How to Find a Trustworthy Sports Betting Pick Service

If you landed on this page and are reading this article, chances are you like to bet on sports, and for one reason or another, are considering paying for a sports betting pick service. You’re not alone.

Billions and billions of dollars are wagered each year on sports, and 90% of bettors will be in the red at years end. While paying for picks could be a good idea, you need to put the work in to find one that will actually help you win money. Let’s take a look at the pick service industry and what to look for when choosing one.

In short, a pick service is a handicapper or a group of handicappers that sell their picks, information and tips to bettors like you. I liken handicappers to stockbrokers. Stockbrokers charge a fee or commission to investors that are looking to put money in the stock market. A sports handicapper is basically doing the same thing, except you are investing on a team (or other side) in the sports betting industry.

If you’ve already done some research, you know there are A LOT of handicappers out there. Literally thousands upon thousands. So how do you know which ones are legit and which ones are scams? That’s what I am going to look at, trying to help you weed out the scammers and find the best bang for your buck.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it…there are a shitload of scammers out there. Just like some stockbrokers, who try to influence buyers to sway a stock one way or the other to benefit their best interests, so do handicappers. If you know anything about sportsbetting, and in particular, line movements, lines move are made when the majority of money is on one side, and in turn, the line is moved in the opposite direction. Some cappers will try to sway that line in one direction or the other to benefit themselves. A half-point here or there can make a huge difference to your bottom-line at the end of the year.

So how can we make sure we’re not being scammed and are getting involved with a trustworthy pick service? Here are some things to watch for when choosing a service.

1. Winning Percentage Verification: You see a lot of handicappers and picks services that are provided by the process of action ac site advertising things like, “We are 10-2 in our last 12 picks”, or “85% winning percentage over the last month!” I want to see those picks, I want to see the dates they were submitted. Not only do I want to see those picks, but I also want to see their picks over the last 3 months, 6 months…even over the past year.

How about the dozen picks prior to going on that 10-2 streak they went 2-10? That means they are 12-12, and after you pay your juice, you’re calling up your bookie and making another deposit. A lot of times when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If a pick service has a high rate of success, it shouldn’t be a problem to show data to support those numbers.

2. Be Aware of Big Organization With Large Marketing Budgets: Some pick services will lead you to believe that if you join them, you’ll be getting a call from Robin Leach and you’ll be featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. (Am I showing my age with that reference?)

If you see a pick service advertising with dudes driving around in fancy cars, surrounded by hot chicks, you may want to consider another service. Reputable pick services and handicappers alike know what they are offering is great, and don’t need to lead you on with a mirage.

3. Do They Specialize In a Particular Sport?: Some services will specialize in one sport or another, so if you are looking to bet 365 days a year, be sure to join aservice that will provide you with picks across all sports.

Sure, one capper or service may have a 60% win percentage on football, but that’s not going to help you through the baseball season. Do your homework and make sure it is the right service for you.

4. Cost: Of course, how much the service will cost you has to be considered. We all have to bet within our means. In other words, don’t bet money you don’t have, and definitely don’t spend your mortgage or car payment betting on sports.

Bottom-line is, if you have a betting budget of $100/month, and you’re paying $50 a month for a pick service, you’re probably better off doing your own research with the countless amount of free information that can be found on the Internet. If you
have a budget of $1000/month and you’re paying $50, then it makes more sense to purchase some help.

To put all this together, you see it’s not easy to find a trustworthy and reputable pick service. All I can say is to do your homework, don’t get caught up in fancy handicapper names and marketing geniuses. If something seems to good to be true, go with your gut and make the right decision.

If you have friends that like to bet and have used a pick service, ask them their experiences. Get as much information as possible before dishing out the cash. Start small, be sure to read the fine print and most of all, make sure to verify their winning percentage. I hope this was helping to getting you on your way to a winning record.