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MLB 5 inning lines provide value when used right. Avid sports bettors have a good feel for how to use them. MLB 5 Inning Lines Explained The equivalent of the 5 inning line for MLB games would be the first half bet in a NFL football game. You are basically wagering on the outcome of

Avid sports bettors need every advantage they can get. Global Offshore Sportsbooks Are a Gambler’s Dream Over the past few years, the expanding US sportsbook industry has added quite a few new operators to the mix. However, the global offshore sportsbook industry is as strong as ever.  There are any number of reasons why avid

Shopping MLB total lines is a great strategy to win more bets. Line Comparison Will Improve Your Winning Percentage Regular MLB bettors already know that there is some tremendous value in shopping MLB money line odds. Saving an extra $5 or even $10 on money line favorites can add up to be quite a bit

Let’s get into some 2022 NFL Win Totals. A look at Odds for 2022 NFL Win Totals One of the most popular NFL futures bets for the upcoming season is on a team’s projected win total for the 17-game schedule. Now that we know the actual home and away lineup for each team’s games on

Flexible banking doesn’t just make things easier. It helps to keep sportsbooks honest. Offshore Sportsbook vs. US Sportsbook Given the sheer number of online sports betting outlets in today’s marketplace, it has never been easier to wager on your favorite sports and sporting events. Maybe you are looking to bet an in-game parlay for the

Some early NHL postseason betting trends are showing up. And it’s time to profit from them. Early NHL Postseason Betting Trends The NHL playoffs got underway with the calendar turning the page to the month of May. Through one week of action, smarter bettors are already paying close attention to the early NHL postseason betting

Head-to-Head horse racing matchups are a great way to supplement your pony picks. Triple Crown of Horse Racing One of the biggest sports betting events of the year is the annual Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Open to the best three-year old Thoroughbred race horses, the first Saturday in May becomes a special time of

As a bookie agent, your pay per head betting board is the life blood of your sports business. On one hand, you are always looking to maintain a high level of control over your betting markets. It’s all about what’s offered, covering all sports leagues on your board. On the other hand, you always need

NFL Draft props have become a favorite of all bettors. NFL Draft Props are Welcome During Offseason The extended NFL offseason from mid-February through early September is a long time to endure without any live betting football action to bet on. The return of the USFL is a step in the right direction. But it

NBA Championship futures is a great way to hedge your regular season bets. Explaining the NBA Playoffs The NBA playoffs offer an entire second season of betting action for basketball at its highest level. Every game counts this time of the year. The cream begins to rise to the top in each round of the