How to Bet On Sports – NBA’s Left Coast vs. The Field

Toronto just held its parade for the new NBA champs and Las Vegas and the rest of betting world has already focused its attention on the 2019/20 NBA Championship race. Futures odds are already up on board at most of the top online books and specialty bets are already being released.

Las Vegas is still the sports betting capital of the world when it comes to land-based betting venues. More and more states are joining in with land-based sportsbooks of their own, but Las Vegas still leads the way when it comes to the sheer volume and diversity of things to bet on.

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Taking the lead for next season in the NBA, Caesars Sportsbook posted an interesting futures prop between all four California teams and the other 26 NBA teams in terms of winning next season’s league title. The betting odds that either the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers would win the title were set at +175 for YES. The betting odds for the rest of the field were set at -210.

Despite the fact that the Warriors have won the Western Conference five years in a row while also winning three world titles, this team appears to be dead and buried after losing this year’s NBA Finals in six games. The future of Kevin Durant is up in the air, but bettors seem to forget just how good Golden State was before he came to town.

There is a huge buzz surrounding the Lakers as actual favorites to win it all with Anthony Davis set to join LeBron James in that team’s starting lineup. This is a perfect example of knee-jerk reactions by the betting public. They will continue to drive that betting futures down over the summer, but that was just the first of what should be a very active offseason for player movement by a few of the league’s biggest names.

The LA Clippers and Kings are just add-on teams to make the futures bet a bit more interesting. However, if the Clippers are able to add an elite player or two this offseason, they would boost the value in this betting prop. In a recent piece posted on, Caesars Sportsbook head of risk Jeff Davis was quoted as saying:

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You’re not putting up the prop to get money on the prop. You’re putting up the prop to drive interest in your business.”

In a general consensus among a few of the top online sportsbooks taking action on NBA futures right now, you can get the Lakers at +330 and you can get the Warriors at +1000. It would make the most sense to place a small wager on each of these teams to win it all. The LA Clippers are also listed at +1000 and the betting odds Sacramento wins it all are set at +5000.

As far as the betting odds for the top teams in the field, the defending champions are set at +1000 with Kawhi Leonard’s future in Toronto still up in the air. The Milwaukee Bucks have the best odds in this group at +700. Assuming the Bucks keep their current lineup intact while filling in some holes here and there, they probably offer the best value on the board right now.

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You could also look at the Philadelphia 76ers as an early value play. They were able to take Toronto to a Game 7 which they lost on a miracle game-winning shot by Leonard. Philly’s betting odds are set at +1200 in light of some free agent issues with players such as Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris still up in the air.

Getting back to betting Cali vs. The Field, I would take a pass on that bet right now. If it remains on the board at Caesars, I would still track the betting odds as the summer wears on.