profits, of course depending on wager amounts? Finding what works for you to gain an edge is key, but smart bettors use 2 or 3 sportsbooks to find an instant edge.   Shopping for Lines and Comparing Odds If there is one reason for you to use multiple sportsbooks is the ability for line shopping. If you have read any of my stuff before, I recommend creating your own power ranking system in order to properly handicap games. Doing so before looking at your sportsbook’s lines can give you a better perspective on how you truly feel a game with play out.   How to Read Sports Odds - basic understanding of how to read sports betting odds By creating your own lines, shopping around various sportsbooks for the line that best suits your bet will often times become the difference between winning and losing. Don’t kid yourself and think that every sportsbook offers the same lines on every game. I used to work for a pick service, and the software we used dragged lines from over 25 sportsbooks. The variation surprised me. There are many reasons why sportsbooks have different lines, but the most common are the demographic of their players and access to competitive lines. I know quite a few bookies, and for this discussion we are going to talk about two, one from Boston and one from New York. It is no secret that a lot of sports fans are homers, and believe in their team to the bitter end. I admire this, but when it comes to betting, it may not be the best strategy. What it causes though is the NY bookie to shade his Giant lines, while the Boston bookie always shades his Patriot lines. If you are looking to bet against either of these teams, there is a good chance you will find a better line with either of these. Not all sportsbooks are the same size, whether it’s employees or their operating budget. Whatever the reason, some books just do not have the personnel to be able to properly monitor lines, and more importantly get them moved.   How You Can Become a Smarter Bettor Line shopping isn’t limited to point spreads either, so if you are someone that likes to bet moneylines, shopping around is a must. You regularly see sportsbooks with different moneyline odds, so be sure to see where your best value lies.   Betting Backup Although it does not happen often to the larger online sportsbooks because they have their own backup contingency plan, when it does happen it is very frustrating. Having 2 or 3 sportsbooks will eliminate this issue. After trying to login into one account a couple times just to receive errors as start time quickly creeps up, you simply try your next book, and get your bet in there. It may not seem like a big deal, but if this has ever happened to you, you know the feeling. Even if it only happens two or three times a year, having a betting backup in the form of multiple sportsbooks will eliminate this issue all together.   Bonuses and Contests It is no secret that the online sports betting industry is highly competitive and sportsbooks get very inventive when it comes to ways to give back to their players. Bonuses and contests will help you stretch your betting dollar, so naturally using more sportsbooks and getting more bonuses and contests if a big plus. There are different rules, regulations and rollovers for every book, and by knowing these, you can cater to your own needs when depositing, withdrawing, etc. By getting the most out of each deposit will give you one more little edge that you are always searching for. What is better than getting free entry into a Last Man Standing pool? How about getting free entry into three Last Man Standing pools. In the end, by using bonuses and contests to your advantage, it can potentially increase your bottom-line and turn a losing season into a winning one. Other advantages include middling opportunities, more betting options and post times, but line shopping, having a proper backup and using bonuses and contests to get the most of your betting budget are most important. I recommend using three sites to give you a really good feel for the different lines, because more can be too confusing, while two is not quite enough variety. By putting a couple more sportsbooks in your stable will undoubtedly increase your profitability. Deposit 33% of your betting budget into each account, using their extras to get the most out of them. Getting a point here or a half point there, or getting a moneyline with better odds is the easiest way to make you a smarter bettor.

Sports in general would have to top the list of favorite pastimes for the entire world. From crazy US College and NFL football fans, to soccer hooligans scattered across the globe to the friendly cricket match goers, everyone loves sports. Another favorite of most is making money off of sports. Short of being a multi-millionaire owner of a professional sport squad, options are scanty if you want to profit from sports. A lot of people try to make money betting on sports, but few are good at it. Bookmakers make their fair share, there is that, but you don’t have the time to become a bookie. Another way to make money in sports is to start selling your sports betting picks and advice. How You Can Become a Smarter Bettor Like any other business, you need a business plan. How will you sell your picks? Subscription, package, individual or a combination of them? What’s your marketing plan, how will bettors looking for a pick service find you? How will your clients get your picks, how will your send for best results that your clients get them in a timely fashion? How much your picks will cost your clients is another major element. However, I still haven’t talked about perhaps the most important factor if you are going to succeed in the sports handicapping business. You can’t suck. If you don’t regularly pick winners, all bets are off. This may seem obvious, but I’ve gotten in trouble in the past assuming common sense. This is a tough enough business to break into if you’re not a well-known handicapper, but you have no chance of getting the public to pay for bad picks. Let’s start from the top. What selling model will you use? A subscription will let users pay a set fee on a weekly or monthly basis while packages will bring you money for a full NFL season or daily MLB baseball. Selling individual picks is also an option, but if it were up to me, I’d have as many options to pay to buy picks as the customer wanted.  - Professional Handicappers and Online Sportsbooks Marketing, next to a great winning percentage, is the most important factor if you want your pick service to be successful. I can’t stress enough how important it is to market your services to the correct demographic in order to maximize your chances of acquiring paying customers. Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool giving you great exposure to a specific demographic for reasonable fee. Here I go assuming again, but you’re starting a website too right? I would strongly recommend creating a website that is easy to navigate and laid out in an organized fashion. Too many bells and whistles turn some off, so just stay modern and make it easy for the customer to find what they’re looking for. If you have a budget that can afford them, sports talk radio on satellite offer decent rates for airtime, and are hitting the exact population you’re looking for. Driving traffic to your site through social media as well as using SEO (search engine optimization) strategies is a must in order to compete in this game. 5 Things to Look For When Choosing an Online Sportsbook The next decision is how your clients will get your picks. Through your website would be the obvious start, but if you really want to please your players, something easier for them should be considered. A Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send multimedia content straight to a mobile phone or any other mobile device, and is readily available. Email and an answering system are options, but who wants to listen to a pick on a voicemail? Not me. I’m going to leave costing for you, you can figure out your own pricing, but if you are a great sports handicapper, maybe starting your own pick service is something you should look into. Before I leave, going way back to the top, becoming a bookie is really not out of reach with the help of a Pay Per Head bookie software. Take a look at some of the PPH reviews found here on this site. After signing up with a PPH site, with one small fee per head, you instantly have your own website with a world-class sportsbook. Will you still want to sell picks?

The difference between being a winning or a losing bettor is a difference of a couple of percentage points. Professional handicappers lose 40-45% of their bets, and if those losses are not managed in the correct way, your profit margin will sink as quick as the Titanic. By using these basic strategies, you will instantly become a smarter bettor. Value Finding value in your bets is the best place to start, because if you do, you’re automatically going to win more. When I think about value, I can’t help but think about the TV show Pawn Stars. The premise of the show if you haven’t seen it is they are a pawn shop that buy items from people off the street, among other things of course. Rick Harrison, one of the shops owners, is a shrewd negotiator that will not buy anything unless there is real value in it. Even if he brings in a professional appraiser to price the item, he will always pay less than half of what the item was appraised at. It’s the only way to win, and help give you the best chance to profit over a long period of time. Smarter Bettor - Professional Handicappers and Online Sportsbooks Let “square” bettors sway the line in your favor, and then jump on the value. Players that constantly wager on heavy moneyline favorites just aren’t finding the best value being offered on the betting menu that day. Emotions Take your emotions out of play all together. You need to develop a strategy and stick to it. No matter if you have files and files of excel spreadsheets or you pay for a pick service, however you decide which games you are going to wager on, don’t deviate from the plan. When talking emotions, having a “homer” attitude and betting with your heart, bad beats and being intoxicated would all fall under that category. Betting on your team is lots of fun, but can sometimes be a bankroll killer. If your team is having a “down season”, and betting them to cover has been detrimental, have a look at other betting options for that game. Live betting will offer you a full array of betting options all game long. Bad beats lead to players “going on tilt” with alcohol being the fuel that could fire it. Do you think casinos serve free alcohol to those gambling because they like them? Going on tilt refers to a player that gets upset at something and let’s his/her emotions take over, leading to bad decisions. Sports Handicapping Sites, Are they Worth the Time? How many bad stories have you heard that start with, “I was out having a few drinks, and…..” Although many things will affect how we react, alcohol is one that is readily available and goes hand in hand with sports. Be sure to set a budget and follow it, which leads us into our last point. Money Management Establish a bankroll, set a budget, formulate a unit size and stick to it. These four steps will not only help with the first two strategies, but money management may be the most important thing to consider when considering what will make you a smarter bettor. To even consider making any money betting on sports you will need a start with a sensible bankroll. One that is big enough to take a few hits and not be a worry. The only definite in sports betting is that there will be ups and downs. Most smart gamblers will use units, which would break down into a % of your bankroll. You’ll see an average of 3% per bet, with pros taking it up to 5%. Units are good when you feel confident about a wager (higher unit value) and when you’re iffy about an outcome (lower unit value). Budgets vary, but using a combination of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily practices is most common. Not only will these give more order to your wagers, but it will also help to stop you from chasing your tail after a bad beat and a few too many tequila shots. This article definitely wasn’t providing any breaking news, with all these strategies being common every day things, but the amount of bettors that overlook these is astounding. Don’t tell the sportsbooks, but by following these three basic strategies, you will be winning more and losing less.

One of the burning questions for anyone who loves to bet on sports at an online sportsbooks is whether you should turn to a professional sports handicappers for your picks. Going it on your own is free, but it could be costly if you lose more than you win. Turning a professional selections service for your picks can be costly, but it can also provide a much better return on your entire investment. The first thing to take into consideration is your overall sports betting budget. You should never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. A sports betting bankroll should consist of discretionary funds and the actual amount of your sports bets should correlate to stretching this budget over a designated length of time. How to Find a Trustworthy Sports Betting Pick Service For example, if you are setting your NFL budget for the upcoming season, your goal is stretch that bankroll over the course of at least 17 weeks to mirror the length of league’s regular season. Assuming more wins than losses along the way, you will still have some discretionary funds to use in the postseason right through the Super Bowl. The next part of the process is designate a value for your unit bets. If you are a casual bettor, you might start with $5 per unit. If you have some extra money to burn, you can increase that amount accordingly. The amount of units bet on each game should always be a measure of confidence. Everyone of your picks is not an 8-unit play, so you need to determine your level of confidence and bet accordingly. Two big takeaways from this process is stretching your bankroll to last all season and staying true to your unit plays. You should never increase the amount of your unit bet, but you should increase the total units bet to match your confidence in that particular wager. Moving to the third step in the betting process is where the professional handicapper comes in. If you are betting five dollars a unit, chances are the amount of money you are paying for a sports selection package will cost you more than it is worth even when you win. Unless you plan to bet big and bet often, the economies of scale are not there to dedicate a substantial portion of your sports betting bankroll to buying picks. 5 Things to Look For When Choosing an Online Sportsbook If you plan to bet heavy and bet often on a wide variety of sporting events, you could probably benefit from some professional help, especially if the actual winning percentage on your own is well below 50 percent. You need to take the time to shop around for the right selection packages, but cheaper is definitely not better in this game. There are any number of hucksters out there that consider themselves to be professionals. You should only turn to trusted sources for information on any sports betting package options and you should only buy a sports betting package from an expert handicapper with a proven and well-documented record of success. Even the best professional sports handicappers are shooting for winning percentage of 60 percent, which leaves quite a bit of room for error. You could catch a capper at the start of an extended losing streak, so you need to be committed to the long haul to achieve the best return on investment. Just like you need to set a confidence level for the bets you place on your own, you need to develop a confidence level for the picks you buy. There is some definite trial and error in this process. However, once you do lock-in on a professional who has delivered proven winning results in the past, you can divert your attention to other facets of your overall sports betting strategy such as finding the right online sportsbooks to do business with.

Now that the Stanley Cup and Larry O’Brien trophies have been handed out, (congrats to the Washington Capitals and Golden State Warriors), it’s time to start shifting gears to the most wonderful time of the year for sports bettors. Yes, that’s the football season! While it may be a little early to really shift your focus to betting on the National Football League and NCAA football, it’s never too early to take a look at the options that are out there for where you are going to place those bets. I have been an avid bettor for a couple decades now, and there are 5 things that I consider to be very important when choosing where I am doing to deposit my money and lay cash down. 1. Site Reputation: The first thing I have to consider is whether or not my online sportsbook can be trusted with my hard earned money. I want to be sure that when I make a deposit, not only will the site have limited downtime, letting me place a bet when I want, but also, will they be there to send me my winnings when I want them. Doing your own research can be very time consuming, but in the end, it will be more than worth it. Take the time to search the internet, ask friends and acquaintances that are into betting where they bet, what their experiences are, and if they prefer one site over another, and why. There are plenty websites around that offer sportsbook reviews, but be somewhat leery of these, as some sportsbook review sites are owned by sportsbooks themselves, and can have a biased opinion. As well, some review sites receive payments from sportsbooks to “give them a leg up” on the competition, so make sure you visit multiple sites before you make your decision. Lastly, once you’ve narrowed down your options to two or three books, give their customer service number a call. Tell them you are considering them as your new sportsbook, but have some questions before making your initial deposit. Their response to your questions, and how they treat you should go a long way to help you make your decision. 2. Getting Paid: This sort of goes hand in hand with number 1, but to me, this is the most important thing to be sure of when choosing an online sportsbook. There’s nothing worse than going on a hot streak, winning a few bucks, only to have to wait a month to get your money, or if you get it at all. Make sure you go with a sportsbook that is known to not only payout, but payout on time. My sportsbook allows payout from Tuesday through Thursday, and I normally see the money within 24 hours. Be sure to find out their payment options, and how easy it will be to get your money after you request a payout. Common forms of payouts include MoneyGram and Western Union, but I have seen bank wires, re-loaded debit cards and BitCoin, so be sure if these are your options, that one of these are readily available in your area. 3. Mobile Betting: My sportsbook’s mobile betting interface is very important to me. I spend a lot of time on the road, and I don’t like to drag my computer with me everywhere. My book needs to have an easy to use mobile version so I can jump on my phone at a moments notice and get my bet in quickly and efficiently. There are times I am listening to sports talk radio just prior to the start of a game, and I get a piece of information that springs me into action to get a bet in on acertain side. I don’t want to have to mess around, knowing that the game will go off soon. I want to tap my screen, take me to my book, get the bet in, enter my password, and BOOM, bet placed. This is extremely important to me. 4. Betting Options: This one covers a few things that I find necessary in the online sportsbook I choose. I’m not just talking about the types of bets I can make, but options outside of betting sports. Sure, all sportsbooks offer straight bets, totals and parlays; but do you want to bet teasers, first and second half lines, live betting or prop bets? I do! So make sure if this is what you are looking for, that your new sportsbook offers these options. On top of that, I love betting horses, so my book has to include a racebook so I can get those in too. How about a live casino? Yes, you can learn more and play some poker or slots from the privacy of your own home. All of these options will make your experience with your book that much more enjoyable. 5. Competitiveness of Lines and Odds: Last, but certainly not least, is the competitiveness of the lines and odds your online sportsbook has to offer. Where do they get their lines from, and how often are they updated? This can certainly make or break your bottom-line if you’re not careful. Sometimes a simple half-point here or there can be the difference between winning and losing. We’ve all been there. This is why I like to have accounts at a couple different sportsbooks, so I can compare lines and save a few bucks on the juice here and there. In the end, it will all add up to better account numbers at the end of the year. I hope these 5 things to look for when choosing an online sportsbook have helped. By no means are these the only things to look for, but this is a great start to getting you on your way to an enjoyable betting experience. Do your homework, and make sure you take the time to get any questions you may have answered for you before sending in that initial deposit.

I’ve been taking bets, believe it or not, since I was in high school. Don’t get me wrong, it was much, MUCH different back in the day then it is now, but nevertheless, in one way or another, I’ve been running the numbers for 25+ years. I didn’t go to college, it wasn’t for me, so I started bartending at a local sports bar with building my bookie business in mind while having a few drinks with my buddies and the customers. After being there for a couple years, I had so many clients, I simply could not take anymore. That’s when a customer asked me if I had heard of Pay Per Head services, and at that time, the idea for completely foreign to me. He explained it to me, and I took him up on it. PPH was quite different then, but about 10 years ago I was reading about an offshore Pay Per Head company, and started doing some research. And am I ever glad I did. It has changed my life. I took a couple months, read up on offshore PPH’s and took the plunge and signed up. In turn, I got all my clients to sign up, and they couldn’t have been happier either. They got so many more betting options on all sports, with parlays, teasers, a near infinite number of props and numerous others. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an offshore Pay Per head service. First thing’s first, the question I get asked almost every day, what is an offshore Pay Per Head service? PPH is an online service for bookies, offered by an online management service. A PPH service basically helps the agent (bookie) run their business for a rate, depending on the number of active players on a weekly basis. As an agent, you and your clients get access to professional level sports betting software without opening your own sportsbook, which obviously would be very expensive and time consuming. You will get the security, technology and software, including lines and odds to help build your business in a coordinated manner, at the same time giving your clients a vast array of betting options. Do you still take bets and write them by hand? Do you make your own calculations and accounting in process of making it more relevant it with main concepts on making digital marketing plan the and need to find each win and loss to figure out what the total is at the end of the week? I remember doing that at the bar, and looking back, I’m sure I lost money on my calculations alone, not even taking into account the time I spent doing it. Well, worry about that no longer. When you sign up with an offshore PPH service, all that is done for you. As soon as a game has ended, and has been graded (usually happens very quickly), each of your bettor’s accounts will be updated in real time, letting both the bettor and the agent know exactly where the account stands. These reports are primarily used at the end of the week, helping with collections and payouts, helping keep your customers happy with quick payments. We know all successful bookies pay fast. You basically have your day-to-day operations handled for you, giving you more time to do other things, like grow you business. The question I get asked the second most is what does it cost. On average, PPH services charge $10 per head. That’s right, you get all of these services for only $10 per head/week. You only get charged for active clients, so during down times of the betting season, you will only get charged for clients that have placed a bet that week. Most PPH services provide excellent customer service, with employees that are very well trained on the in’s and out’s of the service’s options, which are many. PPH services allow you to customize accounts for each of your clients, which will help you limit losses. Let’s go over some of the positives: 1. You get world-class sports betting software, providing you with the technology and security of large online sportsbooks. 2. Vast array of betting options for your clients. 3. Most of the work is handled for you. 4. Top-shelf customer service to help you get the most out of your service. 5. Affordable costs 6. Most offer a free trial There has to be some cons you say. Well, like any service, there will be some cons. Some of them include: 1. There will be some limitations when it comes to customizing your service. The limitations will depend on the PPH provider you choose, and the software they use. 2. Must be careful to choose the right provider, as some will not be as reliable as others, leading to website downtime and software failure. 3. Not all will provide exemplary customer service. 4. Even if a client doesn’t bet much in a week, you still pay a set fee. You can avoid the majority of the cons if you do your homework and choose the right PPH service. You want to do all the needed research, try to connect with users of the service to hear what they have to say, and what they recommend. Before choosing, call their customer service, and ask every question you have. How they treat you and their answers will go a long way to making your choice that much easier. How knowledgeable is their staff? Were they able to answer all your questions, and did they show experience? A great question to ask is if they provide racebook, casino and live betting services. Ask about their technology. Do they have firewalls and backups, how about their security procedures? What is their confidentiality policy? How about their software, do they use a reputable service, is the interface easy to use and fully customizable? Asking these questions will help you on your way to minimizing the cons. So if you are like I was many years ago, with limited player options and accounting was taking the majority of your time, it sounds like a quality Pay Per Head service is for you. Do your homework, ask the right questions, and get on your way to a happier you, and more importantly, happier clients that will place more bets, increasing your business at the same time. This is the perfect time of the year to get started. It’ll give both you and your clients the opportunity to work out all the bugs before the start of football season. Give the free trial a go, and see for yourself. I can guarantee it’ll be the best decision you ever made.

If you landed on this page and are reading this article, chances are you like to bet on sports, and for one reason or another, are considering paying for a sports betting pick service. You’re not alone. Billions and billions of dollars are wagered each year on sports, and 90% of bettors will be in the red at years end. While paying for picks could be a good idea, you need to put the work in to find one that will actually help you win money. Let’s take a look at the pick service industry and what to look for when choosing one. In short, a pick service is a handicapper or a group of handicappers that sell their picks, information and tips to bettors like you. I liken handicappers to stockbrokers. Stockbrokers charge a fee or commission to investors that are looking to put money in the stock market. A sports handicapper is basically doing the same thing, except you are investing on a team (or other side) in the sports betting industry. If you’ve already done some research, you know there are A LOT of handicappers out there. Literally thousands upon thousands. So how do you know which ones are legit and which ones are scams? That’s what I am going to look at, trying to help you weed out the scammers and find the best bang for your buck. I’m not going to sugarcoat it…there are a shitload of scammers out there. Just like some stockbrokers, who try to influence buyers to sway a stock one way or the other to benefit their best interests, so do handicappers. If you know anything about sportsbetting, and in particular, line movements, lines move are made when the majority of money is on one side, and in turn, the line is moved in the opposite direction. Some cappers will try to sway that line in one direction or the other to benefit themselves. A half-point here or there can make a huge difference to your bottom-line at the end of the year. So how can we make sure we’re not being scammed and are getting involved with a trustworthy pick service? Here are some things to watch for when choosing a service. 1. Winning Percentage Verification: You see a lot of handicappers and picks services that are provided by the process of action ac site advertising things like, “We are 10-2 in our last 12 picks”, or “85% winning percentage over the last month!” I want to see those picks, I want to see the dates they were submitted. Not only do I want to see those picks, but I also want to see their picks over the last 3 months, 6 months…even over the past year. How about the dozen picks prior to going on that 10-2 streak they went 2-10? That means they are 12-12, and after you pay your juice, you’re calling up your bookie and making another deposit. A lot of times when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a pick service has a high rate of success, it shouldn’t be a problem to show data to support those numbers. 2. Be Aware of Big Organization With Large Marketing Budgets: Some pick services will lead you to believe that if you join them, you’ll be getting a call from Robin Leach and you’ll be featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. (Am I showing my age with that reference?) If you see a pick service advertising with dudes driving around in fancy cars, surrounded by hot chicks, you may want to consider another service. Reputable pick services and handicappers alike know what they are offering is great, and don’t need to lead you on with a mirage. 3. Do They Specialize In a Particular Sport?: Some services will specialize in one sport or another, so if you are looking to bet 365 days a year, be sure to join aservice that will provide you with picks across all sports. Sure, one capper or service may have a 60% win percentage on football, but that’s not going to help you through the baseball season. Do your homework and make sure it is the right service for you. 4. Cost: Of course, how much the service will cost you has to be considered. We all have to bet within our means. In other words, don’t bet money you don’t have, and definitely don’t spend your mortgage or car payment betting on sports. Bottom-line is, if you have a betting budget of $100/month, and you’re paying $50 a month for a pick service, you’re probably better off doing your own research with the countless amount of free information that can be found on the Internet. If you have a budget of $1000/month and you’re paying $50, then it makes more sense to purchase some help. To put all this together, you see it’s not easy to find a trustworthy and reputable pick service. All I can say is to do your homework, don’t get caught up in fancy handicapper names and marketing geniuses. If something seems to good to be true, go with your gut and make the right decision. If you have friends that like to bet and have used a pick service, ask them their experiences. Get as much information as possible before dishing out the cash. Start small, be sure to read the fine print and most of all, make sure to verify their winning percentage. I hope this was helping to getting you on your way to a winning record.