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You should embrace betting against the public. Key Points – The betting public loves winners, favorites, and high-scoring games. – The betting public loses more often than it wins. Why You Should Embrace Betting Against the Public Betting against the public is betting against what most people expect. Another way to say it is “fading

Your guide to the Martingale betting system. Key Points – The Martingale betting system has been around for years. – There are a few different versions of the Martingale betting system. Guide to the Martingale Betting System One thing has been true in sports betting since the beginning of time. Bettors are constantly searching for

What is the best kept secret in sports betting? Key Points – Bettors can take advantage of a sports betting secret, if they can find it. – Bettors would love to know the secret to sports betting. The Best Kept Secret in Sports Betting What is not a secret in sports betting is that all

There are a number of betting mistakes to avoid. Key Points – There are key betting mistakes that must be avoided. – It takes time to learn how to avoid common betting mistakes. Betting Mistakes to Avoid Sports betting is not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. Well, it seems like everyone

SmarterBettor is the go-to site for your top NFL picks. Key Points – Bettors can use SmarterBettor for their top NFL picks. – Understanding the various NFL bets is a key to success. SmarterBettor for Your Top NFL Picks You know and understand the odds of the NFL picks. You know and understand the favorites

How to make strong betting choices is the key to your success. Key Points – Making better betting choices comes down to a couple key points. – Knowing how to find value is a key in making strong betting choices. How to Make Strong Betting Choices Bettors of all experience levels usually have a common

The philosophy of sharp bettors impacts your return on investment. Key Points – Sharp bettors are those who bet professionally. – Learning how to spot sharp moves can only help a bettor.  So, not everyone is equally skilled at sports betting. No kidding, right?  But, there are a number of highly skilled sports bettors out

Get all your sports betting info in one place. Key Points – Bettors can find value in having all of their betting information in one place. – Information is what helps bettors make better decisions. Variety of Sports Sports betting is a popular activity all over the world, and there are a variety of sports

College Football betting markets is what we’re learning about today. Key Points – Betting on college football is extremely popular, especially among U.S. bettors. – Winning college football bets starts with understanding the various markets. College Football Betting Markets It is one of the most popular sports for bettors. College football betting markets are a

Navigating NCAA Football betting odds can get tricky. But we got your back. Key Points – Analyzing NCAA football betting odds can help the college football bettor improve his winning percentage.  – There are a number of areas in which to look for favorable NCAA football betting odds. Need to Know – NCAA Football Betting

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