Tips for Betting NFL Parlays

Football bettors looking for a bigger return on investment will often turn to betting NFL parlays. This is the ultimate risk/reward bet but there are some general tips to keep in mind to maximize that return.

At the top of the list is where you place a parlay bet. Offshore sportsbooks offering action on NFL parlays are at the top of the list. They have been catering to US players since the late 1990’s. These online books know and understand the sports betting industry inside and out.


You will find much more favorable terms and conditions for a parlay play at these online books. Overall payouts are higher and you can bet up to 15 teams. There is also a wider array of options when it comes to placing an actual parlay bet. Offshore books operating online are not restricted in the same way that many US books are due to individual state regulations.

Only Parlay The NFL Games You Love

Grouping two or more NFL games together in a parlay bet can boost your return. Yet, it also lowers your probability to actually win. That is why you should use the picks you absolutely love in any parlay play.

Reaching for a pick to add to a parlay is the worst thing you can do. You are now relying heavily on luck as opposed to your handicapping skills.

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Limit The Teams When Betting NFL Parlays

Too many bettors get sucked in by the high returns offered by online books. Anyone would love to turn a $10 bet on an eight-team parlay into $17,500 but that is way more easier said than done. The more teams you add to a parlay play, the more that bet moves in the house’s favor.

The ideal parlay play should two or three teams max. You can earn $2.645 on every dollar you bet in a two-team parlay. Those odds jump to 6-to-1 for a parlay grouping three teams. After that, the probability of cashing in drops way down.

If you want to take a flyer on a higher number of teams, lower the amount bet accordingly. For example, if bet $50 on a three-team parlay then drop that bet to $5 on a nine or 10 team play.

Look for Enhanced Payouts

Some online books will offer weekly NFL parlays with boosted odds. However, the book picks the teams you have to play. For example, there may be a LA Special with the Los Angeles Rams and Las Angeles Chargers at 2.75-to-1 odds.


If you love those two plays, then this parlay booster would be a good bet. When betting NFL parlays, boosters are a great way to enhance your return. However, you still need to make sure you love the actual plays.

Use Parlays Sparingly

The smarter bettor knows there is a reason why most pros stay away from betting NFL parlays. They would rather bet three individual games with the hopes of winning two. A 66 winning percentage over the course of the entire season would produce an excellent return.

Hitting all three games only happens every once and a while for even the best NFL handicappers. The winning percentage for recreational bettors can be much lower.

NFL parlays are a great way to add more excitement to your Sunday afternoons. However, you should use low unit parlay plays as a way to supplement your overall NFL betting strategy. They should not be the focal point.