Do you ever make money betting on sports? More and more sports fans are starting to add betting action on the games they love to watch. With this, more and more of these fans are quickly finding out that making money betting sports is not all that easy to do. Given the sportsbook industry’s standard 10% commission (juice) on losing bets, you need to be right 52.4% of the time as a breakeven point. THIS IS A MUST READ > GRADING YOUR SPORTS HANDICAPPING SKILLS THIS YEAR Make Money Betting on Sports This means that for every 10 sports wagers you place, you need to be right in at least 5.24 of those wagers. That can be a very tall task for the average player that has the tendency to bet with their heart as opposed with their head. Smarter bettors are understanding what it takes to make money betting on sports. Putting money on your favorite team because you want them to win is one of the easiest and quickest way to drain your betting account. You do not have to be an expert professional sports handicapper to improve your overall winning percentage. However, you need to identify the common pitfalls that lead to losing results for an average recreational sports bettor. Use a Professional Handicapper’s Picks A great way to do this is mirroring the approach that pro handicappers take when releasing their “best bet” sports picks. At the top of the list is removing any bias from the decision-making process. This could actually entail avoiding the urge to bet on your favorite teams. The smarter approach is focusing on a particular league as a whole. As far as betting pro leagues in the US, the most common list includes the NFL, NBA, MLB and NFL. There are also pro leagues in the US covering a variety of other betting sports such as golf, tennis, soccer, motor sports, boxing and MMA fighting. Wagering menus at online sportsbooks offer a near infinite amount of options. By taking an active interest in an entire league, you will be able to make the most of your handicapping skills when betting individual games. Make Money Betting on Sports Using Familiarity Within that league, you should also focus your attention on the most played matchups. This includes specific division games and contests within the same conference. Familiarity within any head-to-head meeting offers a higher level of predictability. For example, the NFL scheduling system has inter-conference games where the two teams only face one another once every four seasons under normal circumstances. Yet, every NFL team faces its division opponents twice a season. The NBA, MLB and NHL offer far more crossover opportunities for inter-conference opponents. However, it still makes betting sense to focus your handicapping and sports betting activity on games offering a high level of familiarity between the two teams. Another important aspect of any betting strategy is proper money management. Your sports betting bankroll should be made up of discretionary funds that can be lost with no financial detriment to your household budget. Do Not Chase - Set a Daily Budget Never chase a losing bet with another wager to try and get even. You should always determine a level of confidence for every bet you place. This starts with a high level of confidence and then works its way even higher from there. Too many recreational sports bettors make the fatal mistake of placing wagers just to have action on the big game. Unless you already have a high level of confidence on the projected outcome. Get into the habit of watching those showdown matchups for fun. Save your real money bets for your highest confidence plays.

Spend time grading your sports handicapping skills if you want to be a successful bettor. The holiday season provides both the end of one sports betting campaign and the start of another. You cannot change your overall results for the past year. However, you can learn from them. There are always new and different angles you can take to improve your overall return on investment betting on sports. Grading Your Sports Handicapping Skills The best way to start the evaluation process is to give yourself an honest and accurate overall grade. There is no grading curve for this class, so if you lost money for the year, you failed.  No sports fan bets on the games to lose money. You could always chalk these losses up to an entertainment fee. However, that does not take the sting out of a sports betting bankroll that is in the red. Evaluating your performance needs to be both quantitative and qualitative in nature. Winning or losing money over the long-haul is the basic quantitative measure. Knowing where and how you won or lost money starts to move into the realm of a qualitative measurement. Your Results Do Not Lie Whether you work with a single online sportsbook or multiple sites. Your online betting history for the past year can provide a very clear picture when summarizing your results. Maybe you made money betting the NFL but lost your shirt betting other sports. Perhaps your point spread bets were well over the 52.4% breakeven point while your total line bets drained your bankroll. It is almost next to impossible to improve your sports handicapping skills if you do not understand all of your particular strengths and weaknesses. These become almost crystal clear when compared with detailed performance records. Grading Your Sports Handicapping Skills - Sports Betting Strategy Another important qualitative measure is your overall sports betting strategy. Too many recreational sports bettors become painfully predictable with their wagers on sports. Must Read: Betting NCAAB Conference Games at America’s Bookie For example, if you bet the same exact amount of money on every bet you place, that does not help maximize your return. Professional sports handicappers will release a unit play along with each betting selection. The amount of that betting unit has no bearing on this particular strategy. It simply has to be realistically in line with your overall sports betting bankroll of discretionary funds. The unit itself is tied to the level of confidence in that bet. The higher the confidence the higher the unit total. For example, a seven or eight unit play reflects a very high level of confidence in that bet. Betting three or four units would be in line with an average level of confidence. Sometimes the Bet You Don’t Make is Your Best Bet Going hand-in-hand with the unit betting system is the idea of walking away from a game. Betting any game just because you want some action on it is not productive to your overall strategy. Pros will walk away from a game if they do not get the betting line or odds they are looking for. The primary goal is to place sports bets where you already have a good deal of confidence in predicting the actual result. Doing this will make grading your sports handicapping skills much easier. Adding extra units to that play needs to be a discretionary tactic due to the added financial risk. Use a Common-Sense Approach The best way to improve a poor grade this year is to adopt a common-sense approach to betting on sports next year.  Do not take unnecessary risks such as 10-team parlay plays. Look at developing a prop betting strategy. Never let outside noise add bias to your picks. Follow the advice and tips from handicapping pros when formulating your sports betting strategy. Do your homework with the use of up-to-date injury reports, relevant sports stats and useful betting trends.

Betting convenience is huge in this day and age. Sports betting in the US has become more and more popular with average fans. Due to this, the online sports betting marketplace has become extremely crowded with available betting sites. MUST READ > ADD A PROFESSIONAL EDGE TO YOUR SPORTS BETTING STRATEGY Betting Convenience & Why It’s Important It was not all that long ago when the only available online outlet for betting on sports in the US was through an offshore sportsbook running an online betting platform. A few years back after a change in federal law, US-based sportsbook operators set up shop on a state-by-state basis. With two distinctly different sectors offering the exact same products and services, there are bound to be some significant differences between those original offshore books and their US-based counterparts. ICYMI: 3 Benefits to Buying College Bowl Picks One of the biggest differences that immediately comes to mind is overall convenience. Offshore books operate 24/7 across every state in the US market. Legal issues aside, these sites are available to US players on a wide-scale basis. Unenforceable Gaming Laws Prior laws on the books dealt with the federal government’s attempt to restrict sports betting sites from operating on US soil. While some laws were aimed at offshore books, it quickly became obvious that they were completely unenforceable. In today’s marketplace with US-based sportsbooks also catering to US players in designated states, convenience becomes an extremely important factor. Suppose you live in Texas or California and you are looking to place a bet on the Cowboys or Rams’ upcoming football game. The most convenient way to place that bet is through an offshore global sportsbook’s online betting site or app. In those two states, this is also the only way to get some action on those games outside of a private bookie. Offshore sportsbooks do not have to deal with the concept of geo tracking. If they accept sports bets from inside the US market, it does not matter where you are located when you choose to actually place that wager. Betting Convenience - Placing a Wager Anywhere Under the US sportsbook system for placing sports bets, a geo tracking device will determine if you are eligible. That hardly sounds like a convenient way to bet on sports in general. This current system is not going to change anytime soon. The best offshore books are licensed and regulated by the country of their origin. For example, Costa Rica is the home base for some of the highest-rated offshore sportsbooks in the entire online sports betting industry. Favorable business conditions in that jurisdiction give local books more than enough leeway to meet all of your sports betting needs. US-based Sportsbooks Are VERY Limited US-based books can only operate in states offering online sports betting. Each book is licensed and regulated by each individual state where they choose to operate. That is why you can bet on in-state college teams in Pennsylvania but not in New Jersey. If you were in the Garden State and looking to bet on Rutgers next home basketball game. You could always drive across the border into the Keystone State to place that bet. These are the type of situations that make it far less convenient betting on sports through US-based online books. In fact, in certain states you can place sports bets at casinos with a retail sportsbook. However, you still cannot place a bet in that state from a mobile sportsbooks app. Instead of trying to figure out what is allowed in the state where you live, your best bet is to open an online account. There are many offshore sportsbooks offering everything you are looking for through one convenient online betting account.

Are you thinking about buying college bowl game picks? It’s not too late, and we’ll talk about what you need to look for. This year’s college bowl season gets underway with 1 games on Friday, Dec. 17. After those two games, it runs all the way to this year’s national championship showdown on Monday, Jan. 10. All told, sports bettors will have more than 40 different opportunities to cash a few winners at their favorite online sportsbook. Buying College Bowl Game Picks Heading into postseason play, now is the perfect time to summarize and quantify your sports betting results for college football. Take a look back over the previous three and a half months. Look at top College football handicappers like Matt Fargo and Tony Karpinksi at Action Sports Picks. They hit 58% and 62%, respectively on their NCAAF premium picks. That’s a profit of well over $6000 for both. If you have generated a positive return on investment with your graded wagers, they staying the course over the next few weeks with your own picks remains a viable college bowl betting strategy. If you are in the red with your own handicapping efforts for college football, the limited bowl schedule presents an excellent opportunity to reverse your fortunes with a college bowl selection package from a pro. Testing the Waters Buying Pro Selections Buying a college football bowl selection package can be the perfect way to test the waters if you are brand new to working with the pros. Too many avid sports bettors are creatures of habit even if those same habits are providing poor results. Even if you are not a high volume player, there are economical ways to boost your winning percentage on your sports betting efforts. You can always try and improve your own handicapping efforts but that is usually a hit or miss proposition. Pro selections can also be hit or miss but they give you a far better chance to earn a positive return on investment even with the added cost of buying the picks. MUST READ > TIPS FOR HANDICAPPING DURING THE HOLIDAYS Limited Financial Exposure - Buying College Bowl Game Picks As long as the upfront cost of buying a college football bowl game selection package is reasonable, your financial exposure with a limited package of picks by a pro is very manageable. You still need to be committed to betting every game selection at the recommended unit play. However, by lowering the amount of your betting unit, you can make the numbers work. The first step is to factor out the actual cost of the college bowl game selection package. Using the rest of your discretionary betting funds, you can come up with a working unit play. Certain pro handicappers will let you know upfront how many picks are included to help fine-tune the numbers. Bigger Upside for Financial Gains The average pro is looking to win two out of every three picks they release. This equates to a 66% winning percentage and an excellent return on investment. In reality, a pro with a winning percentage between 55% and 60% will still produce some solid financial gains. The break-even point for sports bets using the standard 10% commission or juice is 52.4%. This sounds easy enough to achieve. Yet, in reality it can be very difficult to accomplish over an extended period of time. Given a specific sporting event like the college football bowl season, it can be next to impossible to break even given all the different variables that are involved in these matchups. Sometimes, you need to get out of your own way and let someone who actually knows how to break down these games take over the reins.

Holiday betting specials are an easy way to find some cheer. Most online sportsbooks embrace the idea of giving during the holiday season. They are always looking for special ways to give customers something new. Something interesting to wager on. TIPS FOR HANDICAPPING DURING THE HOLIDAYS Holiday Betting Specials for Football The year-end sports betting calendar lends itself to daily specials with the biggest betting sports in action. Both the college and NFL seasons are winding down. There are always extra factor that add opportunities for college football and NFL betting at this time of the year.  You might be able to find a special NFL player prop that has nothing to do this Sunday’s games. For example, if a high-profile quarterback is playing his final few games for his current team in anticipation of free agency, you might find betting odds for where he will be playing next season. NFL player awards are also a hot bet this time of the year covering options such as Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. NFL Coach of the Year is another hot betting prop  towards the end of the year. NCAAF Coaching Carousel Coaching vacancies in college football can be a hot topic for holiday betting specials at your online sportsbook. This especially pertains to the next head coach at college football’s biggest programs. Not to be outdone, holiday betting specials will also spring up from time to time in the NBA and NHL. Each pro league now has close to two months of their regular season schedule in the books. This can prompt special props for coaches getting fired or players getting traded. The trick to taking advantage of any online book’s holiday betting specials is by keeping a close eye on the actual betting board. Many of these betting specials are only posted for a short time. They constantly change with one special coming off the board only to be replaced by a new one. Exclusive Holiday Betting Specials Another aspects of betting specials is exclusivity. Every online book may have betting odds posted for NFL MVP. However, a special betting prop or future will be exclusive to one particular online book. Almost like a treasure hunt for the best betting value, searching the holiday betting specials across multiple books is the best way to take advantage of these types of exclusive wagers. Today’s most popular online books tend to go out of their way to highlight any special betting options offered. Some specials are presented in the form of Odds Boosters that create a parlay option for special bets with a higher than average return on the payout odds. Editor’s Choice > End 2021 Strong with the Right Price Per Head Every online book is competing for a bettor’s attention these days. In a crowded marketplace, online books are looking to standout from the pack. Some do this with it’s particular betting board. They offer special options during the holidays that are exclusive to a particular betting board. Any online book has the ability to create that all-important point of difference. Diversify Your Betting Portfolio This Christmas Holiday betting specials can be a great way to add diversity to your regular sports betting strategy. The boost in odds alone is a major draw for these types of wagers. This is also a great way to add some holiday sports betting fun to the equation. Betting specials are one way to diversify your betting portfolio. Give props a try. We talked about prop betting strategy in one of our latest articles. A big benefit to hunting for holiday betting specials is the chance to familiarize yourself with multiple books. There is a tendency to fall into a sports betting rut as the year’s betting calendar wears down. Shopping for special holiday betting options is a great way to change things up.

Not that long ago, proposition bets at online sportsbooks were considered to be novelty wagers. Now you need to have a structured prop betting strategy. There was a time that props were reserved for the biggest sports and sporting events. They were used as a way to boost the betting handle. USING MORE THAN ONE SPORTSBOOK Growing Trend - Use a Prop Betting Strategy These days, prop bets are serious business. An almost endless list of prop options are available for every game in every major betting sport. Supply is always driven by demand. More and more sports fans turn to props to add betting excitement for games daily. Popular online sportsbooks keep fueling that demand with more and more prop betting options. One of the newest innovations in the online sports betting industry is a prop builder tool. This lets the bettor set the parameters around a prop they are looking to bet. The online book then sets the betting odds. ICYMI > Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: College Basketball Season One good way to work props into your overall betting strategy is by doubling down on any straight bets placed on the spread, total or money line. Stacking Simple Wagers With Props For example, if you bet the OVER on Sunday’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. You did this because you think Tom Brady is going to light things up. Then you should probably bet the OVER on his prop odds for total touchdown passes. Even if you did not bet the actual Tampa Bay game, you can form your entire prop betting strategy around some game props. One of the biggest driving forces behind individual game props is fantasy sports. Let’s say Brady happens to be the starting quarterback for your fantasy football team. Why not bet a few specific player props tied to his performance in this Sunday’s game? Prop Betting Strategy - Use Your Fantasy Research If you do spend quite a bit of time and effort on any fantasy league, this can actually act as a handicapping tool for any upcoming bets. Once you set your NFL fantasy lineup, you can then go to your favorite online sportsbook to bet on individual player props for that week’s games. The closer you get to the start of a game, the more options for player props are posted on the board. As mentioned, you can turn to an offshore gambling site with the prop builder option and handpick the player props you are looking to bet. The best sports betting strategy is one that is also diverse. It is hard to make money betting games against the spread, on the total line or through a straight-up money line wager. If your team gets off to a poor start, you could be dead in the water before halftime. Betting Team and Player Props By betting team and player props, the added diversity can act as a boost to your winning probability. Even lousy NFL teams can score quite a few garbage points when a game’s score is already out of hand. Scoring props, game props and player props can still pay off even if there is no way your team is going to win SU or even cover the spread. The best starting point for developing a winning prop betting strategy is to first educate yourself as to which options are available. You can pick out a few aspects of the games that interest you the most. Quite a bit of action centers on scoring props. Which team scores first and which team scores last are popular scoring prop options. Player props are probably the biggest market for all the most popular betting sports. This relates directly to the overall popularity of playing fantasy leagues.

The college basketball season is around four months long. Non-conference play starts in early November and runs until the end of the calendar year. January marks the start of regular conference play and this runs until early March. College Basketball Season - Finishes With NCAA Tournament The college basketball postseason starts with more than 30 conference tournaments in Division I play. This sets the stage for the annual NCAA Tournament as one of the biggest betting events of the year. What makes college basketball different from pro leagues and even college football is the sheer number of betting opportunities. More than 350 teams play in Division I as part of those 30+ conferences. ONLINE SPORTSBOOKS HAVE YOU COVERED FOR THANKSGIVING SPORTS While the actual season is not that long, the intensity of daily betting opportunities remains high from start to finish. Winning Betting Strategy for College Basketball A big part of developing a winning betting strategy for college basketball hinges on where you decide to bet the games. In today’s marketplace, all online sports betting sites are not created equal. You basically have two distinctly different categories of online sportsbooks. The first is global sites that are based offshore in jurisdictions such as Costa Rica. These online books cover the entire US market from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between. The other category is US-based sportsbooks that operate on a limited state-by-state level. They also operate under a much more strict set of regulations that can have a major impact on how you can bet on college basketball. There are more than a few states that place restrictions on betting in-state teams. There are plenty differences when you look at Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks. College Basketball Season Betting Lines While overall availability is a glaring difference between the two, this is not the biggest advantage offshore sportsbooks have over their US-based counterparts when it comes to betting on college basketball games. The biggest edge lies in the actual betting lines. This covers point spreads, total lines and money line odds. In a quick comparison of all three betting lines across a number of different offshore and US online books, you can quickly note the differences. None is more glaring than money line odds for college basketball games. For example, the money line odds for betting the favorite at one of the most popular US books are set at -120 in a tight matchup. That same money line at a popular offshore book is set at -110. Betting the game at the offshore book cuts your financial risk in half. The larger the spread, the bigger the difference when it comes to the corresponding money line odds. This lets you reduce your financial risk when betting favorites while increasing your potential return when it comes to betting underdogs. Offshore Sportsbooks Offer Best Betting Lines Even lower volume recreational bettors can benefit from competitive betting lines over the course of the entire college basketball season. Another edge is the depth of betting options for college games. Most US books will stay away from obscure matchups between Mid-Major programs. While these games remain “off the board”, the top-rated offshore books will most likely offer a betting line on the game. Some of the best betting value on the board can be found in college basketball games between teams in small Mid-Major conferences. The only consistent way to tap into this value is through an online betting account at an offshore sportsbook operating an online betting platform.

It is important that you always shop for best betting lines. Too many recreational sports bettors have a bad habit of betting the games at just one online sportsbook. In fact, they get too settled in at that one online sportsbook when it comes to the actual betting lines for the games. Line Shopping - Best Betting Strategy Millions of dollars can change hands on one single game when it comes to a half point difference in the point spread or total line. Saving $5 or $10 on a money line loss or gaining an extra $5 or $10 on a money line win can add up to be quite a bit of money over the course of an entire season. In order to earn the best possible return on investment when betting on sports, you need to look for ways to gain an edge. Shopping your betting lines is one of the best ways to add that edge to your entire sports betting strategy. That is why more and more savvy US players have turned to America’s Bookie online sportsbook. Based in Costa Rica, this global online sportsbook has been catering to US sports bettors for more than a decade. They have a depth of betting markets to satisfy every bettor. Staying true to its mission, America’s Bookie is committed to making your entire online sports betting experience both safe and enjoyable. That is why this top-rated betting site has become known as “America’s Most Trusted Sports Bookie.” Shop for Best Betting Lines - Money Line Odds While America’s Bookie is global in both its scale and reach, competitive betting lines for every major US betting sport and sporting event is what separates this board apart from the competition. This does not even include all the daily specials, parlay boosters and reduced juice betting options offered on a regular basis. From straight bets on a game’s point spread to dynamic betting lines that continually update themselves during live games, America’s Bookie offers the most competitive betting options in today’s online sports betting marketplace. Shop for Best Betting Lines With today’s advances in online sports betting technology along with highly sophisticated software solutions, it has never been easier to shop for the best betting lines. There are any number of popular betting sites that post a comparison across several online betting sites. If Book A is offering -135 odds on the favorite in a money line bet, nine times out of 10, America’s Bookie with have odds of -130 or even -125. The same comparison holds true for betting money line underdogs. If you can get +115 odds at Book A or Book B, you can probably place that same bet at +120 or +125 odds at America’s Bookie. Shopping for Lower Juice at America’s Bookie As far as betting a game’s point spread or total line, you can often find lower juice at America’s Bookie for betting one way against the other. When you shop for best betting lines, choosing a smaller sportsbook is a good strategy. Their lines can differ because many small shops have a base of players from one demographic. For example, most online books are charging 10% juice for betting either side of matchup using a spread or the OVER or UNDER on a total line. Using America’s Bookie betting board for point spreads and totals, you might be able to bet one side at -105 or +100 even money. Once again, saving $5 or $10 in commission charged on a losing wager can add up to be quite a bit of money over the entire course of the season.

The simple tagline at sportsbook is “Everyone Has One.” This global online sportsbook should probably change that to “Everyone Needs One” when it comes to the best online sports betting experience. Sportsbook - Global Online Sports Betting Based in Costa Rica, sportsbook has quickly established itself as a premier global online sports betting site for US players. First launched in 2016, this site has attracted a strong base of avid US sports bettors over the past several years. One of the main reasons why garners rave reviews from sports betting industry insiders is this site’s comprehensive approach to betting the games. From point spreads for NFL games to dynamic live betting lines for every major betting sport. They have everything you will need. With fast and easy access to one of the best betting boards in the entire sports betting industry. Given that the ownership group at comes from a strong background in all forms of online gaming software, this site acts as the ultimate one-stop shop for all your real money gambling needs. One Account Gets Sportsbook, Casinos & Racebook From the same online account, you can bet on sports like Sunday’s big NFL game, the daily race card at your favorite horse track, slots and table games in the online casino and Texas Hold’em tournaments in the online poker room. There is no need to track your results for each gaming activity separately since all your online gaming activity is rolled up in your sportsbook account. Making things all the more attractive, offers a generous player rewards program. You can earn valuable points for your online betting activity. These points do not come with an expiration date so the can be saved and redeemed for the perks you want the most. One of the most popular rewards is Free Play rewards. For example, you can earn a $25 Free Play for as little as 5000 reward points. No End to Variety at Sportsbook Taking a comprehensive approach to your overall online gaming activities at It is the smartest way to maximize your efforts as well as your return on investment. Huge betting variety at 1Vice As opposed to betting $50 on the point spread of a NFL game as an all-or-nothing wager, you can easily find five $10 betting markets that offer a higher rate of return. It helps to diversify your NFL betting strategy. Individual game props, parlay boosters, reduced juice betting options and daily betting specials. They are just a few of the ways you can expand and diversify your overall sports betting strategy. Editor’s Choice: November is a Big Betting Month at America’s Bookie Mix it Up! Do not get stuck in a rut by doing the same things over and over again in hopes of producing a different result. You do not have to be a high roller to take advantage of everything has to offer. As an average recreational bettor, you will always have any number of different ways to bet on your favorite sports and sporting events. As mentioned, you can also change things up through the online racebook, casino and poker room. Becoming a valued member of sportsbook has never been easier. Simply sign-up online through the REGISTER icon at the top of the home page. There are a number of different ways to fund your new online betting account. They include Bitcoin as one of the most popular options. When you do hit it big, offers a fast turnaround on any payment requests.

Finding a top-rated online sportsbook these days isn’t easy. The online sports betting industry is filled with betting sites willing to book your bets. There are global sportsbooks that have been marketing their services to US players for the past two decades. There are brand new US-based books that bring the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to an online betting site. MUST READ FOR FOOTBALL BETTORS > DIVERSIFY YOUR NFL BETTING STRATEGY HR Wager is Surprising Users And then there is This global online betting site has been able to create a major point of difference in the marketplace. Launched in Costa Rica more than 12 years ago, is a global online book that fully understands what US players are looking for in a sports betting site. This sense of commitment to its target audience has made one of the most successful online books in this industry. They often say that word of mouth is the best advertising in the world. If someone likes what a top-rated online sportsbook has to offer, they will be more than happy to spread the word. does not have the massive marketing and advertising budget backing today’s biggest US-based sportsbooks. What this online betting site does have is a long history of strong reviews from unbiased sources. HR Wager is backed by strong reviews High Marks as a Top-Rated Online Sportsbook Industry insiders highlight this site’s strong points as a benchmark. Industry peers have tried to emulate many of business practices. Sportsbook review sites evaluating this site continually award high marks in every major category. There are a number of reasons why turns up at the top of so many lists ranking the online sportsbooks in today’s marketplace. First off, offers a highly competitive promotional program that can actually put some extra cash into your online betting bankroll. Top-Rated Online Sportsbook - Incentives This is one of the few online sportsbooks that offers matching bonuses on every deposit you make into that account. With low rollover requirements in place, even casual recreational bettors can take advantage of these offers. High grades have also been given to the betting board. While all the major betting sports are covered extensively with multiple betting options, you can find betting lines and odds posted for obscure sports and sporting events with a limited following. This betting board runs the gambit. There is a heavier emphasis on US-based leagues. However, there is also a strong international flare to this global online book. While may cater to US players, it also has a strong base of bettors from other parts of the world. It’s one of the things that makes them a top-rated online sportsbook. Innovation is another driving force with the ownership group behind There is a long tradition of sports betting expertise coupled with a strong background in online gaming software applications. Fully Loaded Online Sportsbook The end result is a full-service online gaming site. give you the ability to bet on Sunday’s big game, wager on the daily race card at your favorite horse racing track and play a couple of hands of live-dealer blackjack all from the same online betting account. The diversity within this single online gaming site creates the most exciting betting experience in the game today. is extremely proud of the strong reviews its has garnered year after year from some of the most respected sources in the sports betting industry. Yet, it also views this high level of praise as a challenge. They are never one to rest on its laurels and past accomplishments. remains committed to staying at the top of the class among all the online sports betting options in the current marketplace.