Handicapping Tools Used by the Pros

Ever wonder how the pros handicap games? The handicapping tools that they use? It’s not like it’s a well-guarded secret contained in one of those space-age looking briefcases attached to the handicapper’s arm by a handcuff.

In the sports handicapping process, the pros use a number of tools to help them come to a conclusion about a certain sporting event. Surprising to some is that handicappers will buy sports picks from a pick service. Using a pick service is just one of many tools a handicapper has at his disposal.

Applying Betting Strategies

One of the simplest strategies handicappers employ is betting against the public, also known as contrarian betting. Recreational bettors tend to throw their money at games that receive more hype.

When it is reported by a sportsbook that 70 or 80 percent of the public is backing a certain team, handicappers start looking to the other side of the bet.

Handicappers will also watch the market for any major line moves. A line change from -1 to -3 indicates something is happening. It may be an instance where the handicapper can exploit some betting value.

Another strategy handicappers use is shopping for the best betting line. If you can find an extra half-point or point somewhere or cheaper odds, it pays off in the end. Line shopping is one of the most effective and easiest handicapping tools out there.

Power Rankings

Most every sport now has some form of power ranking. Take the NFL as an example. There are a number of different systems that rank teams from best to worst. A handicapper can even create his own power ranking system.

Using a power ranking system can help a handicapper find out if a team is being over- or undervalued.

Outside Factors

There are a number of things, unrelated to actual game play, that go into a handicapper’s ultimate decision on a game. Home-field advantage is one. Using the NFL again, playing in Seattle or at Lambeau Field in Green Bay in late December is an advantage for the home team.

The weather also comes into play in decision-making. Playing football in cold, wet, and rainy conditions can affect a team that relies heavily on its passing game.

Looking at an injury report is another tool for the handicapper. A recent example from the NFL is the San Francisco 49ers. The defending NFC champions were a favorite to win Super Bowl LV, but a number of injuries may prevent them from winning their division again.

Each of these factors plays a role in the outcome of a game. The best handicappers use them as handicapping tools in their decision-making process.

Betting Trends

Handicappers will often look at trends and analyze how they may affect the outcome of an event. A team that has won several games in a row might be due for a loss. A team that is very competitive and keeps games close covers the spread in over 60 percent of its games.

These types of trends can be analyzed by handicappers when they set their final decisions on games. SmarterBettor.com is working on bringing you a premium stat package that include the trends you need to know.

Buying Picks

As mentioned, handicappers tools can include using a pick service to buy picks and use that information to help them make decisions. There is a new pick service out there that is getting rave reviews. They are Action Sports Picks.

Think about it. Buying picks is an easy way to bypass some of the research that a handicapper needs to do in order to come up with his picks. Why not use the research done by someone else, compare it to your own and use it in your handicapping?

The best handicappers are going to use all of the tools at their disposal. Using a pick service is simply one of those tools that can be used to make well-informed, smart betting decisions.