March Madness 2021 Betting

It’s been way too long since sports bettors were able to wager on the NCAA tournament, so let’s get into some March Madness 2021 betting! The coronavirus shut down last year’s event, but the NCAA has done everything in its power to ensure this year’s tourney is played as usual.

All 67 games will be played in the Indianapolis area as the city plays host to March Madness. Here’s a look at how you can capitalize on betting on the 2021 NCAA tournament.


Embrace Contrarian Betting

March Madness brings out sports bettors by the droves. Most of them tend to bet on favorites. When the public is betting on favorites, you want to be the one betting on the underdog. 

The influx of casual bettors during the NCAA tournament will certainly influence lines and odds on games. Also, this may be the first year ever for some bettors as their states now offer legal sports gambling. 

All of these casual bettors tend to focus on favorites, higher ranked teams, big-name schools, and teams with stars. While they are busy doing that, do your homework and consider betting against the public when it makes sense.

Find Inflated Lines for March Madness 2021 Betting

With all of those recreational bettors getting in on the action, you will be able to find value in inflated lines. Take a team like Michigan favored by 2.5 at some point in the tournament. The public loves the fourth-ranked Wolverines. The market responds by moving the line to -5.5.

The inflated line toward Michigan now has value for the underdog. Instead of laying the -5.5, get in on the action on the dog at +5.5. You are essentially getting three points off the opening line.

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Reverse Line Movement

The other important thing to watch is how the sharps are betting. If professional bettors are putting down large sums on one side or the other, they know something that you don’t. Check out for sharp action. They off the sharp side of college hoops games for great prices.

Reverse line movement is when the line moves away from the popular side to the unpopular side. If 70 percent of the money bet is on Michigan, but the line drops from -5.5 to -5 or even -4.5; that is telling you something. Sharp money is taking the points on the underdog. 

Bet Moneyline in Tight Games During March Madness

In games with a short favorite, say the same Michigan team at -2, consider betting the Wolverines on the moneyline instead. With a line of anywhere from -1 to -3, the expectation is that the game is going to be tight.

Too often, a -2 favorite will win by a single point which is a losing bet. Instead, pay a slightly higher premium and take the favorite to win outright. Although this may take a little more from your betting budget, the extra wins will help your bottomline.

Pick Your Champion First

Most bettors will also participate in some form of bracket challenge. It’s the most basic form of March Madness 2021 betting. When doing so, always pick your champion first. The way scoring works in a bracket challenge is you get more points closer to the final. 

Sure, you may pick a few first-round upsets, but those teams end up getting knocked out of the tournament. Ultimately, you miss out on points in the Elite Eight and Final Four rounds when the wins are worth more.

Remember, 14 of the past 20 champions have been No. 1 seeds. It is very rare to have a seed below No. 6 in the Final Four. Since 1985, that has happened only 14 times.