Build Your Bankroll in the Dog Days of Summer

You can still build your bankroll by betting in the summer. At some point, the NBA Finals end and the Stanley Cup is won. Too many sports bettors just shrug their shoulders and say, “Now what?” No longer since the summer offers great betting opportunities. Here’s a look.

Key Points

– Smart bettors continue to build their bankroll in the “offseason.”

– There are tons of betting opportunities in the summer months.

America’s Pastime Helps Build Your Bankroll

There are often 10 to 15 MLB games accessible on the betting board on a given summer day. There are several different MLB betting strategies. Bettors have many different ways to wager on baseball when you take into account all the player and team props that are available.

There is money to be made even if betting on baseball is a little different from betting on the NFL or NBA. Find your area of expertise. Maybe, it’s on the First 5 Innings or in the player props market. 

Whatever it is, you have over 2,400 opportunities to wager on baseball during the summer. 

Enjoy the Links

You are missing out if you have never wagered on golf. Every weekend a tournament is held, and, like most sports, there are a number of betting markets.

You can wager on the tournament winner if you like. It’s a great market because golf tournament favorites can often be given odds of +800, +900, or even above +1000. The payouts can be quite large.

There are other markets like head-to-head bets, Round competition, and even golf props. The big thing to remember is that while sportsbooks and oddsmakers are spending time on baseball, they aren’t spending it on golf. That leaves some betting value for the smarter bettors.


Tennis Anyone?

If you haven’t bet on tennis, you should. Just like golf, there are tournaments every weekend where you can discover large plus-money favorites to win. Bettors can find heavy tournament favorites between +500 and +1000 every weekend of the summer.

Numerous other wagers are also available, including head-to-head wagering and betting on the spread for games and sets. 

Additionally, Grand Slam competitions like Wimbledon and the French Open provide a wide variety of betting opportunities for a full two weeks at a time. Spend some time acquainting yourself with the various tennis bets and then reap the benefits.

Yes, There Is Summer Football

You can still place a football wager even if it’s not football season. Every year at the end of April, right as the NBA and NHL playoffs are starting, the NFL Draft is held.

There are a number of bets like which player will go No. 1, which QB will be taken first, and many more.

The Canadian Football League, or CFL, also begins play in early June. The CFL season consists of 18 games and lasts from the beginning of the summer to Thanksgiving. You won’t find the variety of bets like the NFL, but Canadian football gives football bettors a chance to wager in the summer. 

The USFL ends in June and also gives football bettors an opportunity to bet on football in the early summer.

Build Your Bankroll with NASCAR

Every year, the NASCAR Cup season starts in February and lasts until November. There is a race somewhere every weekend in the summer. 

Similar to golf, you may bet on both the overall race winner and the drivers competing head-to-head when you wager on NASCAR. There are top-5 bets, top-10 bets, and many more are available. 

Like golf, bettors have a slight advantage when betting NASCAR. Sportsbooks and oddsmakers are busy preparing for the next football and basketball seasons. Those are the sports where they make their money. That leaves some opportunity for racing bettors.

Triple Crown & More in Horse Racing

The annual Run for the Roses, the Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday in May, serves as the opening leg of the Triple Crown of horse racing. It draws the interest of numerous gamblers.

Both the Preakness and Belmont Stakes, which are contested in the early summer, have a lot of betting interest. When a horse has a chance to win the Triple Crown, these races are immensely popular. 

Throughout the summer, there are a ton of races at tracks in the United States and other countries. Smart horse racing bettors have a quality racebook where they can find the best odds on races from around the world.

Other Summer Sports to Build Your Bankroll

Similar to the NFL, the NBA holds its well-known draft at the end of June, right after the NBA Finals are over. The first player picked, second player picked, and many other possibilities are available to bettors.

Nathan’s Hot Dogs sponsors their annual Hot Dog Eating Competition on July 4. If you have never seen it, tune into ESPN. They cover the event every year.

The competition has been dominated by Joey Chestnut for a while. Bettors can place wagers on the overall winner, the winner’s consumption of hot dogs, and more.

The Other Football 

While Americans have their version of football, soccer is the game played around the world. There are leagues playing during the summer in several different countries.

Major League Soccer in the United States begins play in early March and runs through the summer. The MLS Cup is played in October and November, and the winner is announced after the playoffs.

Teams compete in 34 regular season contests. Bettors have plenty of opportunities to discover value bets throughout the regular season and playoffs. 

The new seasons of several of the most well-known soccer leagues in the world, including the Bundesliga and the English Premier League, start in early August. Soccer bettors will have plenty to do for the rest of the summer when you include these games in the mix.