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Anyone who is familiar with betting on sports is also familiar with ‘bad beats’. This pertains to lost bets that appeared to be a lock until the closing seconds of the game. The worst bad beats are when you pick the winner but they fail to cover the closing spread because of a late score

While there are a multitude of choices when it comes to betting any sport online, finding the right book for an extended NBA season should become a top priority. The regular season is 82 games followed by four rounds of best-of-seven playoff series all the way to this season’s championship. This represents nearly eight months

College football is unlike any other sport. There are countless games to wager on each week. With the 2019 college football season starting this month, we wanted to discuss betting underdogs. The majority of the betting public focuses their attention to the big match-ups every week. A lot of casual bettors will only wager on

It used to be said that only degenerates would bet on the NFL preseason. However, that’s no longer the case. In fact, betting on NFL preseason games is more popular than ever. While it’s true that preseason games don’t count for anything, there’s still value to be found. You have to be more selective with