Strategy: NHL Underdog Betting

What are your thoughts on the strategy of NHL underdog betting? The NHL is one of the most exciting sports to bet among the major professional leagues. Hockey is fast-paced, and scores are rapidly changing.

Sportsbooks don’t put a lot of effort into NHL odds. This makes hockey betting a great way to win big on the sport.

One strategy that hockey bettors utilize to consistently make a profit on the NHL is by wagering underdogs. If you bet underdogs in the NHL, you have a great chance to win.

However, you must know some key details about NHL underdogs to frequently place winnable bets.


Here are some things that you need to understand about betting NHL underdogs.

You Still Should Bet NHL Favorites

Underdogs produce a larger payout in any sport. Positive odds always create more money for bettors than negative odds if a wager is successful. If you have trouble picking winning underdogs, maybe you should consider buying premium picks.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should bet underdogs with every single bet. You can’t forget this fact.

Underdogs are not favored for a reason. Underdog betting is a terrific NHL strategy, but it shouldn’t be the only way you attempt to win wagers.

A mix of NHL underdog betting and favorites in the NHL creates the best results.

Understand What it Means to be an NHL Underdog

An NHL underdog is usually the visiting team. This is just how sportsbooks operate.

If you see a home underdog, stay away from betting this team. Home underdogs can still win games, but it’s rare to see a home dog. Be sure to use multiple sportsbooks, line shopping is important when you’re looking at ways to increase your winning percentage.

When a team isn’t favored at home, it’s an indication that the franchise is having some issues. These problems can range from a key injury or some drawback on the team that’s causing it to lose.

The best value for NHL betting comes from taking visiting underdogs. Based on the statistics, home underdogs won’t win a person money over the course of a season.

Look for Trends

Trends are critical for NHL underdog betting. Underdogs aren’t favored for a reason. 

In the NHL, underdogs are typically visitors, but not all road teams are created equal. Some away underdogs have a much better chance of winning than others.

You must identify this before locking in a wager.

Betting NHL underdogs requires constant research. You should always be looking at analytics before filling out a bet slip. There are a few key trends where you should focus your attention during preparation.

Road records are critical to view when doing your NHL underdog betting homework. Teams that play well on the road could be your ticket to making a lot of money on sports.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to look at this statistic, so don’t take it for granted.

On the flip side of this statistic, you should also find teams that don’t play well on their home ice. The perfect bet is an underdog that wins on the road and a favorite that usually loses at home. If you find this bet, take it, and you’ll be rewarded.

If you consider all this information, underdogs will become your best friend when betting on the NHL.