The second season is right around the corner, so it’s time to start getting ready to bet the 2021 NBA Playoffs. The 2020-21 NBA regular season is heading toward its home stretch as teams near 60 games played. Teams will play 72 games this year, 10 fewer than in a normal season. That means that playoff time is near. Like last season, a play-in tournament will kick off the postseason. The play-in will determine the No. 7 and No. 8 seeds. It will also add a few more games for bettors, who need to be getting ready to bet the 2021 NBA playoffs. BETTING THE NBA RACE TO 20 POINTS The Play-In Tournament - Betting the 2021 NBA Playoffs Bettors will have the opportunity to bet on the play-in games. The seventh-place team in each conference will host the eighth-place team. The winner of that game earns the No. 7 seed.  The ninth-place team hosts the tenth-place team. The loser is eliminated and the winner travels to the loser of the seventh-place versus eight-place game. The winner of that game earns the No. 8 seed and the playoffs then continue as normal.  The play-in tournament adds more opportunities for NBA bettors. Betting Options There are some NBA bets that are only available during the playoffs. For example, bettors can find a number of wagers on playoff series. The easiest series bet is picking the winner, but there are also bets on the exact series result - i.e. Utah 4-1 over Memphis - and the total number of games in the series. There will also be options to bet on the overall NBA champion as well as the conference champions in the futures market. These bets are open all season and continue through the playoffs though the odds tend to get shorter, especially on favorites. Bettors will also be able to bet on individual performances like the NBA Finals MVP as well as individual game props. There will also be series prop bets like which player will have the most points, assists, or rebounds in a series. Then, there is the latest trend - live betting. NBA bettors will be able to engage in live betting with the upcoming playoffs. This is a fast, exciting way of engaging in games and winning bets. BECOME A SMARTER BETTOR - START BUYING PREMIUM PICKS NBA Playoff Betting Strategies: Home Court Advantage While home court advantage can be debated and certainly in a COVID-19 affected season, statistics show that NBA teams win around 60 percent of their home games during the regular season. That number rises to nearly 65 percent during the postseason. In the playoffs, home teams, aka the higher seeds, play the first two games at home and each series follows the same format: 2-2-1-1-1. Should a series go to a seventh game, it is played on the court of the higher seed.  Some teams have a distinct advantage when playing at home. The two biggest home court advantages are enjoyed by Denver and Utah. Ball Arena in Denver is at the highest elevation in the league. Playing at elevation has an effect on players giving the Nuggets an advantage. Whether one believes it or not, home court advantage is a factor to consider before placing your NBA playoff bets at online sportsbooks. Rest Advantages Another consideration worth looking at when you want to bet the 2021 NBA playoffs is rest. There are teams in the early rounds that may have a distinct advantage when it comes to rest. Take the 2018 playoffs when Houston beat Minnesota in five games in the first round.  The Rockets second-round opponent, Utah, took six games to beat Oklahoma City. The Jazz were forced to play in Houston just two days after beating the Thunder. Houston won easily against a tired Utah. Upset Victims Heading Home In the first two rounds of the playoffs, there is one bet that is as close to a sure thing as you’ll find. What bettors are searching for are NBA favorites playing on the road that fall victim to the upset.  Favored teams that lose on the road and then play their next game at home win at a staggering pace. Teams facing this situation win 78.9 percent of the time straight up and they cover the spread at a 60.5 percent clip. Fade the Public - Bet the 2021 NBA Playoffs The NBA playoffs represent one of the best situations to bet against the public. Because it’s playoff time, an influx of square bettors enter the fray with little knowledge of betting. Squares tend to bet heavily on favorites and Overs.  Savvy bettors can find those lines that have been influenced by the public and take advantage by betting the other side. It’s just one of many ways to capitalize on betting the NBA playoffs in 2021.

The world’s richest investors do not do it alone, that’s why you need to start buying premium picks. It’s not just a matter of picking a stock, an exchange fund, or even a currency and going all-in. Investors in the various stock and commodities markets do their homework and they get help from experts in the respective fields.  It is much the same for bettors. Looking at sports betting as an investment will help you see that you cannot do it all yourself. There will be times when you need the assistance of professionals, even if you happen to be one yourself. When that time comes, become a smarter bettor and start buying premium picks. And, don’t just buy any picks. Buy picks from the service that will put you on the right side of the action - Action Sports Picks. Best Times to Starting Buying Premium Picks You can start buying premium picks in a number of situations that makes complete sense. One is for the inexperienced, novice bettor that is looking to have some success early in the betting career. When you’re starting out, there is a wide variety of things that the beginning bettor just doesn’t understand. Getting the help of professionals that handicap games for a living is a great way for novice bettors to learn ideas about betting strategy, how to find value in bets, and much more. New bettors will find that when the buy premium picks they still come out ahead as their winning percentage increases. Another perfect situation in which a smarter bettor should buy sports picks is during a slump. Now, it could be a bettor that is on a losing streak or maybe it’s a bettor that just isn’t happy with his/her current performance. Action Sports Picks Either way, contracting the help of a professional can be the answer to your problems. It’s no different than a baseball player paying a hitting coach to help him get out of a slump. Professional handicappers, like those at Action Sports Picks, can help a bettor with a few wins and work to rebuild a bettor’s confidence.  The biggest reason for buying sports picks is simply time. If you are not a professional bettor - or even if you are - there are times when you just don’t have enough time to do all the proper research to make a sound betting decision on a certain game or event.  Buying premium picks is a time-saver. It’s a matter of convenience. You can let the professionals do all the research and reap the benefits of their insider knowledge. When bettors are pressed for time, the option of buying picks is always available. EDITOR’S CHOICE > PROFESSIONAL SPORTS HANDICAPPERS: THE TALE OF THE TAPE  Where to Buy Premium Picks There are numerous services that will sell you premium sports picks. Like buying stock tips, you wouldn’t simply just throw your money at any picks service. You will want to do some research on a sports picks service before buying. With all of the information available today via the Internet, it is a bit easier to find reputable picks services. Search for those that have positive reviews and have been endorsed by numerous previous customers.  The more trustworthy picks services will post historical records. They will also offer a breakdown of their methods, i.e. how they come about choosing their picks. This will give you an idea about how these services make their picks. There are also services that offer some sort of guarantee. If you don’t win a certain percentage of your bets, you will receive additional services until you do. In most cases, you will have to follow the betting strategy of the picks service in order to receive those additional services.  Why Buy from Action Sports Picks When you are searching for that picks service to help you, you will likely first look at historical records. How good are these guys?  You will find the pro cappers at Action Sports Picks are some of the best in the business. All of the handicappers have extensive experience in sports betting and the records to back up their history of success.  Bettors also like easy. Action Sports Picks makes it very easy for bettors to purchase picks. There are numerous packages from which to choose and there are cappers with a variety of experience. If you are looking for help with NFL betting, you can find an Action Sports Picks handicapper that specializes in the NFL.  If you’re looking to become a smarter bettor, start buying premium picks and start buying them from Actions Sports Picks. They will put you on the right side of the action.

The 2021 NHL season heads into its final third and things are beginning to heat up. One of things heating up is Colorado, which hasn’t lost in regulation play since March 8. Florida and Washington have taken over the lead in their respective divisions and watch out for Nashville, which won eight of its last ten games to move into fourth place in the Central Division. There are a number of teams to keep an eye on as you navigate betting the remainder of the 2021 NHL season. Most Profitable In addition to Washington, there are three more teams up over $600 on the season - Florida, Carolina, and Winnipeg.The Panthers are 29-6-4 and recently took over first place in the Central Division from Tampa Bay. Carolina is 25-9-3 overall and Winnipeg is 22-13-3. The Hurricanes have been a strong moneyline bet through the season. The Jets own the NHL’s best record against the spread at 29-9.  The New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins are two more profitable teams thus far in 2021. The Islanders are 24-10-3 overall and an impressive 23-15 ATS. Pittsburgh is just 17-21 ATS, but they are a virtual moneyline lock at home. The Penguins are 16-3-1 at PPG Paints Arena.  Minnesota is another profitable home team. The Wild are third in the West at 23-11-2 and the team is 13-3 at home. NHL GRAND SALAMI & WHY IT IS FUN TO BET Backing the Capitals in the 2021 NHL Season What is extremely interesting this 2021 NHL season is the play of the Washington Capitals. Yes, they still have one of the greatest scorers in league history in Alexander Ovechkin, but he’s aging and, besides, Washington wasn’t really supposed to contend for a Stanley Cup were they? Regardless of their chances for a Cup, the Caps are a team bettors should continue to watch the remainder of the 2021 NHL season. Thus far, Washington is up $739 for the season. The Caps are 25-9-4 on the season and they are 12-3 SU in their last 15 games. The Caps are not a solid spread bet. They are actually 0-5 ATS in their last five games. Bettors can also find value in Caps’ totals.  Washington is just 28th in shots per game, but the Caps are second overall in the NHL in scoring average (3.47 goals per game). They are eighth in penalty kill percentage and they don’t give up many power play goals (0.53 per game, 10th).  Because of the Caps’ scoring, the total has gone Over in four of the last five Capitals games. For the season, Washington is 21-15 to the Over. Editor’s Choice > Recapping the 2021 NCAAB Season Betting Stanley Cup Futures Reigning Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay has been the favorite to repeat for most of the season. The Lightning are currently listed at +550. Tampa stumbled a bit lately and, as mentioned, was overtaken in the Central Division by Florida, which is a longshot at +2000. As the season continues, the more the Lightning win the more likely their odds to win the Stanley Cup will shrink. Even without Nikita Kucherov, the Lightning roster is capable of winning another title. History stands in their way though as Pittsburgh in 2016 and 2017 are the only repeat Cup winners since the late 1990s. Vegas checks in at +650 with West Division rival Colorado at +750. The Avalanche is red-hot recently going 8-0-2 during a 10-game stretch. Colorado has the highest goal differential in the NHL outscoring opponents by 49 goals.  Toronto, an early season favorite, has fallen off a bit. The Maple Leafs (+800) still lead the all-Canadian North Division, but Toronto suffered through a seven-game stretch from March 4 to 19 that saw the team win just one game. Auston Matthews has 25 goals already and he and Mitch Marner are among the NHL’s top point scorers. Matthews is fourth in the league and Marner is fifth right now. We like to cover everything for the sports bettor here at Smarter Bettor. Take a look at betting MLB props to both expand your betting menu and win more bets! 2021 NHL Season Totals If you’re looking to capitalize on totals for the remainder of the 2021 NHL season, keep an eye on the Philadelphia Flyers. They are nothing spectacular, but the Flyers score enough and are just bad enough defensively to lead the league in Overs at 25-11. Philly is 14th in scoring averaging 3.03 goals per game. On the defensive end, the Flyers rank 30th allowing 3.67 goals per game. In a game where totals usually fall between 5.5 and 6.5, it’s easy to see why the Flyers have so many Overs.

Most every online sportsbook will offer its players the opportunity for betting MLB props. These bets are focused on just about every aspect of the game from on-field play to off-the-field situations that have nothing to do with an actual game. The big thing with MLB prop bets is that it is another way for bettors to make money betting on baseball. Plus, wagering on whether or not Mike Trout will hit a home run or the total number of hits, runs, and RBIs by one player compared to another is exciting and fun. In order to have some success betting MLB props, it helps to understand the types of bets available and to have a strategy that can help you take advantage of value and increase your winning percentage. GETTING YOU READY FOR THE 2021 MLB SEASON MLB Season Props Betting These types of MLB props are long-term bets. Bettors will make their wagers before the season begins and, sometimes, can make these bets during the season. A great example would be related to home runs. Which player will lead the majors in home runs? Mike Trout +850 Pete Alonso +900 Aaron Judge +1200 There are other players on the board at online sportsbooks, but these are the top three. A $100 bet now on Trout would pay out $850 if he leads MLB in homers this season. Moneyline MLB Props Moneyline prop bets are typically simple propositions, but you have to pay attention to the odds. An example of an MLB moneyline prop would be this bet on which player will record a stolen base first.  Which player will record a stolen base first in 2021? Ronald Acuna Jr. -105 Adalberto Mondesi +115 Dee Gordon +155 In 2019 over a 162-game season, Acuna recorded 37 stolen bases. In this example, he is the favorite and a bettor would need to put up $105 to win $100. Comparative MLB Props Comparative props are very exciting and can keep bettors engaged all season long. These props can be single game prop bets as well. Here’s an example. Which pitcher will have more strikeouts? Max Scherzer -135 Trevor Bauer +120 Tie +115 Now, this could be a season-long bet and the winner, of course, would be the pitcher with the most strikeouts. Scherzer is the favorite and notice how a tie is actually given better odds than Bauer having more Ks than Scherzer. This could also be a game prop if a Washington-L.A. Dodgers matchup where Scherzer and Bauer were the starting pitchers. If you’re not comfortable betting MLB props, check out top handicapper websites and consider buying sports picks. Spending a few bucks can be worth it’s weight in gold. Betting MLB Game Props As the name suggests, game props are those bets that have nothing to do with the outcome of a single game. The bets could be on a team or an individual player or players.  Examples of common MLB team prop bets include: Team to score first  Will a run be scored in the first inning? First team to reach 3 runs Total number of home runs hit (Over/Under) Total number of hits, runs, and errors (Over/Under) And the list continues. It’s the same for common MLB player props. Bettors can wager on a player hitting a home run or not in a single game. They can also wager on the total number of strikeouts a pitcher will have. In that case, bettors wager on the Over or Under.  Like team prop bets, there is a list a mile long filled with individual player prop bets for MLB games. MLB Props Strategy The lines when betting MLB props are a little more volatile than those on individual games. Sportsbooks have a better handle on moneyline, run line, and totals lines and odds.  With props bets, MLB bettors must search for the line that just doesn’t make sense. Trout at +2500 to lead the majors in home runs would raise a few eyebrows compared to the actual listing at +850. There is serious value in placing that bet at +2500. Those are the types of bets you are looking for when betting MLB props. It can be tedious work trying to find those opportunities, but the rewards can be great. The best MLB props strategy is one that involves plenty of patience. It takes time to identify value prop bets. Do your homework and wager on those MLB prop bets where you find the strongest value.

The NBA playoffs are set to begin on May 22, which will be here in the blink of an eye. There’s no better time to talk about NBA Finals odds. Less than two months left in the regular season is a good time to place futures on the NBA Finals. We’re going to take a look at the odds for the NBA Finals. Beyond the odds, we’ll break down some things to consider when placing future bets like this. NBA Finals Odds As of March 23, the odds for each NBA team to win the Finals: Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets (+290) LA Clippers (+550) Milwaukee Bucks (+750) Utah Jazz (+850) Philadelphia 76ers (+1300) Denver Nuggets (+2100) Phoenix Suns (+3000) Miami Heat (+3300) Boston Celtics (+3800) Dallas Mavericks (+5000) Toronto Raptors (+5500) Portland Trail Blazers (+6000) Indiana Pacers (+7500) Golden State Warriors (+8000) Atlanta Hawks, San Antonio Spurs (+15000) Rest of NBA (+20000 or higher) Things to Consider When Placing a Futures Bet From the above, the Lakers and Nets are co-favorites to win the Finals at +290. These teams are favorites for a reason. For the Lakers, they’re the defending champs. The Nets have a loaded big three in James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. The appeal of a futures bet is usually the higher odds because of the potential payout. For example, if you bet $100 on the Utah Jazz to win the Finals, you would net $850. I typically stay away from the heavy favorites here. However, if you like them, their odds aren’t likely to get better than right now. NBA Finals Odds Line Movements As the playoff field is finalized, these teams’ odds will likely move to the +200 range. Keep in mind the competition each team will face to get to the championship series, let alone win. The Eastern Conference is significantly weaker compared to the West. There are good teams in the East, yes, but it’s a very top-heavy conference this season. The West is loaded with talent. There will be quality teams that miss out on the playoffs simply because of the strength around them. Remember this if you’re considering a bet on a team like the Clippers or Lakers. For the two favorites in the West, the road will be challenging. Recent NBA betting trends show some interesting things when looking at NBA Finals odds. If you’re drawn to the West, consider a team with higher odds. Utah and Phoenix have the two best records in the West this year. The Suns, in particular, at +3000 odds, are extremely enticing. There are three clear top teams in the East in the Nets, Bucks and Sixers. Philadelphia’s odds at +1300 are the most favorable. Joel Embiid is playing at an MVP level - consider taking Philadelphia at these odds. Must Read > Find a Sportsbook That Caters To You Diversify Your Bets With future bets like this, it can be a sound strategy to diversify your picks. If you typically bet $50 on a single outcome wager, break that unit up and spread it between a few teams. Making $10 bets on a few long odds, along with a favorite, could still net you a profit come playoff time. My favorite picks here are Philadelphia at +1300 and Phoenix at +3000. Two of the top teams in their respective conferences feel mispriced at these odds.

It’s been way too long since sports bettors were able to wager on the NCAA tournament, so let’s get into some March Madness 2021 betting! The coronavirus shut down last year’s event, but the NCAA has done everything in its power to ensure this year’s tourney is played as usual. All 67 games will be played in the Indianapolis area as the city plays host to March Madness. Here’s a look at how you can capitalize on betting on the 2021 NCAA tournament. MARCH MADNESS 2021 NEWS & NOTES Embrace Contrarian Betting March Madness brings out sports bettors by the droves. Most of them tend to bet on favorites. When the public is betting on favorites, you want to be the one betting on the underdog.  The influx of casual bettors during the NCAA tournament will certainly influence lines and odds on games. Also, this may be the first year ever for some bettors as their states now offer legal sports gambling.  All of these casual bettors tend to focus on favorites, higher ranked teams, big-name schools, and teams with stars. While they are busy doing that, do your homework and consider betting against the public when it makes sense. Find Inflated Lines for March Madness 2021 Betting With all of those recreational bettors getting in on the action, you will be able to find value in inflated lines. Take a team like Michigan favored by 2.5 at some point in the tournament. The public loves the fourth-ranked Wolverines. The market responds by moving the line to -5.5. The inflated line toward Michigan now has value for the underdog. Instead of laying the -5.5, get in on the action on the dog at +5.5. You are essentially getting three points off the opening line. Must Read > Tips for Betting NCAA Basketball Totals Reverse Line Movement The other important thing to watch is how the sharps are betting. If professional bettors are putting down large sums on one side or the other, they know something that you don’t. Check out for sharp action. They off the sharp side of college hoops games for great prices. Reverse line movement is when the line moves away from the popular side to the unpopular side. If 70 percent of the money bet is on Michigan, but the line drops from -5.5 to -5 or even -4.5; that is telling you something. Sharp money is taking the points on the underdog.  Bet Moneyline in Tight Games During March Madness In games with a short favorite, say the same Michigan team at -2, consider betting the Wolverines on the moneyline instead. With a line of anywhere from -1 to -3, the expectation is that the game is going to be tight. Too often, a -2 favorite will win by a single point which is a losing bet. Instead, pay a slightly higher premium and take the favorite to win outright. Although this may take a little more from your betting budget, the extra wins will help your bottomline. Pick Your Champion First Most bettors will also participate in some form of bracket challenge. It’s the most basic form of March Madness 2021 betting. When doing so, always pick your champion first. The way scoring works in a bracket challenge is you get more points closer to the final.  Sure, you may pick a few first-round upsets, but those teams end up getting knocked out of the tournament. Ultimately, you miss out on points in the Elite Eight and Final Four rounds when the wins are worth more. Remember, 14 of the past 20 champions have been No. 1 seeds. It is very rare to have a seed below No. 6 in the Final Four. Since 1985, that has happened only 14 times.

If you are new to hockey betting, the term NHL puck lines may be confusing at first. However, it is much less intimidating of a bet than you might think. Puck line betting is a great way to make extra money while betting, either as a hedge to another bet or on its own. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about puck line betting. What Is a NHL Puck Line Bet? Similar to betting against the spread in football, a puck line bet involves betting on the margin of victory. Almost every puck line bet will feature a spread at +/- 1.5 goals. This is different than a moneyline bet, where you are merely picking a winner. Because there is noticeably less scoring in hockey than in football, basketball, or even baseball, puck line bets can be tough to win. If you are betting on a favorite, you need them to win by at least two goals for a puck line bet to payout. However, if you bet on the NHL underdog, you can win if they win OR if they lose by only one goal. On the other hand, losing by two or more will also cause you to lose your bet.  For example, a puck line odds listing may read: St. Louis Blues -1.5 (+140) San Jose Sharks +1.5 (-180) In this case, the Blues are favored to win, so the sportsbook makes betting on them to win by at least two goals more enticing of a payout because it is more difficult. Taking the safer bet on the Sharks plus an extra goal and a half has higher odds, meaning the payout will not be as high. Must Read > Profiting from NHL Betting What Strategies Should I Use when Betting NHL Puck Lines? One common strategy to use is double-dipping, where you can bet on the favorite to win but bet on the underdog to cover the puck line. This way, if the game is close, you can get twice the payout. Also, if the underdog wins outright, you will have hedged your bet to cut your losses. Alternately, if you have got a really good feeling that a favorite will win by at least two goals. This usually has a better payoff and can be a lucrative bet to make. Puck line bets are not as easy to predict as just picking a winner. This means that sportsbooks can offer more favorable odds on a puck line bet. When Should I Bet the Puck Line? The best time to bet on the puck line is after you have done plenty of work to research. This includes the teams, lineups, strategies, trends, and injury reports. The more information you can give yourself about a game, the better your chances of winning the bet. It is an excellent time to place a puck line bet if you feel there is good betting value making a wager. Remember to check both the moneyline odds and puck line payouts at the top NHL sportsbooks so that you can maximize your profits or minimize your losses. Good luck, and have fun betting the puck line!

The calendar has finally flipped to March, so that can only mean March Madness 2021. We’re kicking off the greatest month of the year for basketball fans. With apologies to the National Basketball Association, the best basketball is played in March. March Madness 2021 That\'s right, March Madness 2021 is right around the corner, and there is some additional excitement for the event this year. The 2020 NCAA Men\'s Basketball Tournament was canceled due to COVID-19, leaving basketball fans sad throughout the country. There have been some minor setbacks during the 2020-21 NCAA men\'s basketball season. But none of that will matter when the tournament kicks off in just a few short weeks. Sixty-eight teams will be competing for a shot to cut down the nets in Indianapolis. They also want to cement their legacy as one of the best teams of all time. March Madness is a three-week sprint of basketball. Teams just need to play their best basketball of the season for six games to be crowned the champion. The annual tradition of playing \"One Shining Moment\" at the conclusion of the tournament will be even sweeter this year. There will be brackets to be filled out and plenty of games to bet on along the way. Cinderella teams will be popping up throughout the bracket. They\'ll be looking to continue their magical run as far as their momentum can take them. There is simply nothing better than March Madness, and this 2021 version is coming at the most perfect time. Sports fans have been waiting nearly a year for some sense of normalcy. That will all return as soon as the brackets are revealed on Selection Sunday. Related Link > 2021 NBA Betting Trends Conference Tournaments Come First Before the NCAA Tournament field can be announced, teams need to earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament. There are a number of teams that already have a strong enough resume to be included in the field. But there are many schools that need to win the automatic qualifying bid to get in. These automatic bids are given out to conference tournament champions throughout the country. The madness really begins during these tournaments. The thrill of watching a mid-major team celebrate punching its ticket to the NCAA Tournament will never get old. If you are looking for something to get you pumped up for March Madness, look no further than conference tournament action.  The Road to the Final Four The Road to the Final Four is typically a three-week journey that spans across the country. This year\'s tournament will still be a three-week event. But the Road to the Final Four will be more like a crosswalk. The NCAA has announced that all games will be played in Indianapolis or the surrounding area. Indianapolis was supposed to host the Final Four. Instead, it will also get all 68 teams for the entire tournament. Fans will be allowed to attend the games, but it will be on a very limited basis. Not having fans in the stands will take away from some of the excitement. But the action on the court will still be just as good. ALSO READ: 2021 NBA MVP UPDATED ODDS

We are over a third of the way through the 2020-21 NBA season, and 2021 NBA betting trends have emerged. Teams have settled into their rotations and identities. In this piece, we’ll take a look at a few of the best and worst teams against the spread (ATS), along with their records in over/unders. ARE YOU USING A SPORTS PICK SERVICE? The Best Teams Against the Spread The Utah Jazz have been the NBA’s strongest team, both in record (24-6) and ATS at 22-8. Led by Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, Utah is at the top of a loaded Western Conference. The benefit of a team like the Jazz that may not elicit the same type of media coverage as a team like the Lakers is the lower spreads. It’s a recipe working for Utah bettors, with a 73.3% coverage percentage through 30 games. The next five best teams ATS: Phoenix Suns (18-10) San Antonio Spurs (16-11) LA Clippers (18-13) Portland Trail Blazers (16-12) Chicago Bulls (16-12) The most surprising team from above may be the Bulls, currently the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference, at 12-16 overall. The Bulls have played teams tight, led by likely All-Star Zach LaVine. The shooting guard is averaging 28.5 points per game, 5.5 rebounds and 5.2 assists, doing it all for Chicago. Must Read > The 2021 NFL QB Carousel The Worst Teams Against the Spread If you’ve been a Cleveland Cavaliers bettor this season, you’ve found yourself down big to start the season. When looking at 2021 NBA betting trends, the Cavs are currently 10-20 ATS, the worst in the league. There are three other teams covering in less than 40% of their games: Houston, Dallas and Miami. The Mavericks and Heat have been two of the more disappointing teams to start the season. The Heat, coming off an NBA Finals appearance, have dealt with a multitude of COVID-19 cases, causing their 12-17 start. Luka Doncic came into the year as the frontrunner for MVP but hasn’t yet taken his game to that next level. PAY PER HEAD NOTES: IS YOUR BOOKIE BUSINESS READY FOR MLB NBA Over/Under Trends Focusing your NBA bets on total points can be both more strategic and more enjoyable from a viewing experience. Three teams have hit their overs at a significant clip, all 69% or higher. New Orleans Pelicans (21-8) Brooklyn Nets (22-9) Denver Nuggets (20-9) This makes sense when taking a look at the rosters. All three of these teams have stars throughout their offenses, which is always going to lend itself to higher points. On the flip side, consider staying away from games with these teams or taking their unders: New York Knicks (10-20) Los Angeles Lakers (11-19) Houston Rockets (11-16-1) Other 2021 NBA Betting Trends to Keep an Eye On The Clippers are 5-0 ATS on back-to-backs, while the Philadelphia 76ers are 0-5. The Trail Blazers, Suns and Bulls are all covering 77% or higher ATS after a loss. Oklahoma City and New Orleans are 5-0 and 4-0, respectively, with their overs on back-to-backs, while the Cavs have hit their under in six of seven games on the second night of a back-to-back. There is still much of the NBA season to be played, and these trends can help shape our betting decisions for the next week, but this is an ever-changing league. Keep an eye on injuries, rotation changes, and momentum, all key pillars when betting the NBA.

If there is one major storyline to watch this NFL offseason, it\'s the 2021 NFL QB carousel. The potential movement of a number of star quarterbacks across the league is astounding. Now, while not all of these quarterbacks will have new homes in 2021, not all of them will stay put either. Here are the biggest names to watch this offseason, along with some of their potential fits. SPORTS BETTING 101: HOW TO BET ON FOOTBALL Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans The crown gem of the offseason, Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback that could potentially switch teams this spring. The Texans\' star signal-caller is unhappy with the franchise. Although the team has stated its disinterest in trading him, it could have no choice if he truly is done with wanting to be there. Still just 25 years old, Watson is one of the premier quarterbacks in football. Although Houston\'s wins and losses weren\'t impressive, his fourth year was arguably his best. He threw for a career-high 33 touchdowns with over 4,800 yards. He is also signed for the long term, as he\'s under contract for the next three years with the potential for five. Naturally, should Houston actually part with its star quarterback, it will demand a generous package in return. Expect multiple first-round picks as well as other draft picks and/or players to be the general return a player of Watson\'s caliber will retrieve. So a team like the Dolphins or 49ers, one with draft picks to burn and potentially a quarterback away from being a contender, should be all-in on acquiring Watson. Potential Suitors: Dolphins +300, 49ers +340, Broncos +380, Panthers +550, Jets +900 Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles There was a time when Carson Wentz would fetch a package similar to what Watson may bring. But after a career-worst year, this may be more of a case of Philadelphia wanting to part with its former second-overall pick due to performance and financial reasons. In 12 starts, the 28-year-old Wentz threw for 16 touchdowns with a career-high 15 interceptions. He also set career lows in yards and completion percentage and a career high in sacks taken. [caption id=\"attachment_918\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"300\"] Wentz threw for 16 touchdowns with a career-high 15 interceptions[/caption] There\'s also his contract, signed a couple of years ago with the Eagles, that bumps his cap hit up from $18.6 million in 2020 to $34.6 million in 2021. With last year\'s second-round pick, Jalen Hurts, showing potential while costing a lot less, Philadelphia will almost certainly trade Wentz. Although Wentz\'s performance in 2020 was poor, there are a few teams who could see him as a bounce-back candidate. One of those teams may be the Chicago Bears. They have a quarterback gap to fill and whose passing game coordinator John DeFilippo was Wentz\'s quarterback coach during his incredible 2017 campaign. It\'s the same for the Colts, whose head coach Frank Reich was Philadelphia\'s old offensive coordinator with Wentz. Online sportsbooks expect those teams to be the finalists barring any mystery teams. Potential Suitors: Bears +115, Colts +135, Broncos +850, Washington +1000 Others on the 2021 NFL QB Carousel While the most talk is currently buzzing around Watson and Wentz, there are a number of other quarterbacks who could be on the move. These extras are what will make the 2021 NFL QB carousel very interesting. With so much talent available, teams will be more apt to make a move. Depending on who the Jets take with the second overall pick in the draft, Sam Darnold could be shipped out to a team willing to take a chance on the young quarterback. Perhaps that could be a team like Indianapolis if it misses out on Wentz. Or even a team like Carolina if it doesn\'t land Watson. A couple of high-priced veterans may be on the move as well. Minnesota\'s Kirk Cousins and San Francisco\'s Jimmy Garoppolo are two guys who signed big contracts but are on teams that may be looking to do something different. One option is a swap for each other, similar to the trade from a couple of weeks ago with Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff. 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan coached Cousins in their time in Washington and has reported interest in reuniting. Meanwhile, Garoppolo would go to Minnesota along with a draft pick or two, costing slightly less than Cousins and being eligible to be cut for very little dead cap. Say It Ain’t So - Matty Ice and Russ? Finally, there are a couple of huge names that may be a part of the carousel. They are Seattle\'s Russell Wilson and Atlanta\'s Matt Ryan. It\'s more likely Ryan gets moved, considering the Falcons may draft his replacement at fourth overall. But it may make more sense for them to hold onto him for at least one more year before cutting him for $26 million. As for Wilson, talk of his unhappiness with certain aspects of the Seahawks is a story that is starting to brew in NFL circles. While it\'s unlikely that Seattle would trade the 32-year-old superstar, several oddsmakers have already put odds on trade destinations. The Raiders, Cowboys, and Jaguars lead the way. Obviously, a Las Vegas or Dallas deal would include a swap of their quarterbacks. Derek Carr and Dak Prescott would move, while Jacksonville would likely part with the first overall pick. Before you move on, take a look at Advanced NHL Stats to use.

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