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Legal sports betting is expanding across the country. More and more people are discovering a new and more interactive way to enjoy their love of sports. Betting on sports is not easy, and some of us need to realize maybe it’s time to pay for sports picks. So the question is always asked: Are the

Ever wonder how the pros handicap games? The handicapping tools that they use? It’s not like it’s a well-guarded secret contained in one of those space-age looking briefcases attached to the handicapper’s arm by a handcuff. In the sports handicapping process, the pros use a number of tools to help them come to a conclusion

With six weeks of the NFL season in the books, there are definitely some NFL betting trends emerging. Whether it’s the league as a whole or individual teams, looking back can guide future bets. HR WAGER OFFERS LIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Any edge a bettor can gain is welcome when trying to win against the NFL

Football bettors looking for a bigger return on investment will often turn to betting NFL parlays. This is the ultimate risk/reward bet but there are some general tips to keep in mind to maximize that return. At the top of the list is where you place a parlay bet. Offshore sportsbooks offering action on NFL

5Dimes sportsbook customers were surprised and saddened to learn of the shutting down of the operation. Now, it’s on to find another sportsbook that can be trusted, one that will open its doors and welcome 5Dimes sportsbook customers like family. Boost Your NFL Betting Bankroll With America’s Bookie Reward Program That sportsbook is America’s Bookie,

As we enter Week 4 of the NFL season, a handful of playoff hopefuls find themselves in desperate situations. If you’re a bettor in a desperate situation, it’s time to bet smarter NFL Week 4. Houston and Minnesota, who meet on Sunday, are both 0-3 and even with a win are facing uphill battles. Although

Here we go! Lakers Nuggets Game 4. The Denver Nuggets knew that while they demonstrated the ability to come back from a large deficit, banking on doing that over and over and over again was not going to be a good strategy to get to the NBA Finals. And to come back from 3-0 was going

One of the hardest things in sports betting is the most obvious: winning. But it helps to be a smarter bettor.  A lot of people think winning is inevitable if you’re someone who knows sports, knows the players, and, most importantly, knows the games on a game-by-game basis.  But the fact is, most people don’t

The NFL is here, but there is no doubt that those handicapping NFL Week 1 are facing the age-old challenge that most folks encounter when they are trying to wager on what is arguably the hardest sport to make a profit on. AMERICA’S BOOKIE WEEKLY FOOTBALL SQUARES CONTEST IS BACK The reality is that there

A new season of football in the NFL starts on Sept 10 with the Kansas City Chiefs facing the Houston Texans on Thursday night. A full complement of games fill the following Sunday’s schedule and there are two more games on Monday night as part of the Week 1 betting board. Be sure your sportsbooks