Take Advantage of Holiday Betting Specials at Online Sportsbooks

Holiday betting specials are an easy way to find some cheer. Most online sportsbooks embrace the idea of giving during the holiday season. They are always looking for special ways to give customers something new. Something interesting to wager on.


Holiday Betting Specials for Football

The year-end sports betting calendar lends itself to daily specials with the biggest betting sports in action. Both the college and NFL seasons are winding down. There are always extra factor that add opportunities for college football and NFL betting at this time of the year. 

You might be able to find a special NFL player prop that has nothing to do this Sunday’s games. For example, if a high-profile quarterback is playing his final few games for his current team in anticipation of free agency, you might find betting odds for where he will be playing next season.

NFL player awards are also a hot bet this time of the year covering options such as Most Valuable Player and Rookie of the Year. NFL Coach of the Year is another hot betting prop  towards the end of the year.

NCAAF Coaching Carousel

Coaching vacancies in college football can be a hot topic for holiday betting specials at your online sportsbook. This especially pertains to the next head coach at college football’s biggest programs.

Not to be outdone, holiday betting specials will also spring up from time to time in the NBA and NHL. Each pro league now has close to two months of their regular season schedule in the books. This can prompt special props for coaches getting fired or players getting traded.

The trick to taking advantage of any online book’s holiday betting specials is by keeping a close eye on the actual betting board. Many of these betting specials are only posted for a short time. They constantly change with one special coming off the board only to be replaced by a new one.

Exclusive Holiday Betting Specials

Another aspects of betting specials is exclusivity. Every online book may have betting odds posted for NFL MVP. However, a special betting prop or future will be exclusive to one particular online book.

Almost like a treasure hunt for the best betting value, searching the holiday betting specials across multiple books is the best way to take advantage of these types of exclusive wagers.

Today’s most popular online books tend to go out of their way to highlight any special betting options offered. Some specials are presented in the form of Odds Boosters that create a parlay option for special bets with a higher than average return on the payout odds.

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Every online book is competing for a bettor’s attention these days. In a crowded marketplace, online books are looking to standout from the pack. Some do this with it’s particular betting board.

They offer special options during the holidays that are exclusive to a particular betting board. Any online book has the ability to create that all-important point of difference.

Diversify Your Betting Portfolio This Christmas

Holiday betting specials can be a great way to add diversity to your regular sports betting strategy. The boost in odds alone is a major draw for these types of wagers. This is also a great way to add some holiday sports betting fun to the equation.

Betting specials are one way to diversify your betting portfolio. Give props a try. We talked about prop betting strategy in one of our latest articles.

A big benefit to hunting for holiday betting specials is the chance to familiarize yourself with multiple books. There is a tendency to fall into a sports betting rut as the year’s betting calendar wears down. Shopping for special holiday betting options is a great way to change things up.