How to make strong betting choices is the key to your success. Key Points – Making better betting choices comes down to a couple key points. – Knowing how to find value is a key in making strong betting choices. How to Make Strong Betting Choices Bettors of all experience levels usually have a common problem. With sportsbooks now full of betting options, bettors are having a difficult time choosing their bets. There are so many bets on the board now that it can be overwhelming at times. Just choosing a sport can be a chore in itself. There are the major sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey; but bettors can’t forget about sports like soccer, golf, and tennis.  Add in thousands of bet types and the problem becomes even greater. With all these choices, how is the average bettor supposed to choose what to bet on? How can you avoid the trap of staring at your computer screen or smartphone trying to pick a bet? Strong betting choices start with knowing what to look for. Look for Value Not Winners Bettors that simply look for wins are more likely to end up in the red. More wins doesn’t always mean more to the bankroll. Chasing wins is not a strategy that a smart bettor should follow. Here’s why.  Keep in mind that all bets do not pay out the same. Bettors can win tons of bets but still lose money. Bettors have to pay attention to the odds, which can help in finding value. The betting public loves favorites. While favorites tend to win a lot, betting on favorites all the time is a recipe for disaster. As an example, let’s make four bets all on big favorites. We put down $100 each on four favorites all given -500 odds to win. Chasing wins, you go 3-1 and are excited. Three of the four favorites won and, on paper, you look solid. Then, you check your wallet. That tells a different story. The winning bets paid out $20 each giving you $60. The problem is that one of the $100 bets lost meaning the net profit on these four wagers is minus-$40. Do that a couple times in a row and all of a sudden your bankroll is gone. BETTORS READ THIS >>> THE PHILOSOPHY OF SHARP BETTORS That’s why it makes more sense to find strong value bets instead of trying to pick winners and losers. How to Find Value What bettors must understand in order to find value bets is something called implied probability. The idea here is that bettors want to choose bets that will pay more than they should. To help grasp the concept, let’s look at an example. You have two teams - Team Red and Team Black. You believe Team Red has an 80 percent chance of winning. This correlates to Team Red’s odds of winning which are -400. A $100 bet on Red would pay out $25. Let’s say you log in to your sportsbook account and find that Team Red is listed at -200 to win. That correlates to an implied probability of 66.67 percent. You think Red has a better chance of winning than the sportsbook does.  At -200 odds, this bet would pay out $50 to the winner. That’s more than you think it should. That is value and this is the type of scenario that you would look for to make smarter, more valuable bets. Make Strong Betting Choices on Underdogs Bettors can really find value on certain underdogs. This is especially true for MLB bettors. Betting repeatedly on heavy MLB favorites will not add to the bankroll like hitting a few well-placed value bets on underdogs.  Let’s make four bets again, but this time we will place them on four underdogs all given +400 odds. When it’s all said and done, you only won on one of the bets. Compared to the guy betting the favorites, your 1-3 record doesn’t look all that hot.  While the record isn’t great, your bankroll is doing just fine. You lost $300 on the three losing bets, but you won $400 on the winner. That means you profited $100. That is value and repeatedly finding it will not only make you more money, but it will make you a smarter bettor. Find Your Specialty The betting public loves to bet the major sports and there is plenty of value to be found there. What many bettors might not realize is the value to be found in betting on sports like golf, tennis, NASCAR, and more.  Sportsbooks put more of their focus on the big revenue sports. Live betting is relatively new and sportsbooks are still working out the kinks. The odds and lines are tighter on more traditional bets whereas smart bettors can find tremendous odds when betting the winner of a given golf tournament.  It’s common to find the favorite of a golf event listed between +300 and +800. Underdogs in these events come in at even more favorable odds.  Don’t forget the less popular bets in various sports. The First Five Innings bet in MLB, for example, is a great bet when an elite pitcher is on the mound against a weaker team. Bettors can take the elite pitcher’s team to win on the First Five moneyline or cover the First Five spread, whichever bet offers more value. The NBA has its Race to 20 Points. It’s a game prop that provides value to bettors that know what to look for.  You might have an NBA team that is not favored to win, but they score the most first-quarter points in the NBA. You find the team listed at plus-money in the Race to 20 Points. It’s just another example of a bet that offers value. Making strong betting choices comes down to things - finding value and doing the research. Finding quality bets takes time. Take your time, find value, find your niche, and reap the benefits.

The philosophy of sharp bettors impacts your return on investment. Key Points – Sharp bettors are those who bet professionally. – Learning how to spot sharp moves can only help a bettor.  So, not everyone is equally skilled at sports betting. No kidding, right?  But, there are a number of highly skilled sports bettors out there that do it not for fun, but as a means of income. They are professional sports bettors, also known as sharps. If you’re not a sharp, you’re something else. We will define that as well as look at how sharp bettors operate, how to identify sharps, and why that might be important. It all starts with the difference between a sharp and a square. Sharps vs. Squares If you are not a sharp bettor, then you are a square. The Joe Average bettor is a square. You may see the following terms in reference to square bettors: recreational bettors, casual bettors, the betting public.  Square bettors make up the majority of sports bettors. They are in it for the fun of it. Betting on sporting events is a form of entertainment. Squares typically bet smaller amounts and bet mostly on their gut instinct, emotion, and bias. Most square bettors focus on big games, ones that are televised for example. The betting public almost always backs favorites, home teams, popular teams, and teams with more star players. Squares want to believe they are backing the “better” team. If they are lucky, the Joe Average square bettor has a winning percentage right around 50%. What Makes a Sharp Bettor? A sharp bettor, commonly referred to as a wiseguy - think Robert DeNiro’s character in the movie Casino. A sharp is a veteran sports gambler who has not just years of experience, but decades of betting experience. They are smarter bettors and you may be able to find some via the internet. Unlike squares, the philosophy of a sharp bettor is to bet when they find value. Teams and players do not matter. These bets are driven by data, analysis, and years of experience. A sharp bettor will only place a wager when there is a perceived edge against the sportsbook. Otherwise, they don’t bet. These professional bettors are extremely disciplined and they will place bets that make squares scratch their heads. While the public is busy betting on the Yankees, Lakers, and Chiefs; wiseguys are searching anywhere for value. One week, it might be the Houston Texans in the NFL or the Pittsburgh Pirates in MLB. If they don’t find value, sharps simply walk away.  Many professional bettors have their own power ratings system or some sort of mathematical model that they use to develop their own odds on a game. They will compare their numbers with the odds posted at sportsbooks. When they see a discrepancy, they jump on it right away. Another big difference between squares and sharps is that professional bettors tend to wager large amounts on games. While the average bettor might lay down a $20 bill on a game, a sharp might wager $5,000 on the same one.  Sharps will always get the best number possible. Square bettors tend to use one sportsbook. Sharps will get the best price available and doing so makes a difference in their bottom line. Speaking of the bottom line, it’s not just about wins and losses for the pro bettor. Sharps judge themselves on how often they beat the closing line.  MUST READ: ALL YOUR SPORTS BETTING INFO IN ONE PLACE Spotting Sharp Bettors\' Moves If you are thinking about following what the sharps do, you’re probably on the right track. I mean, doing what a professional bettor does would make sense. The issue is how to identify when sharps are betting. One of the easiest ways to spot sharp moves is by comparing the amount of bets to the amount of money wagered. Remember, Joe Public Bettor is busy putting down a 20-spot on a game he likes. It takes a lot of $20s to make up for a $5,000 bet.  Professional bettors also understand the difference between betting on the NFL as compared to college football. The average bettor should know these differences if they want to be successful. Keep in mind, professional bettors are just that - professionals. They are in it to make money. They aren’t wagering $20 a game. With that in mind, you can spot a sharp move when you compare the number of tickets (or bets) to the percentage of money on a certain side of a bet. Here’s an example. Illinois is playing Michigan in a Big Ten college football game. The Wolverines are commanding 75 percent of the tickets. Only 25 percent have bet on Illinois.  The interesting thing - and the thing that indicates sharp movement - is that 55 percent of the money is on Illinois. That is a pretty strong indication that sharps are betting on the underdog Illini. Bettors that can spot this movement can jump on for the ride.  The Steam Move The average bettor will have a hard time spotting a steam move, but it is possible. The steam move results in a sudden, drastic, uniform line move across the entire betting marketplace. It is the result of multiple sportsbooks taking sharp bettors’ action all at once. A professional bettor might make several $20,000 bets, for example, at various sportsbooks. Some of them are likely to be offshore. The average bettor would need the help of a betting service to identify the steam move, but again, if identified, bettors could follow the sharps. The Philosophy of Sharp Bettors - Follow or Not? With all this talk of sharp bettors, the question then is should the average bettor follow the sharps? The easy answer is yes, of course. The only problem is timing. Sharp action will result in line moves. It’s almost impossible to make the exact same bets that sharps are making at the same time. Sharp moves are usually only revealed to the betting public through line movement. By the time a line has moved, the same bet might not be as desirable. Plus, there is the off chance that sharp bettors are using a head fake. Sharps will sometimes attempt to cause a steam move on one side of a bet. After the line shifts to the number they like, the pros then come back and bet heavy on the other side.  Regardless, if you can find a way to follow sharp money, knowing the philosophy of sharp bettors can only help you in the long run.

Get all your sports betting info in one place. Key Points – Bettors can find value in having all of their betting information in one place. – Information is what helps bettors make better decisions. Variety of Sports Sports betting is a popular activity all over the world, and there are a variety of sports that people can bet on. The most popular sports for betting are usually football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. There are also many other sports that people bet on including tennis, golf, boxing, and even auto racing. In addition to traditional sports betting, there is also a growing trend in online sports betting. People can bet on sports events taking place all over the world and now, they can bet live while an event is taking place. With so many different options available, there is sure to be a sport that everyone can enjoy betting on. Odds - All Your Sports Betting Info in One Place Anyone who has ever placed a bet on a sporting event knows that the one of the things you find on your sports betting site are odds. Odds can be confusing. How do sports betting odds work? Basically, the oddsmaker creates lines based on their prediction of the results of a game. These lines are meant to encourage even betting on both sides. Sportsbooks make money by collecting a commission on losing bets, also known as the vigorish, or juice. The odds may also be affected by public opinion. If a lot of people are betting on one team, the sportsbook may adjust the line to encourage more betting on the other team. This is known as line movement. Understanding how sports betting odds work can help you make more informed betting decisions and give you a better chance of winning. Variety of Bets Your sports betting site of choice will allow you to make any of a number of different types of sports bets. The simplest is the moneyline bet. Moneyline bets involve betting on which team will win the game outright. Point spread bets involve handicapping the favored team by a certain number of points. You win if your team wins by more than that margin. Totals bets involve betting on whether the final score will be over or under a certain number. The number is set by oddsmakers. There are also more complex bets like parlays and teasers. Parlays involve combining multiple bets into one.  You win if all of your bets are successful. Teasers are a form of parlay and involve adjusting the point spread in your favor. Again, you need to correctly predict more than one outcome to win the bet. There are many other types of sports bets - futures and prop bets come to mind - you can make, but these are some of the most common. COLLEGE FOOTBALL BETTING MARKETS Reading Sports Betting Lines If you\'re new to sports betting, the betting lines can seem confusing. Here\'s a quick guide to help you understand how to read sports betting lines. The first thing you need to know is that sports betting lines are not simply random numbers. They are actually created by oddsmakers, who use different factors to determine how likely it is that one team will win over another. One of the most important factors they consider is each team\'s past performance. Based on this information, they will assign a \"line\" to each team. This is also called the point spread. To bet on a favored team, you would need to risk more money than you would if you were betting on an underdog. For example, let\'s say that the line for the game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins is -7 for the Patriots (favored) and +7 for the Dolphins (underdog). This means that the Patriots are 7-point favorites. In order to win $100, you would need to bet $107 on them. In contrast, if you wanted to bet on the Dolphins, you would only need to risk $93 dollars to win $100. Of course, sports betting lines are not always this simple. There are also many other types of bets that you can make, such as bets on how many points will be scored in a game or who will win specific quarters or halves. However, understanding how sports betting lines work will give you a good foundation for making any type of bet. Using Statistics in Betting When it comes to sports betting, statistics can be a valuable tool. By analyzing past performance, bettors can gain insights into a team or player\'s likely future performance. This information can then be used to make more informed betting decisions. Having this information available in a comprehensive site is valuable. Bettors can check lines and odds, read previews, look at stats, and make sound betting decisions. Of course, reading and using sports statistics is not an exact science. There is always some element of risk involved. However, by carefully studying the available data, bettors can give themselves a better chance of coming out ahead in the long run. All-in-One - Sports Betting Info It is important to have access to all the necessary information in order to make smart bets. This is where an all-access, all-in-one sports betting site becomes mandatory for the smarter bettor. Users must have all the latest news, tips and analysis from around the sports betting world. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, having all of your betting needs and information in one site is extremely valuable.

College Football betting markets is what we’re learning about today. Key Points – Betting on college football is extremely popular, especially among U.S. bettors. – Winning college football bets starts with understanding the various markets. College Football Betting Markets It is one of the most popular sports for bettors. College football betting markets are a plenty, and loaded with value. And this is each and every week and all season long. They attract bettors by the millions. College football, along with the NFL, makes up the most-watched spectator sport in the U.S. With the increase in popularity of sports betting in general, there are now more bettors than ever entering college football betting markets. To get the most out of betting college football, bettors need to understand some of the basics. ICYMI > ANALYZING NCAA FOOTBALL BETTING ODDS Picking The Moneyline The most basic of bets is the easiest for new bettors to understand. It’s like when you were at school and bet your buddy $20 that Ohio State would beat Rutgers. Your buddy was from New Jersey and was obviously not very bright, but when the Buckeyes won you collected a $20 bill.  We are looking at the premise of the moneyline bet. There are odds involved which will identify which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. The odds will also help to calculate a payout based on how much is wagered. Using the same Ohio State-Rutgers matchup, we may see the moneyline presented like this. Ohio State -750 Rutgers +550 Moneyline favorites are designated with the minus “-” sign and underdogs with the plus “+” sign. The odds help us calculate a payout. In this case, a bettor would have to lay out $750 just to win $100 on the Buckeyes.  On the other end of the bet, a $100 wager on the Scarlet Knights would pay out $550 if they were to pull the upset.  Because of the number of teams (131) in FBS college football, there are huge differences in talent between schools like Ohio State and Rutgers. Upsets happen, but there are occasions when a moneyline underdog might be given +1000 or even +2000 odds to win. Point Spread Bets & College Football Betting Markets Betting the point spread is the most popular of all NCAA football bets. Oddsmakers set a point spread as a means of leveling the playing field between two teams. Again, because of the vast differences in talent among teams, college football bettors should not be surprised by the number of double-digit point spreads.  In the NFL, there are fewer teams and any team can beat any other team in a given week. That’s why double-digit point spreads are not as common in the NFL.  Using the same Ohio State-Rutgers example, oddsmakers level the playing field by giving the Scarlet Knights a certain number of points. Let’s say it is 18.5 points. Essentially, a sportsbook is saying that there is a 50/50 chance that the Buckeyes will win the game by 19 points or more.  The line on the game might look like this. Ohio State -18.5 (-110) Rutgers +18.5 (-110) The Buckeyes are the favorite (it’s the same as the moneyline where the minus “-” sign designates) in this game. Rutgers is the underdog. The odds, or juice, is -110 meaning a bettor must wager $1.10 to win a $1 on either side of the bet.  If you like the Buckeyes, you wager $110 on Ohio State to cover the spread. Your bet wins if the Buckeyes win by 19 or more points. Your payout is $100. Totals - Over / Under Another popular college football betting market is the game total, or Over/Under. Here, bettors wager on the final combined score of a game. Football oddsmakers establish a total number of points. Bettors wager that the final score of the game will go Over that total or Under it. The total is a great bet when a bettor can’t come to a decision on picking a side. Any bet on a game total is not affected by the outcome of a game, only the final score. We are going to stick with Ohio State and Rutgers. We are going to say their total is set at 62.5. Ohio State O 62.5 (-110) Rutgers U 62.5 (-110) Let’s say you know Ohio State’s powerful offense will have its way with the Rutgers defense. You predict the total to go Over, so you bet $110 on the Over.  The Ohio State offense goes off and Rutgers scores a couple touchdowns late in the fourth quarter. The final score is 55-14. The combined total is 69 points, which is well Over the posted game total. Your bet pays you $100. College Football Betting Markets - Props Prop bets are making a strong run to become a favorite among college football bettors. Props are fun. And they are not necessarily tied to the outcome of a game, whether is team or player props that you are into. Typically, prop bets are listed much like a totals bet where the bettor will wager on the Over or the Under. Take the following example with Player A in the category of rushing yards. Player A O 75.5 (-120) Player A U 75.5 (-120) If Player A’s rushing average per game is around 75 yards and his team is playing a defense that gives up a lot of rushing yards, you might wager on the Over here. A $120 bet would pay out $100 if Player A ran for 76 or more yards. Note that props bets typically carry a little higher juice than the standard -110. There are also Yes/No props and others like First Touchdown or Anytime Touchdown where you wager on a player to score a game’s first touchdown or to simply score a touchdown at any point during a game. Futures The NCAAF futures market includes wagers on things that will happen in the future. The most popular of CFB futures bets is on the team to win the College Football Playoff national championship.  The odds for the national champion will be coming out soon after the previous year’s champion has been decided. It is not unusual to find a favorite to win the CFP national title at +500 or even higher odds. The strong contenders may even be given odds closer to +1000 at top sportsbooks. Bettors can get in early and cash in on a larger payout. A $100 bet on a team to win the national title at +1000 odds pays out $1000.Odds will change, of course, as the season plays out. Bettors can also find futures odds on things like the Heisman Trophy winner and the NCAA Coach of the Year.

Navigating NCAA Football betting odds can get tricky. But we got your back. Key Points – Analyzing NCAA football betting odds can help the college football bettor improve his winning percentage.  – There are a number of areas in which to look for favorable NCAA football betting odds. Need to Know - NCAA Football Betting Odds In terms of popularity, betting on college football games rivals that of the NFL. College football bettors can’t wait for a season to begin so they can start cranking out point spread and totals bets. Unlike baseball which lends itself to moneyline bets, college football is more of a point spread and totals sport. So, how do college football bettors succeed? Part of betting success in the sport comes from analyzing NCAA football betting odds. If you know what to look for, you can increase your chances of success. Here’s what you can do. But before we do get into it, there’s something else you can do. Pro handicapper win percentages are high enough that you don’t have to worry. They have your back if you’re too busy. Understand the Sport College football is not the NFL. There are 131 FBS programs right now. Teams typically carry around 100 players on their rosters and there is a huge difference between the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world and New Mexico State and Connecticut.  NFL bettors do not see very many double-digit point spreads. In college football, bettors are not surprised when they see a point spread of over 20, 30, or even 40! There are vast differences in talent between the best teams in the country and those programs that simply aren’t as good. Whereas the worst team in the NFL could - and has - beat the best team in the league, the worst team in college football would repeatedly get smacked around by the best. Upsets do happen in college football, but there is not as much parity like there is in the NFL. Home Field Advantage & NCAA Football Betting Odds When analyzing NCAA football betting odds, one of the first things bettors may look at is which team is at home. Playing at home is a bigger deal in college football than it is at the NFL level.  When you are talking about teenagers and early 20-year-olds having to travel to and screw up their routines, playing at home has its advantages. However, home field advantage is most often overvalued.  Home field advantage is factored into NCAA football betting odds. Casual bettors love home teams and sportsbooks often shade lines toward them. The result is that the betting public often bets on overpriced home favorites. Smarter bettors know when to tail and fade the public. The reality is that roughly 59 percent of home teams win. Against the spread, it’s a completely different story. Since 2005, home college football teams have won against the spread just 48.8 percent of the time.  That means a $100 bettor wagering on every home team to cover would have lost over $48K over that time period. The bottom line is to be careful when analyzing college football odds and home teams. The Thing about Road Underdogs If you simply bet on favorites all the time, your bankroll probably isn’t going to grow very much. You need to win just over 52 percent of the time (assuming -110 odds) just to break even. That’s why it pays to bet on strong college football underdogs from time to time. There are certain situations where betting the underdog makes a ton of sense. One of those situations is the short road underdog. By short, we are talking about an underdog that is getting four or fewer points (+4). The betting public, as we already know, loves home teams. The other thing the public likes is favorites. Combine the two - home favorites - and the public just gets giddy. What makes it even better is when a home favorite is laying four or fewer points (-4) at top offshore sportsbooks. That means a home favorite only has to win by five or more points. The public loves those types of home favorites. Road Dogs Upset Home Favorites 47% of the Time The reality is that road underdogs actually upset home favorites just over 47 percent of the time. Since 2005, road dogs are 532-598 (47.1%). Yes, that’s a losing record, but because of plus-money odds on the moneyline a bettor would actually be up well over 80 units.  What’s even more eye-opening is that road underdogs actually win against the spread at an even higher rate. Since 2005, road underdogs are 600-508 ATS (54.2%). Betting college football road underdogs is a strategy worth considering when analyzing odds. The other situation where it pays to look at a road underdog is when there is a low total. Low totals favor underdogs for one simple reason. Fewer points makes it more difficult for a favorite to cover the spread.  In games with a total of 50 or less since 2005, road underdogs have gone 1062-933 ATS (53.2%). If you take the total down to 45 or less, the ATS winning percentage goes up to 54.6%. When the road underdog with a total of 45 or less is facing a conference opponent, the ATS winning percentage goes even higher - 55.9%. Familiarity with the opponent favors the underdog. Watch the Schedule When Analyzing NCAA Football Betting Odds College teams play a 12-game regular season schedule. Teams can schedule games during the last week of August, which is commonly referred to as Week 0. The final week of the season is known as Week 15. Typically, the only game on the schedule is the annual Army-Navy rivalry. That means college teams have roughly 15 to 16 weeks to play 12 games. That means that teams will have an off week. One area where bettors can do some analyzing is on home favorites coming off a bye week. Teams get that extra week to get healthier. Members of a coaching staff are able to prepare better for an upcoming opponent. The results are something that bettors should keep an eye out for. Since 2005, home favorites after a bye week are 289-235 ATS (55.2%). When those home favorites are ranked in the AP Top 25, the numbers are even better. Ranked home favorites after an off week are 90-61 ATS (59.6%) beating the spread nearly 60 percent of the time.  Keep an eye on the schedule and look for home favorites coming off a bye week.

Pro handicapper win percentages will help you choose the right one. Pro Handicapper Win Percentages The official definition for a box score at Wikipedia is “a chart used in baseball to present data about player achievement in a particular game.” Diehard MLB fans use the box score to keep tabs on their favorite players throughout the season. The same concept could easily be applied to professional sports handicappers. It\'s important to track pro handicapper win percentages. They sell sports pick packages based on their overall performance picking the games. Perhaps you are looking for a way to improve your overall return on investment betting on sports. The first step in the process is to find a pro handicapping service that meets your needs. Must Have Current Info Sports betting sites that feature a pro handicapping service will usually offer a profile page for each one of the handicappers they represent. The first thing you will want to check on that page is the last time it was updated. If the information is not current, move onto the next choice.  Most pros release picks for active betting sports on a regular basis. The results of those picks should be updated every day and clearly visible within their profile. The best capper profiles break down their ongoing results by individual sport. This is a great way to research handicappers if you are interested in only betting on certain sports and sporting events. Pro Handicapper Win Percentages For Each Sport For example, if there is a big golf tournament this week you are looking to buy a selection package for. You should be able to find up-to-date information on that handicapper’s golf results for the season. Another important aspect is a pro handicapper’s highlight reel. This should include a recent track record by individual sports. They will most likely be presented in the following way: MLB 5-2 on 7-unit playsMLB Friday 8-unit winnerMLB 5 unit or higher plays 10-4 for plus $3,050MLB 4 out of 5 winning seasons The first thing to note in this box score is the 4 out of 5 winning seasons. This demonstrates both consistency and longevity in this handicapper’s selection service. Carefully check handicapper records A winning record on high-unit plays is another good sign. The best way to cover your investment in a pro selection package while also making plus money on your picks is through a solid winning percentage on high-unit plays. Longevity is Key to Success The only thing missing from this box score is this handicapper’s season record for MLB selections. Any handicapper can get hot in the short term. The plus money on the last 14 plays of 5 units or higher is a great run. However, you still need to know what the overall return on their MLB picks is for the season as a whole. You can start betting like the pros with the right capper. You’ll be the guy your friends call for a winner! A good strategy for finding the right pro for a particular sport is to compare and contrast results over any number of choices. This will give you a good feel for each pros performance as well as how they present those results. You still need to think of a handicapper’s profile page as a sales pitch. The information presented is a highlight reel. You must easily see your new pro handicapper win percentages. The good cappers will even find you the best offshore sportsbooks to get the best line. However, it is interesting to see how they decide to present that information. In this case, more is better. This demonstrates the depth of experience they may have in this field. Transparency is vital to finding the right pro handicappers and the best pick packages for your investment.

Betting like the pros is as easy as buying premium handicapper picks. Sports Betting Strategies There are basically three different betting strategies when it comes to wagering on sports. The first is going it completely on your own. Here, you get no outside help other than your existing sports handicapping skills. The results of this strategy are rather predictable. You never place a sports bet with the idea of losing that money. However, most recreational sports bettors tend to lose more money than they win. There is a reason why the sports betting industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue on a regular basis. The next strategy is turning to a professional sports capper for all of your weekly bets. Most pros are really good at what they do but everything comes at a cost. You need to justify the cost of buying selections against the average amount of the bets you place. A site like Game Advisers offers a variety of picks daily for just $129/month. Going Pro - Betting Like the Pros If you are a $100 per unit bettor, going with the pros could be a viable betting strategy. If you are wagering $10 a unit, the cost of any selection plan is going to cut rather deep into your profits. The third strategy is designed to improve the overall winning percentage of the bets you place. Premium handicapping services is not a selection package that tells you which team to bet on at a set number of units. However this service takes most of the guesswork and bias out of picking games on your own. Get on the right side of the action For a fraction of the cost involved with buying actual picks. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly sports advisors service that provides an in-depth betting report for every single game. Including games played in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. During the season, reports are made available for college football and basketball covering every nationally ranked team. Inherently Improve Your Skills Look at improving your own handicapping skills through the use of detailed, timely and accurate sports betting data. You will automatically improve the overall winning percentage on the bets you place. Hey baseball bettors! Check out value bets for MLB 5 inning lines. As part of these betting reports, you will also receive detailed information on how the public and the sharps are betting each game. This can be extremely helpful to gaining that all important edge against the books. Tracking both line movements and where the money is going lets you take advantage of opportunities ahead of time as opposed to pulling the trigger on a bet that is more of a guess than anything else. Built-in bias has a huge influence on anyone who bets on sports even if they consider themselves a pro. Reducing that bias with factual betting data wins more wagers. This data will help you eliminate bad bets. Betting Like the Pros By Staying on Top of Reports Timely and accurate injury reports will have a direct impact on the outcome of a game if a star player has to sit things out. Recent head-to-head betting trends paint a picture of familiarity between two teams. Past results do not guarantee future results. Yet, a higher level of familiarity does build a higher level of predictability into the overall handicapping process. A great example of expert handicapping services as opposed to pro selection packages is Referred to as SAS Premium, this program is membership based at a monthly cost of just $9.99. Designed to transform the way you bet on sports, you can bet like the pros using the same insider information they rely on to make their picks. You can bet against the public or bet with the sharps on a regular basis.  With SAS Premium, you can dramatically increase your overall return on investment at a fraction of the cost you would pay for one week of pro picks covering one major sport.

MLB 5 inning lines provide value when used right. Avid sports bettors have a good feel for how to use them. MLB 5 Inning Lines Explained The equivalent of the 5 inning line for MLB games would be the first half bet in a NFL football game. You are basically wagering on the outcome of half the game. The true value in betting MLB 5 inning lines for baseball lies in the quality of each team’s starting pitcher. Pitching in general dictates betting lines in baseball. If two quality starters are set to face one another on the mound, the money line odds between the favorite and underdog will be tighter and the total line for an OVER/UNDER wager will be lower. Today’s top-rated online sportsbooks do an excellent job of building out their MLB betting boards for each day’s lineup of games. This gives you the chance to shop those lines across a selection of quality online sports betting sites. Examples of MLB 1st Half Odds For example, the MLB money line at Book A for might be set at +115 for the Tampa Bay Rays as road underdogs. On the other side, you’ll see -125 for the New York Yankees as home favorite. There is already some solid value in this listing as a dime line. The total for this game might be set at 8.5 runs. Baseball bettors are always looking for value. Turning to the MLB 5 inning line, there may not be all that much variance in the money line unless one of the team’s ace is on the mound. Starters tend to last around six or seven innings if they are having a quality start. This stint more than covers the first five innings. MLB Power Rankings for June 20th, 2022 Biggest MLB 5 Inning Lines Differences The big difference in the betting lines covering the first five innings is with a game’s total. The actual betting total for the example above might be 4.5 runs. If both the Rays and Yankees have quality starters on the mound. The automatic value in betting the five inning line is with the UNDER. Online sportsbooks tend to release their MLB betting lines about a day in advance of an actual matchup. You will be able to find the money line, run line and total line odds for the entire game. They will then release the five inning lines on the day of the game once the starting matchup on the mound has been confirmed. Keep an Eye on Odds Before Opening Pitch Part of the value in betting on MLB games comes from tracking the betting lines right up to the first pitch of any game you are looking to wager on. Unlike NFL and even NBA games, MLB betting markets expand the closer you get to the actual starting time. This includes options for game props along with five inning lines. Even though each team’s starter is set a few days in advance, late scratches and changes to each team’s overall starting lineup does add some uncertainty to betting on the games. The best online sportsbooks for wagering on MLB games are offshore books with a wider range of betting options. The best strategy for making the most out of MLB five innings line is to work with three or four offshore books. Then you\'ll get the widest range of betting lines. Tracking those lines right up until the start of the game. You can place your bets when the value is the greatest. You could also wait until the game gets underway and bet it live.

Avid sports bettors need every advantage they can get. Global Offshore Sportsbooks Are a Gambler’s Dream Over the past few years, the expanding US sportsbook industry has added quite a few new operators to the mix. However, the global offshore sportsbook industry is as strong as ever.  There are any number of reasons why avid sports bettors still prefer to work with offshore books but topping the list is their overall experience and expertise in catering to US players. Offshore sportsbooks located in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica date back to the mid-1990’s. They have been working with avid US sports bettors for close to 30 years. US-based sportsbook operators only have around three to four years’ experience in the same industry. MUST READ > SHOPPING MLB TOTAL LINES AT ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS Avid Sports Bettors Need Variety Obviously, they’re using this massive edge in experience to their full advantage. Top-rated offshore books know and understand what today’s most active sports bettors are looking for. This includes promotional bonus offers with realistic turnover requirements, a wide array of sports leagues and betting markets, and most importantly, competitive betting lines. These same global online sportsbooks combine that high level of experience with the same level of excellence when it comes to their expertise in the field. Offshore bookmakers were the first to add prop bet options as a means to spice up major betting events. They are also one of the first sports betting options to post live in-game odds for betting on games after they have gotten underway. Safe Gaming Practices Are Always Followed One popular misconception in the industry is that global offshore sportsbooks are not licensed and regulated. In reality, these online books need to adhere to safe and fair gaming practices in the jurisdictions where they operate. While they are regulated, they are not confined to the same strict sports betting regulations that exist in many of the US states these days. For example, in New York and New Jersey, you cannot bet on in-state college teams at your US-based online sportsbook of choice. Regulated offshore books do not face the stringent rules. Or the US geotracking boundaries that exist on a state-by-state basis. Betting Markets For Avid Sports Bettors These market conditions give the offshore books another huge edge over the US-based counterparts – ease of use. Massive betting market at global sportsbooks It does not matter where you are physically located in the country when it comes time to place that crucial bet on tonight’s big game. Avid sports bettors are only concerned about placing that wager when the betting lines are best in their favor. They are not concerned about where they happen to be when the bet is booked. Times are definitely changing throughout the entire sports betting industry. More and more sports fans now have an interest in betting on the teams and players they follow the most. Football remains king as far as total betting volume. But more and more bettors are looking to expand and diversify their entire online sports betting experience. Diversity is one of the reasons why offshore sportsbooks will always remain relevant. Especially with avid sports bettors in the US market. They are serious about creating the best possible return on investment from their sports betting bankroll. User-friendly promotional offers, daily betting specials, flexible banking options and competitive lines all factor into the equation.  Best of all, today’s highest-rated offshore books remain committed to making your entire online sports betting experience safe, enjoyable and fun.

Shopping MLB total lines is a great strategy to win more bets. Line Comparison Will Improve Your Winning Percentage Regular MLB bettors already know that there is some tremendous value in shopping MLB money line odds. Saving an extra $5 or even $10 on money line favorites can add up to be quite a bit of money. Especially over the course of the 162-game regular season. Betting underdogs on the MLB money line can boost the overall bankroll with an extra $5 or $10 return on winning wagers. Another way to find the best value betting baseball at online sportsbooks is by shopping the total line. While the actual total line tends to remain consistent across the board, there are differences in the juice charged to book that bet. How To: Shopping MLB Total Lines For example, the total for a matchup between the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets might be set at 8.5 runs depending on the matchup on the mound. That 8.5 total is probably going to remain the same across five or six different online sportsbooks. Where you will find a value play in that game is in the accompanying juice. Book A might go with the standard -110 on the OVER and the UNDER. Yet, Book B might have the OVER at +100 even money while charging -115 juice to bet the UNDER. Online sportsbooks would rather play around with the juice to balance things out as opposed to moving the actual line by a half run either way. Your job as an avid MLB bettor is to shop those total lines. You can do so across a handful of top-rated online sportsbooks to find best value in the actual bets you place. MUST READ > HANDICAPPING 2022 NFL WIN TOTALS Reduced Juice Counts Over the Year Once again, saving an extra $5 or $10 in sportsbook commissions on any wager is going to add up to quite a bit of savings over the course of the year. You should get in the habit of finding the lowest juice possible. This is for every sports bet you make! Popular sports betting sites such as Smarter Bettor is a great starting point for betting MLB total lines. All the heavy lifting is already done with posted betting boards that compare one online book to next for each day’s games. These boards are constantly being updated with the latest numbers possible. Unless you find a game you love, betting MLB games as close to the opening pitch as possible is another great way to find the best value in the betting lines. Comparing betting lines close to opening pitch is a smart way to wager. Shopping MLB Total Lines There are a number of great options to make the most of your sports betting efforts. This is especially true this time of year when daily MLB games are the only action on the board. Betting baseball might not be as big as football and basketball when it comes to the overall sports betting handle. Yet, MLB betting actually offers more value in the odds as opposed to NFL and NBA games. Given the sheer volume of baseball games played, it becomes rather easy to spot the value in the posted odds.  Going back to betting the MLB total line. Current betting trends on a team-by-team basis can also be helpful in uncovering value. Shopping MLB total lines is a must. For example, the Houston Astros are one of the best pitching teams in the Majors. Yet, they are much further down the list when it comes to scoring runs. This sets up a natural lean towards betting the UNDER in any game they play.

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