How to Bet on MMA

Betting on mixed martial arts has become a huge industry and the easiest way to bet on MMA fights is by signing up to an online sportsbook. When you open an online sportsbook account you simply need to fund the account before you can bet. We know that some of you have never bet on MMA before and we’re going to explain the types of bets below for everyone. If you want to be successful while betting on MMA fights you need to know the types of bets available to bettors.


Types of MMA Bets 

The great thing about betting on MMA fights online is the fact that you can bet on tons of fights. Most sportsbooks post odds on Strikeforce and Bellator main card fights. If you want to bet on the UFC you’ll be able to bet on the main card and preliminary card fights at most of the popular MMA sportsbooks. Many bettors assume that they can only bet on who they think is going to win a given fight, but there are actually a lot of other types of MMA bets.


• MMA Moneyline / Straight Bets – Anderson Silva -480 vs. Yushin Okami +380

When you bet on the moneyline in MMA you need to predict who’s going to win the fight. The odds are easy to understand and all you need to know is that odds with a (-) sign are negative value odds and odds with a (+) are positive value odds. When odds have a (-) sign that’s how much you need to bet to win $100 whereas if the odds have a (+) that’s how much you’d win on a $100 bet. For instance, you’d need to bet $480 on Silva to win $100 or bet $100 on Okami to win $380.


• MMA Parlay – 2+ Bets on the same ticket

A parlay or accumulator is a bet where you need to select multiple picks on the same ticket. You can place any type of MMA bet on a parlay, but most bettors commonly place multiple favourites on a parlay. You don’t need to risk as much juice this way, but you’ll need to win every pick on the parlay/accumulator in order to win.


• MMA Round Betting – Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami O/U 3.5 Rounds

In the MMA you can bet on whether or not a fight will go over or under a posted round total. In 3-round fights the O/U will be 2.5 rounds almost every time, but with title fights that’ll change. In our example you need to decide if the fight between Silva and Okami will go over or under the posted round total of 3.5 rounds.


• MMA Prop Bets

There are tons of prop bets to wager on at most MMA events. You can bet on how you think a fight will be won, you can bet on the exact round you think a fight will finish and much more. In the UFC you can also bet on the fighter/s that you think will win the FOTN, SOTN and KOTN awards at each PPV event. Prop bets are very popular in mixed martial arts because the odds are always very tempting compared to betting on outright winners in MMA.