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Handicapping MLB moneylines will provide daily value. Handicapping MLB Moneylines Baseball is back on the board at your favorite online sportsbooks. With the new MLB regular season set to get underway. It is time to sharpen up your baseball handicapping skills for betting each day’s games.  If you are a high volume player with a

Getting betting line value is important to your wagering bankroll. Offshore Sportsbook Still Dominate The entire sports betting industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace. Offshore sportsbooks have been catering to online bettors for close to thirty years going all the way back to the mid-1990’s. US-based online books go back less than four

Live in-game player props are trending! They’re not only fun, they’re profitable when used right. Live In-Game Player Props Today’s dynamic online sports betting industry is using the latest technical innovations to add new and exciting ways to bet on all the games. Leading the way is the ability to wager on your favorite games

You need to increase betting value in every way possible. Using an offshore sportsbook is the easiest way. US-Based vs. Offshore Sportsbooks There are any number of ways to bet on sports these days. Retail sportsbooks are starting to show up in casinos in certain parts of the country. US-based online sportsbooks are offering access

We all want to win more bets. I mean, c’mon. No one places a bet to lose it. But why does it seem so hard to consistently win? Let’s look at some ways to improve your winning sports betting percentage. Win More Bets Whether you have just started betting on the sports and sporting events

Bookie services are the cornerstone to any successful online sportsbooks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a big player in the industry or a local bookie. There is money to be made as a private bookmaker in today’s rapidly expanding sports betting industry. As more and more sports fans enter the marketplace, the demand for quality

We’re here to give you a true Offshore & US Sportsbook comparison. The biggest goal of any sports bettor is to win the majority of the bets they place. However, even the best pro handicappers are shooting for a consistent winning percentage of 60% or more. SIMPLE WAYS TO BECOME A SMARTER SPORTS BETTOR The

We’re here to help you become a smarter sports bettor. With more and more sports fans putting money on the games these days, online sportsbooks continue to take this money to the bank. Unfortunately, it can be much harder than it looks to actually win money betting on the games. NFL BETTORS > BUYING NFL

Are you looking to buy NFL Playoff picks? There’s a lot to sort through, but we’re here to help. With the start of the NFL playoffs and the march towards this season’s Super Bowl, it is time to get serious about betting on the games. Starting with the Wild Card Round right through the Super

Do you ever make money betting on sports? More and more sports fans are starting to add betting action on the games they love to watch. With this, more and more of these fans are quickly finding out that making money betting sports is not all that easy to do. Given the sportsbook industry’s standard