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There is a difference in betting NBA totals versus college basketball totals. Key Points – The wide variety of styles of play in college basketball is one of the key differences when betting NBA totals. – NBA bettors can take advantage of greater betting limits when it comes to totals. Betting NBA Totals Versus College

Bettors should understand parlay insurance. Key Points – Most of the most well-known sportsbooks offer parlay insurance. – Parlays are still risky bets whether covered by insurance or not. What Is Parlay Insurance What sucks for bettors is missing out on a sizable payout because one leg of your parlay was lost. Fortunately, some sportsbooks

Learn when to adjust your betting unit size. Key Points – Smart bettors learn the situations where they should adjust their betting unit size. – Proper money management is one of the cornerstones of successful sports betting. When to Adjust Your Betting Unit Size Many sports bettors struggle constantly with money management. It can be

How you can find the best sportsbook bonuses. Key Points – The best sportsbook bonuses will entice bettors to sign up for betting accounts. – The best sportsbook bonuses also have stipulations attached to them. Finding the Best Sportsbook Bonuses With the advancement of the Internet, people can do pretty much everything online. This includes

What is a sports betting myth and what is not? Key Points – There are several myths surrounding sports betting. – Not everything you hear about gambling is true. Sports Betting Myth Busters There are many commonly held beliefs about sports betting. Not all of them are true. Sometimes things are believed just because they

Learn how to bet on an alternate point spread. Key Points – There are situations where an alternate point spread makes sense. – Bettors will pay a premium for an advantageous alternate point spread.  How to Bet an Alternate Point Spread Whether you are a novice or seasoned sports bettor, it’s likely that you have

Bettors should avoid these sports betting traps. Key Points – Too many bettors fall for the same sports betting traps. – Sports betting isn’t always about picking the better team or player. Sports Betting Traps to Avoid Whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced bettor, there are a number of sports betting traps that you can

This is why big line moves are a big deal. Key Points – The ability to anticipate big line moves will make you a better bettor. – Bettors should understand what causes big line moves. Why Big Line Moves Are a Big Deal When you first begin betting on sports, you might not truly get

Learn why you should pay for handicappers’ picks. Key Points – Paying for handicappers’ picks can be beneficial in the right situation. – Choosing a trustworthy handicapper can be a challenge. Why Pay for Handicappers Picks It’s not uncommon for bettors to consider using handicappers’ picks or tips at some point in their betting career.

Get ready for the 2022 FIFA World cup. Key Points – The 2022 FIFA World Cup is back and some familiar faces are favored to win. – There has not been a repeat World Cup champion since 1962. Getting Ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup For fans of international soccer, the 2022 FIFA World

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